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The Blundering Adventures of Fat Gamer

This blog contains the everyday adventures and life stories of a Fat Gamer! I have also created this blog to cater to my fellow fat gamers. Those of us who don't allow our dedication to gaming be interupted by health food and exercise. Fat Gamers Unite!

Author: FatGamer

Operation Weight Loss Take Two!

Posted by FatGamer Sunday April 19 2009 at 10:50AM
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Hey everyone,

I have started the Lindora program (clinic version). I have decided to start the blog over at vox - here is a link .

i will not be updating via mmorpg because I do not like the blogging software here.


Fat Gamer in: Operation: Lose Weight

Posted by FatGamer Friday June 22 2007 at 8:48PM
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For those that have been following this disaster of a blog, I commend you. I am having a hard time getting the layout to look the way I want it. In fact, I may have to do everyone a favor and locate this blog to another site if I can't figure out a work around for getting spacing the way I would like.
When I last left you I was heading out to brunch at the infamous Roscos - House of Chicken & Waffles in Long Beach, California. This was the first time going to this legendary eatery.. AND.. IT... WAS... WORTH.. IT! I'm quite positive my meal was around 5k in calories but it was awesome down home cooking!
This image is not mine, I stole it off the web (oh noes!). I ordered the #4 which was 2 waffles and half a chicken smothered in onion and gravy and it was soooo goooooood! I also ordered a side of grits and a pitbull energy as well as an eclipse drink. While I was there I ran into Ice Cube (I'm not kidding) and my wife snapped a couple photos of Fat Gamer and Ice Cube representin'! Those pics will soon follow.
I will go again, I swear it!

Now that I’ve shared my feast of grease with you it is time to move onto a more serious subject. It has nothing to do with gaming, but who cares (at least not me, and it's my crappy blog so NAH!).
I am now 33 years old and I weigh 436 lbs. While I’ve always used the fact I'm obese in a joking sense or to make people laugh it is still a problem. I'm a tall guy, so it's not like I'm handicapped or anything. I use the rest room like a normal person; I use the shower like a normal person. However, when it comes to movie theaters I make sure I have an isle seat, if  a restaurant does not have tables, forget about it. While, my weight has never really bothered me. It's now affecting my family.
Being a family man, I pride myself on not letting any harm come to my family. With this said, as of now, Fat Gamer is on a strict diet of liquids and proteins. I'll be taking plenty of vitamin supplements and seeing a DR. on a regular basis to monitor my health. The program I am about to embark on should get me down to 300 LBS in 15 months. The weight will drop off fast but not too fast that it will leave me with loads of loose skin and so forth. It's disgusting when you see it on T.V.! So, I will still be the local Fat Gamer, just not as fat.
So Goodbye sugar energy drinks, goodbye mountain dew, goodbye ben and jerrys. Good riddance to the lot of you evil good tasting entities!
I'll have a section of my blog to where I post updates to my weight loss for those that care or like to follow train-wrecks.
- Quake Wars; Enemy Territory open beta is out so I'm off to frag. Then Later on I'll work on my LOTRO character. I dinged 35 on my Hobbit Hunter last night, go me!
Bore you later,
Fat Gamer

Happy Birthday Day To Me!

Posted by FatGamer Wednesday June 20 2007 at 8:03AM
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Today, it's my Birthday. Iv'e managed to make it to a whopping 33 years old.

Happy Birthday To Me!

My usual expectation of birthday morning felatio has been shot down. My wife, god bless her, is having tremendous pain due to a complication in a root canal she just had a few days ago. So, thanks to the dental field, I am not getting my birthday felatio. Sure, I'll get it later, but it is just not the same. For the next 24hrs I'd reccomend all dentists to stay out of my rampaging path.


On another note, my wife did take off work for my birthday. Well partly, I mean. She is going to her Dentist in the afternoon. HOWEVER, later this morning we are going to Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles for my Birthday. My sister-in-law and her hubby will be joining us.

Chicken & Waffles - YUMMMY!

Iv'e never been to Roscoe's before. My wife HATES the idea of Chicken n Waffles together.  While my need for morning felatio is being ignored today, my quest to finally sample the heart-attack-on-a-platter experience at Roscoe's will not!  I will be taking photos!


Well, that is enough about my birthday. Let's talk about gaming!


