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MMO's From a Lurker's Perspective

MMOs and the goings-on around them according to a come-and-go 'player'.

Author: Flonae

STRA-TA-GEEEE!!1 Also, an attempt to address the Reader...

Posted by Flonae Sunday December 27 2009 at 3:31AM
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I suppose we might have gotten off on the wrong foot last time, around two months ago. But I still stick to my arguement that a different paintjob doesn't equal a complete rip-off unless thoroughly looked at. (At least H.A.V.E. isn't another... *cough*... WOW clone!)

But I promise that if I see absolutely nothing but negativity in the comments box, I'll quit blogging in this site.*

However, I do agree that some things shouldn't be copied. Over and over. Like a paper ad. Enter the WOW of Browser games: The Strategy genre.

Here is a little background on these games; You have a little town, city, or an entire kingdom. You manage its resources and residents, and you also have the option of building a little army and attacking another town, at the risk of coming under attack yourself.

That sounds simple enough, right?

However, the problem lies in that this formula is so simplistic and so popular, that other companies can't help but take it and make it into their own game, hoping to get in on the success. It is then that it becomes a problem.

And as of now, there are so many strategy games out there that the Browser game category of MMOs is starting to become clogged with them. You can't find a good RPG or social avatar game these days without seeing a massive cloud of wash, rinse, repeat strategy games.

But then again, I could be just deluding myself with my hatred for the influx of strategy games. Oh, I know what you're going to say; "Flonae, you're just jealous or something" or "Flonae, you haven't played any of these games, have you?" Well, I have my personal likes and dislikes thank you very much.

However, I should have some validity with my arguement; for instance, the strategy games are all the same copy-and-paste formulas; oh sure, there's a twist or two here and there, but aside from that, they're all the same; no real room for something new or different.

And I bet you're also thinking of me a hypocrite considering my last blog entry.


Look, honey *AHEM!*, I know that I am not exactly right in the head, noone is perfect, but I am trying real hard to get my point across. It's just that I can't trust everyone right now in my current state on this site; I am pretty much what you call a newbie. I am at a state where I can be a bit... sensitive to criticism, and the one comment in my last entry... it hurt me. More than a little bit. So please be gentle with me from now on... alright?**


...Where were we? Oh yes...

Considering the constant cut-and-paste goings on with the Strategy games, you can also expect some counterfeits and get-revenue-quick schemes, such as for instance games like Evony. Yes, Evony. It should of been obvious that it was a scam right from the start, if it weren't for some of you getting continually distracted by those misleading ads...

However, not all strategy games are, I guess, complete cut-and-pastes. I do recall an upcoming town-management game that had you in the middle, but I haven't heard from it in quite a while. And then there were some of those popular apps from Facebook. Even I confess to playing two of Playfish's games on there (Country Story and Resteraunt City, if they qualify).


But then again, who am I to argue? I am just a little noob who doesn't know jack, hasn't played jack, and certainly won't be worth jack.


As always.



*Though I am trying not to look egotistical... if I were, I'd be going "ZOMG YOU'D BETTAR NOT TALK SMACK TO ME!!1 WORSHIP MAH GRATENESS OR ELSE!!1"

**As much as I doubt anyone would be gentle with me...

"____ is a ____ clone!"

Posted by Flonae Wednesday August 26 2009 at 7:41PM
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One of the many things I'm upset about with MMOs is the constant bashing of upcoming games (Read: games before they are even released), among the complaints trollings include claims that certain games are a 'clone' or rip-off of the original.

Case-in-point: The upcoming Korean MMOFPS, H.A.V.E. Online vs. Team Fortress 2.

The reason I choose to argue about this is because lots of people can't stop complaining that H.A.V.E. is a rip-off of Team Fortress 2, even in spite of the things that H.A.V.E. has tried to do to differentiate itself from TF2. Here are a couple of contrasts in case you do not believe me:

-Player Models

TF2: A bunch of cartoony, 3D men of various shapes and sizes, depending on the class.

H.A.V.E.: Three different kinds of action figures; soldier toys, anime figurines, and vampiress/demoness/succubus figurines.


TF2: Limited depending on class type.

H.A.V.E.: Various types, not limited to the figure type as well.


TF2: Only the aforementioned weapons, and more recently, the inclusion of hats.

H.A.V.E.: You can decorate not only your head, but your whole (avatar's) body.


And now, the more controversial part of this blog entry, the similarities.


H.A.V.E.'s trailer consists of similar clips from not only the TF2 trailers, but some of the "Meet the Team" clips as well. A few people even went so far as to put them up in a comparison video on YouTube, in case you want to look at it.


H.A.V.E. and TF2's music is also said to be similar, even though TF2's music has a more nostalgic, good-old-fashioned caper feel to it, while H.A.V.E.'s consists of more jazz-like riffs.

-The Grenades

A lot of people claim that H.A.V.E.'s grenades look very similar to TF2's Demoman grenades, except H.A.V.E.'s 'explosion' effect consists of an electrical shock.


TF2 has the good old fashioned blood-and-gore, while H.A.V.E. has the very unique 'blue blood' with falling body parts similar to a doll breaking apart.


TF2 And H.A.V.E.'s gameplay also carry similarties, with one game mode being 'Deathmatch'.


However, in spite of all of these comparisons, there is one simple fact that these trollers forgot to begin with.


Team Fortress 2 originally began as it's PREQUEL, Team Fortress, which had its roots as a Quake MOD. Even then, Quake, which the original Team Fortress was built on, was back in the day another FPS alongside games such as Unreal, DOOM and Half-Life.

Which brings me to my point: Team Fortress 2 wasn't the only game of its kind right before H.A.V.E. came along, which you should have known by now.

So the next time you want to blame something for ripping something off, please do your research first!