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Message From the King

Glen "Famine" Swan from Funcom's Age of Conan answers questions, and discusses the game, life, and the industry. Let us know what you would like to hear about.

Author: FC-Famine

Updates on the Way for AoC

Posted by FC-Senek Monday October 5 2009 at 2:29PM
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Hello Everyone! Famine added me as a contributor to this blog a few weeks back and it has been a busy few weeks for me but I thought I would drop in to give everyone a few updates and talk about what is going on in Age of Conan.

Before I get into the good stuff I should probably let everyone know who I am and what it is that I do here! My name is Dominic Acquarulo and I am the US Community Coordinator here at Funcom and you will find me on the forums as Senek. Before working with the community team I was a CS Lead for AoC so I have a spent a lot of time actually in the game. One of the cool things I have been able to work with lately is the Advocate Program. The Advocates are a group of players that give Funcom feedback reports based on their experience and the discussions they have with the community in regards to their class. As of late I have recruited several new Advocates who are doing great things over on the boards, so if you are a new or returning players or just looking for a little more information on your class check them out!

As far as in game news update was all about the latest class focus with Conquerors in the spotlight. In addition to the class focus, we also addressed some small game issues that arose since the last update. Come check out the detailed update notes here.

We are now doing public testing of the next update which you can check out on our Test Live servers. With this update we will bring out The Iron Tower, which is conclusion of the Tarantia Commons story line. It is a single team instance that will put players up against 4 new bosses and 5 new mini bosses. There is also a chance players may face one of five rare bosses Betty Wolfsmilk, Jack Knives, Horace the Shadow, Nightcharm and Vulferam.

For our veteran players we are will be rolling out a veteran rewards program in the near future . Players will be rewarded for the length of time they have played and will earn points to purchase some very cool veteran items. Some of the rewards include veterans teleports, advanced riding, a swift mount, a full feat respec and the ability to reset feat costs.

Looking past the Iron Tower and into what update 1.6 will bring we have even more exciting things including House of Crom, Guild Renown, a new Tower PvP system and the much anticipated Tier 3 Raids.

Well, that’s it for this time but if there is something you want to hear about or something you would like to see in a future blog let me know!

AmazingAvery writes:

Thanks for the update Senek - A request to see if we can get either or both Ilaliya or Didek devs from the test server forums to come and speak publically about some changes in Crafting / PvP and some thoughts for the short term future maybe? thanks!

Mon Oct 05 2009 10:10PM Report
Elsabolts writes:

Good luck in your new position, I seem to remember the last Community guy got the pink slip. Track Record, Track Record, Track Record.

Tue Oct 06 2009 10:32AM Report
Evolution8 writes:

Tempting, very tempting to resub

Tue Oct 06 2009 12:15PM Report
pinkanalube writes:

 Not tempting enough... Give me some sin love and I will resub

Tue Oct 06 2009 2:19PM Report
xpiher writes:

sins have been op since launch. Fix DTs and I'll resub

Tue Oct 06 2009 8:27PM Report
Shamorau writes:

DT's got worked last patch Xpiher. might be worth a look if your interested.

Wed Oct 07 2009 12:34AM Report
Kalefen writes:

Three races after all this time - no cultural separation in a world that was meant to be based on epical warfare as well as 1 on one savagery.  Limited classes and broken lore i.e., like allowing priests of mitra to pvp each other - or necromancers to run with pets out through cimmeria...and you wonder why you have a tiny population of players - wake up guys. You could have had multiple realms with massive battlefield conflicts...Dark Age of Camelot  2 so to can you guys even afford to stay open? lol

Wed Oct 07 2009 9:04AM Report
pasarmalam writes:

1.Fix the assasin

2.Cross server minis/Pug only minis

3.PVP Arena

4.Better PVP 1-3 armor

Thu Oct 08 2009 3:53AM Report
bobdog578 writes:

hm fix the class blance and ill resub lol better yet fix the game

Thu Oct 08 2009 10:17AM Report
FC-Famine writes:

1 - Assassins getting the next class focus based on player feedback.

2 - We're looking into it but nothing schedule on the block

3 - New PvP tower based system on the away for the BK.

4 - The PvP developer is looking into it along with the levels but nothing can be confirmed for an update just yet.

Sat Oct 10 2009 5:05AM Report
wingover writes:

I have recently returned to AoC after taking a year long break from all MMO's and I am very pleased with the current status and forthcoming updates promised. I have also checked out some other newly released and visited some legacy MMO's to see if I could find an even better game, QQers and trolls aside, AoC must be one of the best games ever created. It is a sleeper hit that I hope others will wake up and play.


Sun Oct 11 2009 8:15PM Report
andrew24p writes:

lol assassin bad choice for lvling X-0 regardless it is fun and im around 62 :) so i have very long to get 18 lvls

Sat Oct 24 2009 11:33PM Report writes:
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