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Things you need to know before playing World of Warcraft and Diablo 3

This blog provides information about Blizzard games for starting players that want to know the basics on the games that one of the best massive multiplayer game makers have.

Author: Fatality001133

World of Warcraft Useful Leveling Tips

Posted by Fatality001133 Wednesday July 10 2013 at 3:20PM
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World of Warcraft is a game that is friendly to beginners by design, but also challenging for intermediates and veterans. As you play more, arrive at farther reaches of the in-game world, and achieve higher levels, you will find it tougher to hang on and keep up, even with upgraded equipment and whatever preparation you may have had beforehand.

If you are still willing to power through this phase of in-game existential quandary and become the best that your character can ever be, then here are a few things that you can put up with in order to make the process of leveling up a much easier and less soul-draining experience. If you want to stay with the game and not get discouraged by the trials and tribulations that lay ahead, then having a more systematic approach is crucial to in-game survival.

Make Leveling a Race

There is no shame at all in turning your gameplay experience in WoW into a competitive thing. In fact, that's how a lot of the successful players see it, pitting their determination and skill against other players, whether it's with their friends, their guildmates, and so on. It also makes leveling a much more fun experience, and turns the grinding into a less daunting experience.

It can motivate players to always chase after a goal and upgrade their equipment whenever possible. It also helps to have already planned your character's build out, so that you don't even have to think about what you should do when you do level up. That also makes transitions more seamless since you can't just stop playing and think about what to do next, unless you really have no clue about what you're doing.

A great way to do this is to go on farming runs, provided that you know where to farm in the first place. Research the various spots where you can get the most XP in the least amount of time. Since WoW has been around for so long, this process has become somewhat like a science, so you may want to read up on what your predecessors had already come up with and follow their lead. This does not mean that there's no room for creativity left in playing this game, but it does mean that you have plenty of resources for learning and understanding just how this game works.

If you really want to know how to level your class properly, check out several awesome World of Warcraft leveling guides around the web.

Do Not Be Overwhelmed By City Attractions

As you level your character, you may have to drop by nearby cities to do various things, like talking to trainers, attend classes, do some trading, completing quests, and so on. During this time, you may get distracted at times. Do know that every time you divert your attention to something else, then it takes away from the time you could be spending gaining another level.

It's good to explore and experience World of Warcraft in its entirety, but do know that you can always do that later once you've hit max level. But for now, you will be better served with a stronger character that can do just about anything in the game, so you have to play hard to get that privelege. Once you hit that pinnacle, then you may do as you please and explore.

One of the things that you will spend a lot time on later is training your chosen professions. That means spending much time in the cities. There are some professions that you do want to grind alongside your character's level to save on time, and you have to determine right away what it will be. Focusing on one ensures that you won't have to waste too much time and still be able to level your character at a reasonable pace.

Plan Your Travels by Estimating the Time of Arrival

One of the things that you will find yourself doing a lot is traveling, which is actually not as easy as teleporting from one place to another. In World of Warcraft, you have to ride on various things to get from one place to another, so it's basically commuting in the game. It can take quite a bit of your time, so you may want to plan your travels before you start scurrying around.

You have to travel in order to do various things, like going to other cities, get gear in Auction Houses, and so on. If you spend a good amount of your time in the Auction House, which you will if you're constantly looking for the best equipment for your character, then you will be doing a lot of traveling around the world.

At least you have a way to tell how long it takes to get from one place to another. Just like in real life, estimate your time of arrival in a faraway land so that you don't get bogged down by unplanned trips and so on. Always plan your journeys to ensure good time management in the game.

World of Warcraft General Principles You Need to Know

Posted by Fatality001133 Wednesday July 10 2013 at 3:11PM
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As perhaps the most popular online gmae in the world, World of Warcraft is definitely no small thing in most of its players' lives. It has practically taken over the world in more ways than one, having seeped into mainstream pop culture and the world's consciousness. There are plenty of good and bad things being talked about in the game, and it only serves to spread the word of the game equally.

