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Controversial Imagination Conversation or CIC (prenounced sick) for short

Dig deep into the basis of MMOs, controversial or not it needs to be discussed. Let the heads roll and the children cry its time to get CIC.

Author: FlyingSquid

Beating Down the Gold Sellers

Posted by FlyingSquid Friday April 11 2008 at 5:35PM
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Hey folks, I figured since I’ve been slacking it is time to deal with another issue.  This issue has been on my mind for quite some time and just recently I finally had an argument for it.  The problem in all MMOs is gold sellers known as gsers in MMO lingo.  The solution has always been there just never done right.

When you log into an MMO you expect a community of some sort chatting about something in game, be it looking for groups, getting a pickup party for quests, or just general chatter.  These days if you login you are going to get hit with gold seller advertisements flooding the channel.  Seems like something simple the developers could stop right?  Well it’s not and they have yet to perfect the anti-gold seller campaign and will never do it unless the industry turns to one important aspect.

That’s right folks the answer has always been there just avoided.  The solution you ask?  Simple, make the MMO fun to play!  If there is no grinding and players actually enjoy playing the game then there is no reason for gold sellers.  It really is that simple, we need to get out of this idea that MMOs need to be level based or a huge grind to keep the player subscribing.  The key point here is you don’t need all that fluff to keep a player base you just need to make your game enjoyable and new content to flow out in a reasonable amount of time.

Would this model completely wipe out the gold sellers?  The answer is no, there would still be some out there trying to run on what little they can.  Would it decrease the amount of gold sellers?  Absolutely, with little demand only the big companies will be able to survive on the little demand they have and eventually if not worth it will leave that MMO for something they can better exploit.

Developers are still going about it the wrong way and blinded to the right path.  I remember when Rappelz was in beta, they came up with a new system that they said would stop gold sellers.  Far from it, it just pissed players off.  What they did was place things on the ground around mobs everywhere, if these things were hit long enough it would send the player to the pit where you couldn’t get out and stuck like a prison.   The problem with this was, it was hard to get around without clicking on these damn things, thanks to the point and click model.   In the end it didn’t do anything, bots and gold sellers quickly designed a client that would avoid the objects.  In many other MMOs they just use chat filters by getting rid of the www. and .com tags but quickly are exploited using other symbols.  These little things are not going to stop anyone and will always be a way around these systems.

I’d say Blizzard has done the best to target these companies.  There is a reason for this though.  WoW has the most subscribers, most traffic, and most problems with this type of crowd.  Blizzard is basically obligated to enforce something while other developers can ignore it or say they are working on the problem since their MMO isn’t on a global scale

What you think?  Give me your 2 cents on the issue.  Have a good weekend folks.

Let the heads roll and the children cry.

The illusive fanboi and the haters.

Posted by FlyingSquid Monday April 7 2008 at 2:57AM
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Hey folks, I haven't posted a blog entry in a while and I have good reason for it.  I was disgusted with this site, I needed a break from this insane asylum before I screamed bloody murder.  We have problem here, as the community as a whole there is too much fluff of speculation, hatred, or just darn right ignorance to titles soon to be released and it is clearly the same topic over and over sometimes not even worded differently just a new thread for the same crap already discussed.

Seriously why?  I've summed up some theories as to why this is happening at such a great pace.  It all started with WoW being famous and for the ones that played at launch and got sick of it all you see is comments like.  "Go back to WoW noob" etc.  I have also done some research on the different types of users that browse this site constantly.  They have their reasons for the right or wrong and truly the community suffers from it. 

The clear hatred for another title just because the user doesn't like the idea, lore, development studio is just crazy.  It is their life goal to make sure users get the idea of the title as a bad name and lost promises.  Proof or not they will get it out there, it makes them happy, maybe even feel important or attention they get off on.

Anyway before I get to far into a huge rant as it is not meant to be one, I will go on and describe each position and the effects.  I hope you enjoy this little segment and use it for your awareness. 

The type of fan bois/grls

The Jump Starter


First one in the pool, with very little knowledge of the title at all they post the succession of something that didn't even promise anything yet.   The reason they post are; they like the lore, setting, or development company behind the project.  You will normally not hear or see large amounts of official information on this title, yet just a leak as to it might be in development.


