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Feice's Alcoholic Fratboy Gamer Blog

Bored and stupid. I like to rant and i like video games so read this or not i don't really care.

Author: Feice

Why do we play MMORPG's?

Posted by Feice Tuesday February 24 2009 at 12:02PM
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Ok i am going to attempt to use so called "paragraphs" in this post.


     Why do we play MMORPG's? When i sit down (hard to think standing up) and think about it, MMORPG's are games full of goals that have no real life meaning or value. On top of this, often time to achieve these goals one must put hundreds of hours into the game. Is it because we have no social life and were made fun of in high school? maybe...i can't speak for everyone. Is it because we are jobless and live at home with our mothers (its Bush's fault the economy sucks, but lets blame it on the French for fun)...sure some of us are, but that can't be the whole reason.


     Let me put this in context for you. Here is Manticore (note the creativity of the name), he is a level 70 paladin and has been saving the World...of Warcaft for what is to be three years this April. Manticore has his full T6 ret set and a holy raiding set. Maticore has put six months of his life into this toon, and has finally reached the end what? (fuck i didn't think about that when i started!!!).

     Now he starts all over again on a new toon, this time a Warlock. Not only is Manticore quite lonely after spending three years of his life in his basement (wishing that WoW had personals), but he's just a little bit upset that he basically has to give up his big strong pally until a new expansion comes out. Manticore begins to ask himself at Blizzcon after realizing how much his thighs have been chaffing inside his designer plate armor, was it really worth it? Maybe for some people...i mean the time spent having fun and playing the game is what you pay for don't get me wrong, but much of time (at least for me) it seems that to get anything worthwhile accomplishd you need to work more than you play.

     This is not quite my point, because obviously people play casually or more hardcore and have a fantastic time, but let me bring up another scenario...EverQuest, my one and only true love.

     Back in the day, EQ was the best. My friends and I spent hours playing this game and we finally reached level 70. I probably played this game for at least 3 years. One day i stopped by for a few buffs in PoK in front of the bank, and to my dismay (during peak hours) i noticed that there were a few less enchaters OOCing about tranquility group buffs. I brushed it off as nothing, and went along my daily business slaying monsters in WoS.

     As time went by, there were less and less people in PoK during peak hours, and it became harder and harder to find groups. It was then that i came to the grave realization that EQ was slowly dying (i cried). All of the work, time, and money that i spent farming and questing at 4am when i should have been sleeping before school with bloodshot eyes to get to where i was, was now all of the sudden wasn't fair! Suddenly the fact that my druid had all of his runes and spells, or that i had accrewed 100,000 plat was meaningless....

     In the end, I still think it was worth it. For some reason i keep getting drawn back into MMORPG's looking for that same awesome feeling i got back in the EQ days grinding out xp. Since then, I have been looking to fill the void...well not like its that dramatic, i bet you thought i was gonna cry didn't you.


----> END TRANSMISSION (yea im dat cool)

liadz writes:

 Well, I, myself, play mmorpgs when the television in the living room is not available and this way I can't play my humble ps2, which is full of my so loved take-you-by-the-hand japanese rpgs. These where the idea of saving the world is never "go kill x monster y and you will save our town from their conspiration" (even though Guild Wars I play is not like that) =P Also, they are a lot more effective in make me fell like the hero, I'm not one more in the "crowd" being fooled by an npc that says to everyone "You are the chosen!". Oh, and they have an end, like every epic tale should have, like a good book you read... They don't die someday.

But that's my case, my love case =) (After writing this I feel this is so pointless, but I'll post just because the time I spent here, sorry)

Tue Feb 24 2009 2:42PM Report
t0nyd writes:

Nice paragraphs. In the end, everything that we do is meaningless. Aslong as you enjoy the ride, does it matter.

Tue Feb 24 2009 3:28PM Report
xbellx777 writes:

t0nyd is right you can make everything we do is futile and pointless. enjoy your visit on earth

Tue Feb 24 2009 4:36PM Report
Zyllos writes:

Its not the end that matters, its the journey. Now hopefully death in this existance will lead to another existance!

Tue Feb 24 2009 5:48PM Report
sigamon writes:

i know exactly how you feel feice. i played eq1 for so many years, it was the greatest video game experience of my life. and i watched it die also. ive played everything trying to fill that empty spot in my mmo life. nothing ever does though

certain games have that new exciting feeling but wear thin quickly and then i move on to the next one

im playing eq2 now but it doesnt even come close. not to mention soe stripped eq2 of anything remotely close of eq1 besides the races/classes. but im burning out fast

Wed Feb 25 2009 3:28AM Report
Kordelio writes:

i've been playing mmo's since grade 5, started with Lineage 1. Now im 20 years old and have quit the mmorpg scene. I played cuz my brother played. That's about it, fun while it lasted, but spending thousands of hours sitting in front of my computer when I could've been studying seems retarded. Take this from a veteran mmorpg player....QUIT WHILE U CAN. im being serious, there's so much more you can be spending your time on....sports, studying, partying, girls, going to the gym, watching movies, READING BOOKS. I read novels now, and I find them more enjoyable. Not to mention when you spend so many hours sitting in front of your computer, you gain alot of weight. Since I quit a year ago, i've started doing alot more with my life, and enjoy a hell of alot more than when I was playing.

sorry for the ggblob of text, hope my opinions/thoughts help anyone confused about what to do from now on.


Wed Feb 25 2009 10:42AM Report
vedranc writes:


Wed Feb 25 2009 1:00PM Report
BACONX writes:

We do it to feel a connection.  We go to work, we eat, we buy "things", pay for our cars and sit staring at the useless banter of our fellow workers.  The facade is the lure but ultimately our lonely lives impel us to taint our fantasy with a reality of need.  Whether we go to greive or craft or team or just rant on local channels...we do it for the other people trapped in the same prism.

Wed Feb 25 2009 10:06PM Report
mursch writes:

The way I see it, playing mmos is no different than knitting, photography, stamp collecting, or any of the other wierd shit that people do to fill their time. It's a hobby, plain and simple. If you try to come up with any reason for it beyond that, you will be dissapointed.

And Kordelio: You are right that playing mmos can be bad if you spend so much time on them that you don't do anything else (like hang out with your friends). But it doesn't have to be that way. I am currently working on a Ph.D.. I have a family and a life... and I play an mmorpg around 10-15 hrs a week. As with everything else in life, playing mmos is what you make it.

Sun Dec 20 2009 11:05AM Report writes:
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