Most of the time spent in the game by those who play it for the first time does go into learning how to play it though, which may not be as fun as it sounds. Much of the reward in the gameplay is out of being able to play it relatively seamlessly. Much of the nuances are in the combat system, which is what really separates the veterans from the beginners in this game. If you think that you still lack the knowledge about your class, many sites offer good World of Warcraft Builds for you to follow.

Here are a few principles that you can take to heart. There are the golden rules, which are common sense things that you must adhere to in order to play WoW well. You must never travel alone since the more the merrier, and you may need help along the way. Solo play is not really the way to go in WoW since it's a social game in its core. With that in mind, always buff yourself and those around you, and don't be stingy about it. Teamwork is of the essence, and it need not be intimidating. All you need to do is to stick to your party, use your buffs whenever they're needed, and don't abandon them.

On the subject of survivability, you always have to leave defense at the area you captured. You must also let the team know where the enemy's strong and weak points if you happen to have that information, so that you don't waste your time dying in order to learn how to properly fight a specific enemy. Since death can be rather costly in this game, you must stay near the healers. If you are a healer, stay near your group and let your mates protect you. You help them, and they help you.

You don't want your enemies to have the same treatment though, so kill their healers if they have any. There's nothing worse than damaging an enemy, only to have it regain its health just like that. Despite that though, always focus on the main objective and concentrate all efforts upon accomplishing it, no matter what. There should be no room for distraction in the game, especially if everyone else is counting on you to work with the rest of the team.

Finally, you have to report whoever is away from keyboard, or AFK. There is nothing worse than a player who abandons post in the middle of battle or is just absent for most of the time. You are not to let such individuals earn their honor, especially since they don't put in the time and energy in being there in the first place. You have to report them for the good of all, so don't be forgiving whenever you do find someone who tend to be absent.

Before you charge into battle, there is a calm before the storm. This period is called the Buff Phase, and that's when you contribute to the collective effort by giving all you can and buffing everyone. Since buffs cost no mana at all, there's absolutely no reason for you to not do so. Anyone who you don't buff may become a liability later on and die, decreasing your force's strength and dragging everyone else down. Therefore, you must never miss anyone in the buffing process.

It must be said that no plan ever survives the battlefield, as it is in real life. However, having a plan in the first place and it going to dust is way better than going in without one in the first place. At least it does give you a bit of tactical advantage to have a plan beforehand, and it's reliant upon the Battleground Leader to facilitate that plan. The job of everyone else is to provide support according to the plan and the situation on the battlefield, and to stick together in order to survive.

That's the basic gist of playing World of Warcraft. It's a game about teamwork and camaraderie, and that's what makes it truly great. Don't forget to have fun as well.

World of Warcraft Best Profession Combinations

Posted by Fatality001133 Thursday June 6 2013 at 2:13PM
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With the professions you can get into in World of Warcraft, you may notice that you can't just take one and abscond the rest. They go hand in hand, and some even compliment each other so well that you can't pick one without the other. Perhaps this really is for the best as these combinations do quite well in enhancing your chances in surviving and even thriving in World of Warcraft.

It's actually possible to take all professions and max them, but that does take too much time. You might as well specialize in those that you can actually give focus to for most of the time. This is why learning these combinations are important, especially if you're either a novice WoW player or someone who's starting to play a new character. There are also useful WoW leveling guides out there that you can check out if you want to learn the basics.

It must be said that among the professions in WoW, Mining is perhaps the most versatile of them all, bar none. It has combination with 3 other professions, all of which you can profit from in some way. Also, Mining itself can be a source of profit if you can get large amount of raw materials at each time and know where to mine. Therefore, Mining may be considered with this decision.

Here are some of the best WoW combos you can play with in the game.

Mining - Engineering

Most of the Engineering profession is about crafting metal bars, so you'll be requiring metals and minerals in order to make use of this profession. Leveling up Engineering is slow and costly, especially if you choose to bypass Mining, but is a good supplement to other professions and can be a source of income as well. If you do pick up Mining, then perhaps all you'll be spending is a considerable amount of time in getting the resources.