This type of fanboi creates haters at a much faster rate.  With no information or very little to back up their claims other users either to it to offense or have some personal vendetta to take the title down.  It slowly destroys the title's name or attention it would have if the official news would be set ground first.

The My-Game-Is-Better-Than-Yours


Will only defend for their game that they enjoy everything else either sucks or has no promise even though they haven't played the other titles and use speculation of other players' rants and complaints.  This could clearly tip to both tips of the iceberg and be a hater type as well, but clearly I see more fanboism(not a word but sure as hell should be by now) around this waters then haters.


They drag people away from ever trying their favorite game.  The complete ignorance for other open waters and not willing to try other titles or just explain everything else sucks brings the community to a rant of multiple forums posted both ways.  You will see new threads popup for both the haters and the fanboi quickly and it won't stop till one gets tired.

My Taste is Your Taste


Feels the need to tell everyone why they like the title and why everyone should.  Seems to forget everyone has their own taste to what each user thinks is their prefect title.  Shows lack of disrespect when told other wise and ignorance to problems that occur within game that they some how block out and are oblivious to nature of that feature/bug or otherwise.


We see number of posts coming through fast mostly titled "x-number of reasons why you should like this title", "why this game roxzors", or "this game pwns" etc.  It causes a minor stir that normally dies down after a couple passing days of  the same type of treads over and over and over again until you see users start posting "this was already said in x-thread already".

The Achiever


Is vastly full of knowledge in the title, right or wrongs posters on their interpretation of a subject.  Gains the most respect from fanbois and the most hatred from haters.


We see a lot of information twisted or skewed a bit to sugar coat their fondness for the title.  Creates a stir with the haters in which you will quickly see thread posts like, "this game sucks", "this game will fail", "stay away from this game" etc.  This stir normally lasts for weeks and sometimes depending on the title the whole development/launch cycle.

The type of Haters

The Class Clown


Will post threads about anything on a particular title shinning it in a bad light without mentioning the lighter side of things to get an effect from the community.  Wishes to gain large amounts of hatred from the fanbois and attention from the community as a whole.  The greater the amount of posts they get the more they get off on the power they can create.


Users normally get bad impressions quickly and told the wrong information.  A central hatred is created for this title and and periodically depending on how big of an IP it is, you will see threads posted in this way.

The Hate Monger


This is by far one of the worse type of haters you can have and it is created on a personal note that the title's development team/csr/help desk didn't abide to them.  Usually you will see these type of posts on patch day or on an issue of the company doing players wrong, such as a ban.  Normally development companies themselves are targeted instead of the title or IP.


Users get the wrong interpretation of the point to the patch or the reason why the ban was enforced.  It is always skewed to make the poster look right and the development/csr/help desk look bad, even if it is the poster's fault or the patch was to clear up an exploit or breaking issue.

The WoW Hater


This one is huge problem, as WoW gets old we see more and more users guilty of this pleasure.  If the title has anything at all the resembles graphics, ui, a type of gameplay close to WoW they will post about it.  You see things like, "this is a rip-off of WoW" or "if you like this game go back to WoW".


Creates impulse stirs that create random threads of how the game doesn't resemble WoW and the evidence to support it.  The lack of information on the haters side is sometimes startling normally the only proof they have is a screenshot and not much else.

The Poller


Creates threads to create a stir of hatred by using polls.  Most the time the whole post is a sentence or two long sometimes the title is all you get and bam a poll is in your face.  They do not wish to collect information just create a stir.  By using this polling tool they accomplish their goal.


Quickly masses up the haters and the fanbois to one interest, the thread is illrelivent and used for attention.  Creates response polls that are done over to death.  Creates a pile of garbage on the forums that you have to sort through to find any information worth while.


That about does it, the main types of each.  It's quite the problem and the reason is there isn't anything out there for them so they create hype or hatred.  If there was a game out there successful to a mass audience right now we wouldn't be seeing these types of posts.

As always I open it up to my readers, discuss away I'll be back to answer your questions and comments shortly.  Thanks for reading.  And always... Let the heads roll and the child cry.  Night folks.