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Game Mama

Blog Mission - To Boldly, nvm, that's been, Blog Mission - To Bravely Blog About Whatever Is On My 51 Year Old Gaming Mom Mind For The Day! :D

Author: Flaime

Defining FUN

Posted by Flaime Sunday July 11 2010 at 1:17AM
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I've seen some very well written and interesting blog and forum posts here at on the fun factor of today's games being missing.


But I wonder...just what, exactly, is it that we view as fun?


Some clamor for more PvP, others for more PvE, still others for larger worlds...but is that really what is missing?


Maybe we should stop for a minute and consider that what we are REALLY looking for is what we found in all those old console games most of us have played in our lives.


Lunar 2 Eternal Blue is one of those old games, one that is considered a classic by most who have played it.  It truly was a journey of discovery, with the story line evolving as you worked your way through each challenge...and who can forget that awesome ship?


Final Fantasy games were incredible, filled with drama, humor, and of course the ever epic and totally adored Chocobo, long may he live!


Super Mario Brothers could drive you flat nuts, trying to leap over the chasm, and instead falling to your death...yet it was exciting when you discovered hidden areas, and were finally able to beat a boss after trying X amount of times.


Maybe, just maybe, what so many of us are longing for are these seemingly lost aspects of the console games we cut our teeth on and came to love. 


Give us a REAL story that actually evolves with us, revealled as we journey through an amazing world filled with mystery and danger.  Give us areas that we can unlock through accidental discovery or by conquering a challenging boss.  Give us some humor along the way, so it's not all a depressing tale of woe. 


It's not all about epic gear or epic mounts or an epic grind that makes you ready to shove an epic sword through a dev's posterior.  We PLAY games, which means we are looking for FUN!  Play = that really so hard to understand?


Just my thoughts for the day... :D

hazy writes: ya man i personally play games for fun but devs dont seem to want to make fun games anymore. They would rather make clones of games that have been successful in the past. Kind of like how people always bitch that hollywood does too many remakes. Sun Jul 11 2010 5:19PM Report
Flaime writes: Agreed...and they even make clones of games that AREN'T successful....wth? lol!   I've just been going through the too long list of F2P games, most of them seem to be from Korea or Japan, and they are so similar it is amazing.  Cookie cutter games, no real story line at all, no creativity, just copy and paste and tweak it one direction or another.   The market is out here for someone who has the brains to create something new and FUN.  I have the sinking feeling, though, that even the upcoming releases are going to prove to be more grind fests cloaked in a shiny new package...   Now where did I put that epic sword? Sun Jul 11 2010 5:34PM Report writes:
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