Mining - Jewelcrafting

As the name suggests, the Jewelcrafting profession is all about gems, which can be acquired from minerals through Mining. Most minerals are cheap enough though to buy in order to save some time, especially if the mining location of one required mineral is very far away from that of another. Some Jewelcrafting designs also need metal bars, so having Engineering to supplement your Jewelcrafting is recommended, although not entirely required if you don't want to invest extra time into it. Take note though that the metal bars are rather expensive in the Auction House, so you may want to reconsider your corner-cutting measures.

Mining - Blacksmithing

The thing about Blacksmithing is that, like in Jewelcrafting, it also goes well with Engineering since you need those metal bars for most of the recipes. You may want to take up Engineering anyway if you wish to spend a lot of time in Blacksmithing in order to level up as quickly as you can. Blacksmithing is one of the most useful professions in the game as it is directly tied to the weapons and armor that everyone needs to fight. If you are able to make quality equipment, then you stand to potentially earn a fortune, as long as you play it right.

Herbalism - Inscriptions

We now move away from Mining and into the realm of Herbalism, which deals with the various plants you can find all around the game for various purposes. One of the uses for these plants is for the creation of inks, which you can then use for the profession of Inscriptions. Becoming a scribe is dependent on having various types of inks in large quantities at hand, and having a Herbalism profession to back it up is very useful indeed.

Herbalism - Alchemy

The other more obvious use for Herbalism is in the realm of Alchemy, which is about potions and flasks that you need in the game for various effects and buffs. It is obvious that these two professions are a compatible pair, and being an alchemist means that you must also become an herbalist. Even though you may have enough money to buy herbs, it's still best to pick them yourself since it gives you more control over your ingredients and actually helps in letting you progress faster. If you're short of potions and are in the middle of nowhere, you can look for herbs which you can then turn into potions right then and there, which is definitely useful.

Money In-Game: Classic Video Games and the Currencies Driving their Economy

Posted by Fatality001133 Thursday May 23 2013 at 3:28AM
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Video games are often heralded as a means to escape reality. Players often praise a game’s ability to transport them out of their dreary lives and into these fantastical, colorful worlds where anything can happen—all at the control of the player themselves.

That said, the introduction of monetary systems does sort of hinder that escapism inherent in video games. Keeping the rigid rules of a limited wallet, reinforced by a working economy, can be considered a relic of the real world. On the other hand, this reflection of real life—to the point where earning, saving, and spending money is crucial to success—often comes with important lessons for actual money management. Players see how their irresponsible handling of resources results in failure in the game, and they will be more likely to apply these lessons in the real world.

This article will examine some of the most enduring currencies in classic video games, and see the various items and services that in-game money can buy (but just like real money, it still can’t buy you love, though).

1.     The Legend of Zelda series – Rupees

The Legend of Zelda is a series renowned for its realistic portrayal of a bildungsroman—or the coming-of-age of a young character. Intrinsic to the journey of a hero’s quest is the rupee, the gems that serve as the currency in the land of Hyrule.

At the beginning of the game, Link, the player character, usually only has a wallet that can hold 99 rupees. Needless to say, despite the relative ubiquity of rupees (they can be picked up piecemeal in the respawning grass, from breakable pots, enemies, and treasure chests, among others), the fact that Link can only hold 99 in his pocket severely limits the purchasing options. These include ammunition and health upgrades.

zelda rupees


Later, larger wallets significantly expand the number of rupees that can be carried, which also expands the types of things that can be bought. From bows to life containers to masks, an expanded wallet in any Zelda game is key to victory. The rupee comes in five denominations: Green (1 rupee), Blue (5), Red (20), Silver (100), and Gold (300).


