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Thoughts about Star Wars The Old Republic Devs Going Super Greedy.

Unstable & without BackBone & Shameless r Some People who make Decisions for #MMO in Game Store Pricing & what is Sold in there.. *Mind Boggled & Brainstorm Effect for Adult long time Mmo'er who Dislikes Greed that's Integrated into Human Mind*

Author: Fedaygin

Help To Find New Home for Quality Sci-Fi. Dark Matter <3

Posted by Fedaygin Wednesday September 13 2017 at 10:28PM
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Hey. I ask that you Give support Not so big Budget, But Quality Canadian Sci-Fi <3 Please Sign up, Send Direct Mail or Several via Addresses down Below :) Share anywhere u can think of & give lil bit of your time <3 Time to find new Home for this Piece of Art upto 15.9.2017. Joseph wanted 5 seasons with 13 eps. per season. So lets ask 10-13 eps. via Mails & not 2hrs wrap up movie as that wouldn't be good.
To Petition: It 's now at 38k so next lvl is 50k o/ Top 10 Episodes: Maybe even go further than 5th season once has support. For sure Dedicated Fans help with that <3 Lil Bit Light: Joseph said on his Wordpress Blog earlier on last week that some Big Network Names are interested.. Hope won't do only few eps. per season deal once Rescued & have to say once Rescued <3 Funny ep. from 3rd season where Three played by A.Lemke learns some French:

"Dark Matter Finale – 1.34 million viewers. (Axed), Wynonna Earp Finale – 843k viewers (Renewed)"
Shame SyFy Network for giving lil funding cause wasn't Their Original show :/ DM positively topped the Charts when compare to many in their Channel.. Joseph & Prod. Crew did amazing work with that budget when looking at sets & visuals <3 Looks better than Killjoys when compare to recent / Current Canadian Sci-Fi. Personally i haven't been able to focus to normal routine things after SyFy Suits did this backstabbing.

DM is good Sci-Fi Entertainment with Ear Massage Soundtrack after work day :) Has Android who said "Boobs" with gentle voice heh. Zoie Palmer is amazing as Ship Android. Brent Spiner from Star Trek "Data" praised her work in his Tweet earlier on August <3 Send Direct mails to AMC, HBO, STARZ & CBS via links Down Below o/ I've sent Mail to ALL with Viewers count, DM Footage & Petition link. I spent 5€ for more Visibility with Petition sign up.  Consider also Fox Channel :)

I will support beauty Dark Matter? with BR purchase once many seasons BR comes available. We need to lean towards any one who could help to Rescue #TeamRaza cause SyFy's weird Execs. tossed them out blindly.. PST: On Joseph’s Wordpress Tweet Event is mentioned. I also like to contact Telly Network’s via Twitter ^^ Cause think that would be better than Netflix.

Netflix also good, but scared of them after 2nd Season they tossed out Amazing Sense8 :/ Exec. Producer’s Blog: Latest entry atm. is from 13.9.2017 & it has good info.
Long Live Duke Leto Atreides! I mean #TeamRaza! "Love Both Arrakis & DM" Ah Dune Books <3

United We Stand. Please read & join for the Fight to Save Dark Matter Sci-Fi serie.

Posted by Fedaygin Wednesday September 6 2017 at 11:32AM
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Also on Social Gaming Platform --- Evolve <3

United We Stand Strong & can make the Difference :)

PST: Please Let AMC Network know that Dark Matter wants to have new Home there.

Kind Regards: Dedicated Fan & Supporter.

Star Wars Offers Half Blind Fanboys & Girls Platinum Lightsaber close to $60

Posted by Fedaygin Friday March 10 2017 at 2:28PM
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Mind Boggling Mentally Unstable Move made by BioWare a.k.a EaWare. Their Greedy & Often Half Blind Overlords known as EA - Electronic Arts already have Sacked most of Eaware's Swtor Ops a.k.a Raid Design Crew. Now they keep doing this Crap.. Say keep Doing cause of another one is coming later. If rumors r true it almost comes with New Game Price Tag like this Ugly LS does & it having one of Highest in Game Store item Price doesn't make it most powerful weapon in the Galaxy. #SillyBoys #Bioware

