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Controversial Imagination Conversation or CIC (prenounced sick) for short

Dig deep into the basis of MMOs, controversial or not it needs to be discussed. Let the heads roll and the children cry its time to get CIC.

Author: FlyingSquid

When did we become critics?

Posted by FlyingSquid Monday February 25 2008 at 2:45AM
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Hey folks, figured it's time for the 3rd issue of CIC.  This issue pretty much keeps the indy MMO industry as a whole afloat or sinking like a rock.

To often I see random people posting about how this game is going to suck just from a screenshot or some type of news without seeing a video of the actual gameplay or know how the game will work.  Hype of a lot of inde companies get killed from these type of people that just spam the hell out of the voting features on various sites till they are satisfied with the score they have given it.

When the hell did we become critics?  What gives us the right to judge people's often life-time work as total crap just by these factors?  I wasn't aware that we all graduated from "how to design/program an MMO" class. 

I've seen enough, heard enough of this, when will people have respect for other people's work.  I know society as a whole went down the shit tube, but my god people have some respect.

So tell me, what gives you the right to put down an MMO based on its; Title, Screenshots, Graphics, Tidbit of news that barely describes how the game will play out, Team, IP, Publisher.

My personal favorite here at MMORPG is "Graphics suck, won't play"  well that's awesome, let's not give it a shot cause it has outdated graphics and because it has outdated graphics the gameplay must suck and the innovation must not be there because we need an AAA title for that!   Unless you can make 3d models in the same condition, you can just shut your mouth, go open up paint and draw your stick figures because that's all you will ever amount to.   It kills me inside to see these people just crush someones work, modeling takes extermely long hours, sometimes week to get one object perfected be it a weapon, monster, whatever.  I have so much respect for 3d modelers, I went through the course thought I'd like to do it but defiantly was not my cup of tea.  So for all you 3d modelers out there I bow to you.

Anyway drop me a line and tell me what you think and as always, let the heads roll and the children cry, see ya next week.

- FlyingSquid out