2.     The Sims series – Simoleon

The Sims, which was released in 2000, was the first installment in the hugely popular The Sims franchise, taking off from developer Will Wright’s earlier Sim games. The game simulates the comings and goings of a household. While several changes have been introduced throughout its many iterations (the fourth generation of which is slated to release in 2014), one of its constants has been its currency: the Simoleon.

sims simoleon


Taken from an old slang term for a basic unit of currency (such as the dollar), the Simoleon in The Sims is used to create and renovate the home, as well as to attend to the needs of the eponymous Sims. These Sims can also work to make more money, which will ensure the continued prosperity of the household.


3.     Diablo series –  Gold

The Diablo series has long been known as the paragon of the dungeon crawl/loot genre. In these sorts of games, players traverse dungeons, killing enemies in search of better gear, so that they can traverse more difficult dungeons, killing tougher enemies to get even better gear. This is a never-ending cycle, and gold plays a huge part in this process of upgrades.

In Diablo III, the economy changed with the introduction of the Real Money Auction House. Whereas in previous installments, in-game gold was removed from your actual wallet, the third Diablo game dissolved this separation for those who wanted to spend their actual money for in-game gear.

diablo 3 gold


Many sites offer tips on how to earn more Diablo 3 gold via item flipping on the Auction House.

Those are just three of the most prominent games series and the currencies featured in them. Are there any other games where money management was integral to success? Do you have stories where managing your funds in-game proved useful in real life? Let us know in the comments below!

World of Warcraft Fast Leveling Guide

Posted by Fatality001133 Monday May 13 2013 at 1:03PM
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World of Warcraft is perhaps the most popular online game in the world right now, and it has been for quite a long time now. But for a game that depends on the time and energy invested in it by the player, it's also daunting for those who may be interested to play it for the first time, but are intimidated by all the high level characters already present. For those who seek to be level 80 like the more dedicated veterans, then you need a guide to getting there as quickly as you possibly can.


  • Efficiency is the Key

Leveling up fast is all about efficiency and knowing where to level, as well as getting the best items at the moment and so on. There are a lot of things that you can think of when it comes to quick leveling. Perhaps it would be easier if you have a party to go along with you, making for a more fun experience that makes the time fly. However, if you're playing solo, then know that quests can be faster than just with dungeons and instances.


  • Have a Plan

Of course, you should have a general plan before you even log in. You can always try to research in wiki sites for World of Warcraft, as well as FAQs and message boards, perhaps even ask questions and look for WOW leveling-for-noobie guides. Whatever you do, it is imperative that you have a definite plan that you can go with upon logging in. This is also where being in a party helps since you can talk over the plan with your companions for a more secure plan. Having a plan is all about getting from point A to B as soon as you can, as well as making sure that you don't get distracted by something else during that session.


  • Work Out Your Questing Route

If you opt for quests to gain experience, then you should take heed of a few things that will help you make the journey less arduous. First off, whenever you're clearing a quest zone, be sure to accept every quest there is in that area. You can then plan the best routes to take in order to finish off quests one after another. If there is a quest that you think isn't worth the trouble, then you can just abandon it anyway. You don't have to feel bad about it, since you're trying to make good time.


  • Combine Questing and Grinding

Questing or mob grinding alone will not get you experience points as quickly as if you do them both in a systematic way. Of course, you'll have to know beforehand which enemies are both easy to kill and gives good XP. When you encounter such a monster along the way to a quest objective, you may stop for a while to kill as much as you can before proceeding. There is no reason not to gain more XP while traveling to your destination, as opposed to heading straight there with nothing happening in between unless you're off to get your snacks or to use the bathroom.


  • You Are Not Alone

There are too many players out there that tend to solo way too much. This is an MMORPG, so play it like it is: join a party or guild to progress further as a WoW player. You can join in the adventure and go on raids that can net you even more XP than if you were doing it alone. You also gain better standing in the game, so long as you behave well and be helpful to your fellow players. While it's sometimes good to play solo, it's not good if you do it all the time. The good thing about WoW is that even if you're a loner in real life, you can work your way to gaining more confidence in interacting with other people through the game, and it has done just that for a great number of the WoW player base.


