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Controversial Imagination Conversation or CIC (prenounced sick) for short

Dig deep into the basis of MMOs, controversial or not it needs to be discussed. Let the heads roll and the children cry its time to get CIC.

Author: FlyingSquid

When did we become critics?

Posted by FlyingSquid Monday February 25 2008 at 2:45AM
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Hey folks, figured it's time for the 3rd issue of CIC.  This issue pretty much keeps the indy MMO industry as a whole afloat or sinking like a rock.

To often I see random people posting about how this game is going to suck just from a screenshot or some type of news without seeing a video of the actual gameplay or know how the game will work.  Hype of a lot of inde companies get killed from these type of people that just spam the hell out of the voting features on various sites till they are satisfied with the score they have given it.

When the hell did we become critics?  What gives us the right to judge people's often life-time work as total crap just by these factors?  I wasn't aware that we all graduated from "how to design/program an MMO" class. 

I've seen enough, heard enough of this, when will people have respect for other people's work.  I know society as a whole went down the shit tube, but my god people have some respect.

So tell me, what gives you the right to put down an MMO based on its; Title, Screenshots, Graphics, Tidbit of news that barely describes how the game will play out, Team, IP, Publisher.

My personal favorite here at MMORPG is "Graphics suck, won't play"  well that's awesome, let's not give it a shot cause it has outdated graphics and because it has outdated graphics the gameplay must suck and the innovation must not be there because we need an AAA title for that!   Unless you can make 3d models in the same condition, you can just shut your mouth, go open up paint and draw your stick figures because that's all you will ever amount to.   It kills me inside to see these people just crush someones work, modeling takes extermely long hours, sometimes week to get one object perfected be it a weapon, monster, whatever.  I have so much respect for 3d modelers, I went through the course thought I'd like to do it but defiantly was not my cup of tea.  So for all you 3d modelers out there I bow to you.

Anyway drop me a line and tell me what you think and as always, let the heads roll and the children cry, see ya next week.

- FlyingSquid out

Elmseeker writes:

Hear Hear! You have my vote Mr. President! :P


Mon Feb 25 2008 3:52AM Report
Thaliost writes:

We became critics when we acquired a thinking brain.


That idea that one can't comment if he/she doesn't know how to do it, is seriously wrong.

Mon Feb 25 2008 5:19AM Report
craynlon writes:

this blog sucks i wont read it ;)

im a critic myselve but usually keep my voice down.
there are mmos where i dont like the graphic personally but im absolutely thrilled by the ideas the devs put in there (war) and others i fall in love with the graphics (aion/spellborne) but am uncertain how much fun the gameplay will bring me...

Mon Feb 25 2008 5:43AM Report
Munkyman1 writes:

Well just because somone puts a monumental effort into a game or an aspect of game design doesnt magically make it not crap.  TR, AA, SWG (NGE), VG.....need i go on?  We are consumers, and as such we form opinions about everything we purchase.  Sometimes it doesnt take alot to form an opinion positive or negative.  That is part of adertisement.  Finally, it wont appeal to everyone i dont care how great whatever said product is, so you see a handful of people complaining oh well, WoW has 10 million active subscribers, what does the opinion of 10-15 forum trolls mean?

Mon Feb 25 2008 6:27AM Report
Anofalye writes:

Each time I feel ANGER instead of pleasure when I play a game, I become critic toward each and every other game.  If a dog bites you, you won't look at any dog the same way ever again.  I am not boycotting dogs or avoiding them completely, let's just say that I am way more selective and consider stuff I wouldn't have before.


See, if I dislike a game and don't enjoy it, I just put it aside (BioShock, Diablo, GTA, Crysis, Halo, etc...I just put the game aside).


I guess this is pretty simple, if you don't want me to be critic at your game, at the very least, make sure I won't be ANGRY if I play it.  What makes a difference between a great game(LDoN in EQ/CoX before they change the rules), a game I don't care or even consider to play (EvE, AC, AO) or a game that I plainly HATE (Raiding and nerfs lead to the dark side).