After been around in #MMO Genre from 2004 i thought i've seen the highest lvl of Greed with in Game Store Pricing, but #ElectronicArts never fails to Surprise & now Shot Pricing to new Heights. Done with setting one silly Design Lightsaber to cost more than 55 Dollars & propably not even Legacy bound, but need to get it for other chars 2 if want. #Greed #BlindGreed Swtor's Ops Design Crew maybe has 1-2x ppl now cause of making Mind Boggling & #Lazy Decision  to release 1x Ops Boss per month or 2x Months. After True Mmo'ers at #Swtor waited new Ops for +1,5 years.. No other Mmo Developing Company ever released 1x Encounter per Month or 2x Months. #MindBoggled #Brainstorm #Silly #MmoRaid #Raiding

Left behind this currently at Half Mmo status in Dec 2016. Kept Sub non stop from Launch to that month so it lasted 4.9y & regret last 8x months of it. No progression via Proper Development path happened since spring -16 to end of year :/ Only was BioWare's Greedy Half Blind ways of Cashing in $ from Lost Sheepies. Done with offering Hk-55 Bonus Mission to be released at Autumn -16 & ppl who sub for all those months of waiting will got it. It's Shame how Eaware is Abusing Huge IP & Taking Advantage of it with Horrible Outdated & Glitchy Game-Engine used in SWTOR & with the way it's Developed. Some early days were really good & there was Ray Of Hope coming, but vanished.

Hk-55's Bonus Mission had pretty good story behind it, BUT it had Fem Droid with very Annoying Voice that was like Angst Teen trying to break Free. Dev who had the idea for that Voice need to take some #Medication or clear head via #Meditation. Also they cashed in with such stupid moves like giving #Hk55's Equipment in multiple sets for ppl who sub for that long period of time.. I also bought things from #Swtor's in Game Store known as Cartel Market & did it couple times. Until realised that it's a #Bad move as it just feeds the #ElectronicArts #Greed #Hunger & then Proper #Development takes longer.

Naturally Saddest thing in all that HK items case is.. Many Lost Sheepies poured down the cash for cosmetic things & that way Eaware stayed at Wrong Development Path. Earning in modern day is easy when you have "good" Minds planning & have no backbone while executing the plan "EA - Electronic Arts". I also Endured Mom & Daughter Feud Storyline that came with Kotfe Expansion & continued with Kotet. Kotet also brought silly things like option to Redeem big baddy during Mom & Daughter Feud.

One thing Blizzard does well with their Old Warhorse Mmo called World of Warcraft: Their in Game Store is very small (about 10'ish mounts, pets each & a few cosmetic helms) and they are all direct purchase. When new items are added they often give 80-100% of the proceeds to #Charity for the first month or so as well :) Everything else can be earned in game at World of Warcraft. Hundreds of pets, mounts, toys & armor sets.

Think the money Blizz got from there has gone to Make-a-wish. Of the $10 spent, $5 went to charity & $5 went to Blizzard. Seemed fair enough :) Could you imagine if $1 of every Cartel Box in Star Wars: The Old Republic went to charity & $5 from bigger CM Sales. We'd be running out of places to Dig Wells on this beautiful The Planet Earth :) Also many 3rd World Countries / Poor Countries would get well built Houses & Irrigation areas. Naturally Super Greedy EA - Electronic Arts & their Lapdoggy crew Eaware & officially BioWare won't do it with Star Wars: The Old Republic :( Currently Half Mmo "Wasn't always" that uses Outdated & Glitchy Game-Engine known as #HeroEngine & Cartoonish Gfx comparable to Star Wars Rebels.

At the moment it's Half Mmo & that's run with Outdated & Glitchy Game-Engine still in 2017. Has some Eye Hurting Animations & occasional Combat & movement Glitches.. Here's Tweet made about the Sale:

Wish Safe & Succesful 2017 for all & don't Feed Electronic Arts & their Lapdog team Eaware.
#StopGreedyBusiness #HeroEngine #StarWars #Republic
#FireBenIrving #DemoteCharlesBoyd #SwtorHalfMmo #SwtorTurnedGreedy