  • Build Your Character Properly

This may not be a tip that beginners will get right off the bat, but a great way to fast level your character is to optimize your class talent build, which means that you take the right talents for the specific purpose of your character, may it be a tank, mage, or so on. It does depend on the build if it can actually help you level faster though. For example, those with AoE spells or high DPS will find it easier to level up, as opposed to a tank build that focuses on defense and HP. Of course, a tank is crucial to every party, so your guildmates will be glad to help you level up.


  • Have Tons of Fun

This is perhaps the most important tip in fast leveling in World of Warcraft. If you're having fun, leveling up won't seem like a chore that seems to take forever. All you will really think about is all the fun you're having in playing the game with other people.

8 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About World of Warcraft

Posted by Fatality001133 Thursday April 25 2013 at 5:09AM
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World of Warcraft has been around for a very long time now. Kids who started out playing it back in 2004 are now adults, and a lot of them still play the game to this day. With such a history in the game, there are plenty of things that the game has now that a lot of people do not know about or perhaps misunderstand to some degree. Here are a few of them that might surprise you or just seem rather interesting.

  • The World of Azeroth

To support such an expansive world, World of Warcraft servers are connected to multiple AT&T data centers all over the world. So basically, wherever these data centers are, they're the real world locations of Azeroth. These locations include San Diego, Dallas, Frankfurt, Paris, Stockholm, and so on.

  • WoW Servers

The servers are the most important when it comes to operating any MMO, and World of Warcraft really need big ones to accommodate all the players. The hardware involved in running the entire game includes 13,250 server blades, 75,000 cores, 112.5 terabytes of memory, and 1.2 petabytes of storage. This was also from 2009, so it may be even bigger right now since servers of this magnitude are updated regularly.

  • Subscriber Base

By the release of its fourth expansion, Mists of Pandaria, the subscriber base for World of Warcraft reached beyond the 10 million mark, which was an unprecedented achievement by Blizzard Entertainment, breaking their previous record of 9.1 million subscribers. The number went as high as 12 million paying customers, and the game is holding pretty strong.

  • Celebrity Players

The appeal of World of Warcraft is so vast that even people who you wouldn't expect to be WoW players actually are, including celebrities. People like Vin Diesel, Curt Shilling, Felicia Day, and Yao Ming are actually know to be geeks in their spare time, and they do play WoW as part of it.

  • Even Politicians Play WoW

In 2012, Colleen Lachowicz ran for office as a State Senator of Maine. Her political opposition thought it would be a great idea to discredit her as a viable candidate through rather unusual means. She happens to play World of Warcraft, so they set up a website to run a campaign against her by saying that “Maine needs a State Senator that lives in the real world, not in Colleen’s fantasy world.”

Senator Colleen Lachowicz must have gained more supporters from the game during that time.

  • Dying from Playing

There have been news stories wherein players die while playing a game for really long periods of time, and WoW is often that game. An unfortunately common news item in Asia, they tend to be found on their chair in front of the computer, stiff and deceased. One of the causes for this could be Deep Vein Thrombosis, which is a real problem with people who sit down for long periods of time. This is a condition that people usually talk about when it comes to long plane trips, but the same can happen to gamers. To counter this, you have to get up and walk around every once in a while. Exercise would be even better. Or, learn how to level up your character on WoW properly.

  • WoW Clones

There have been plenty of clones of World of Warcraft that have been made, most of them coming from china. Such titles include World of Fight, Runes of Magic, Allods Online, and so on. They would have similar user interfaces and gameplay elements that really remind players of WoW, and you can't really blame them since the original is just so good. Of course, the real thing is still the best.

  • By the Numbers

From the stats gathered by MMORPG Realm, Blizzard had 150 developers working on the game for 4 years to write WoW's 5.5 million lines of code. These made up for 30,000 items, 1,400 locations, 7,600 missions, and 5,300 non-player characters -- all of which also had to be painstakingly designed beforehand.

Among the players, only 22% reside in the United States, while the majority are from Asia with a sizeable 48%. As most would expect, 80% of the players are male. That does mean though that the female base is 20% of the 12 million, so that's still a lot. As for the most popular race in the game, it's still good old Human.