Remember playing Risk? The boardtop game that allowed any loser, skinny or fat to experience world domination. A few weeks ago I got this sudden urge to play Risk. After a lot of reserach, a fouled up attempt at trying to play RISK II via multiplayer, I found The Conquerer Club!

The world is mine!

There are many gameboard's here, all of which are played with a risk style ruleset. Best of all, it's friggin' free! So if you enjoy Risk and want to experience a turn based game that can last weeks (Depending on how fast others in the game take their turn), feel free to drop me a comment with an e-mail address or PM me on the board and I'lll send you an invite as a referer. You can just find the site on your own and join up if you wish. However, they do give out prizes here and there for referrals so I wouldn't mind referring either :P


It's 6:00 AM, time to wake the kiddies and get them to school.


Bore you later,

Fat Gamer

Breakfest: to eat or to game.

Posted by FatGamer Tuesday June 19 2007 at 9:16AM
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Greetings fat losers,




You must be a fat loser if you are reading this ridiculously boring blog. That’s ok, I’m also fat – the only difference is – I Don’t Lose! I refuse to lose, I will argue, spit, fight, club, and shoot my way into a winning verdict no matter what the cost. This is also my biggest flaw according to my wife. God bless her, God bless any woman who stands by the insanity and havoc that is left in trails wherever I go *ha ha ha ha* (This, my fat gaming friends, is where you feel compelled to relate to your fat host).


Ok, must focus. Focus. Focus. Focus.

Well, it’s 6:52 AM. The kids are eating breakfast waiting to go to school. They are arguing about which Bratz doll has the most friends. Bratz are like Barbie, but on crack...for those that do not know. I want to say to them “stop arguing, the answer is simple, whichever one has the most blow is definitely the most popular”. Sure I can't say that, but goddamnit, we all know it's true! Bratz are nothing more than little pieces of expensive whore plastic, but the kids sure love them.

Around 7:30 I plan to start my Power Point presentation for my final assignment for this recent block of courses. My attempt to find some 3rd party software that puts together stuff easily and saves as a power point file has turned up empty. So damn it, I’m going to have to do it the right way.

If I can tackle this assignment and complete it by 10:30 then I can game the rest of the day. See, I was good last night and did the backed up bookkeeping accounts for my clients. Nothing like downing a 24 fl oz can of Monster Energy Drink and going mad on the 10 key.

I’m all over the place again.


If you are still reading this, maybe it’s because you can’t resist the aftermath of a train wreck. But honestly, I could care less.

If I get done by 10:30 I’m going to play LOTRO, if I get done by 11:30 but after 10:30 I am going to play Everquest 2 and if I’m done after 12:00 then it’s going to be a Vanguard day for me. Unless I get distracted and find myself in a game of Shadowrun on games for windows live. Which is like xbox live, but way cooler.

News this morning: Michael Moore is upset that his new movie Sicko leaked before it even opened in theaters. While I like Michael Moore and I really do enjoy his twist on things, I really can’t find myself to sympathetic. Charging people to see horror stories of people who have been screwed over by HMO’s seems a bit wrong, don’t ya think? The people drawn to the film will be those looking to see if their own personal horror stories are in common with anyone featured in the film. So not only do they get screwed over by the hugely corrupt health care system, they have to pay to relive the anger, frustration and pain. Well, Michael Moore is brilliant, I’ll say that. He’s also fat, I wonder if he games?

OH, btw Michael: great film I enjoyed it immensely. Don’t worry, I’ll buy the DVD.


Well, It's time for coffee and powerpoint.

Bore you Later,


Fat Gamer

Fat Gamer's First Post

Posted by FatGamer Tuesday June 19 2007 at 12:21AM
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Greetings my fellow fat gamers,

I am here to say that I am proud, I am fat and I love gaming. From classic consoles to MMORPG's to First Person Shooters.

I'm 32 years old ( I turn 33 in 2 days but I'm not admitting I'm 33 till it's official) and am currently going to school for an Associates in Business Degree. Yes, I know I didn't goto school when I should have. So fucking what. I'm doing it now, that is what matters. I'm married with 2 of the greatest kids to ever breath clean air. All parents think this about their kids, I refuse to be any different.

This blog will continue to share my gaming experiences, my multimedia rants including movie and music reviews... and much, much, more.

I currently play the following MMORPG's,


Everquest 2

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

Lord of The Ring Online

I am constantly alternating between these four titles. Did I mention my adult ADD?!

Well, it's 10:18 PM , snack time.

Bore you later,


Fat Gamer