Now, if you want to "impress" me, my resume outmatch the resume of most devs either in an academic way, in an experience way, in the amount of languages mastery I have (how many devs speak only 1 language), so trying to be rude and make me go quiet won't work as easily, it will only make me denigrate you.

Mon Feb 25 2008 9:48AM Report
grimfall writes:


Mon Feb 25 2008 11:17AM Report
Meltdown writes:

I agree to an extent. In effect all consumers have the right to be critical of their purchasing decisions and how they spend their time. But giving them the label of a critic? #$%^& please. If the success of a game depended on what the crowd here at said there wouldn't be a single successful MMO out there, WoW included.

Everyone has to wade through the BS to get at some good criticism and educated remarks and game developers need to understand that. The big companies hire people to do it for them and know how to disregard the BS. Because the Indie Game Designer will probably be doing this wading himself he will most definately take offense to the cheap shots and low blows at his life work.

So the moral of the story is just listen to the REAL critics, and #$%^ everyone else.

Mon Feb 25 2008 12:47PM Report
Hexxeity writes:

Do you really believe real critics have any credentials?  Most of them are merely longtime gamers who happen to be able to string together a semi-coherent sentence.

True, there are a lot of people here who clearly lack experience, gaming or otherwise.  But there are just as many who have everything your average critic has.  Except, perhaps, for the propensity to sell our voices to the highest bidder.

Mon Feb 25 2008 3:43PM Report
alakram writes:

Doing a critic about a game is one thing. Flaming for the fun of it is a diferent one. You can critic, but you should explain why you critic and show some respec for someone'w work. I agree with the Author.

Tue Feb 26 2008 4:22AM Report
Forcan writes:

I became a critic when I became a gamer.  And now I'm one step further in the sense that I am a student who are studying the exact things they are making - game design.

So I take what I know, and judge others work based on why it work, why it doesn't work.  I don't really judge on graphic because it isn't my forte.  I would also judge based on their previous work, and their attitude toward their customers (since I am still a gamer).

Of course, there are people who flaming a game for whatever reason.  It's normal, but unfortunately they are the one who drown out the real critics....

Tue Feb 26 2008 1:40PM Report
FlyingSquid writes:

Good points, Forcan hit the nail on the head, I couldn't agree more.

To Thaliost - Does a thinking brain still make the right decisions?  Killers have a thinking brain and their judgment and view of the world is greatly differed then the sane human.

Some stretched a little further then I was explaining but that's alright too, I was leaning on very little knowledge of the game to criticize or make a decent judgment against/for it.  Next week I'll be talking about the opposite side of the spectrum.

Good stuff guys, good stuff.


Tue Feb 26 2008 2:00PM Report
Gishgeron writes:

I think the "critic" issue is less about actual criticism, and more about bias.


See...there is nothing inherently wrong in unbiased criticism.  In fact, its very helpful both to the producers and the consumers of a given product.  Its that accursed bias that ruins it, by tainting the ideal of something rather than the execution of it. 


I think myself, and a handful of friends, are about the last unbiased people left.  I've not seen many others that can HATE something and still manage to intelligently understand what IS good about it, and what could have been done to attract even those players whom dislike that type of game.  Consider that Halo has sales that dwarf other FPS games...many of which are from gamers which don't even like FPS games (lord knows, half my friends are on that list).  A well executed game will win over even the players whom hate it.

Tue Feb 26 2008 3:38PM Report
sdozer writes:

Gishgeron, you're stuck up. ;)

Seriously, the lesson is to not even listen to a critic. What I hate is how someone can get paid for doing something fun, and criticizing the different instances of that fun thing(games). I won't go on a rant about power and responsibility, but you might get the idea from me saying that. I don't think anyone should be a critic, thus allowing everyone to be, but IDGAS.

Mon Jun 16 2008 3:19PM Report writes:
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