5 Things New WoW Players Need to Know About the Game

Posted by Fatality001133 Wednesday April 10 2013 at 2:45AM
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Ever since World of Warcraft was released back in 2004 to an enthusiastic fanbase and grew into the MMO juggernaut that it is now, there may be people who do want to play it but are intimidated by how deep the story and gameplay has become over the years. Veteran players are knowledgeable and beyond comprehension of those who have not yet played the game, so those who do want to jump in now should keep a few things in mind to get the most of the game.


Create a character with a purpose

When you've decided to make a character to start playing, you are given various choices in race and classes to begin with. If you're not a veteran WoW player yet with a goal in mind, then you might as well pick one that you'll get to roleplay best with. To roleplay a character, it is all about how much you can get into it. Your character needs a motivation to embark on the adventure, whatever it may be. The more compelling you can make it though, the more fun it will be to play with that character in the game.

That purpose has to dictate most of your character's actions, including who he talks to, what he does to other characters, how he does those things, how he fights, what he fights for, and so on. Soon enough, you stop thinking about roleplaying and the character develops by itself as you play, which is a magical process for those who have gotten into playing the game and is one of the things that has made World of Warcraft one of the best games ever made.


Interact and play with others

What has made this game successful isn't just the quality of the story and core gameplay, but also the social aspect of being an MMORPG. In fact, that's what makes the MMORPG genre such a big world all by itself. But with World of Warcraft, with the vast number of players throughout the world, the game only gets better with more and more people playing it.

With that in mind, playing WoW is better with friends. If you don't have friends to play it with you, then you make friends in the game. What makes WoW so immersive is not just its lore and gameplay, but how it lets players connect in various ways. You can join parties to go on raids together or just chat and have fun. All sorts of people from different walks of life play WoW, and that's what makes this game good, especially for new players.


Leveling is not the most important thing

Role-playing games have something in common with character leveling systems, wherein characters of higher levels are stronger and are able to do more things and wear better equipment. For most MMORPGs, this becomes the focal point, especially for those that require a metric crap ton of experience points just to level up. This makes for a lot of repetitive grinding that makes gameplay dull and tedious, which is sadly common for a lot of other MMORPGs.

In World of Warcraft, that kind of monotonous gameplay takes a backseat in favor of a lot of other activities that can help with the overall experience. there is a ton of lore behind everything in the game, especially since this is the Warcraft universe that was built up from back in the day with the strategy games. This makes for a lot of roleplaying opportunities that makes leveling pale in comparison.

Many other things like social interactions and plenty of engaging quests that uncover more of the lore makes WoW more diverse and puts leveling up further down in the priority list in favor of immersing oneself in the in-game world. There are leveling guides for World of Warcraft all over the internet that can help you take off your mind off the grueling task of grinding for hours and being unable to socialize with other players, so better check them out.


Let the game take you

A common trap that most roleplayers fall into is going down only on one path, which raises a lot of questions and debates. Some see this as necessary in playing a game to your best abilities. However, what it also does is reduce the enjoyment of the game itself since the experience is more constricted as a result of this.

Of course, you'd want to have your character specialize in stats and abilities according to the chosen character class, and that's good. But what does not merit over-prioritization is the way you play the game. So you don't just raid dungeons or just do quests, for example, and do nothing else. There are so many things that you can do in the game, so feel free to get into all of them.


Play within the world

The Warcraft universe is very fascinating and has its own rules, making for gameplay that takes you to places beyond most people's imaginations. Being able to exist wholeheartedly within that world lets players continue to roleplay, which is the point of playing RPGs in the first place.

Metagaming can certainly take your game to higher levels, but it is most helpful for those who have been playing the game seriously for a long time and are looking to boost their performance for competitive purposes. As a new player, this can only ruin the fun of the game due to its focus on aspects of WoW that is separate from what makes the game interesting from the perspective of storyline and lore. Therefore, it is not very good for roleplaying, even though powergaming is an inherent part of playing RPGs.