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Message From the King

Glen "Famine" Swan from Funcom's Age of Conan answers questions, and discusses the game, life, and the industry. Let us know what you would like to hear about.

Author: FC-Famine

Overwhelming response, Open Beta, and Cheetah 2

Posted by Athelan Tuesday January 15 2008 at 11:16AM
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First I want to thank all of you for the great feedback and excitement of those who have stopped by to read the new blog. Second, even if it is re-hashing what many of you already know I want to re-quote/link to the Open Beta message clarification posted by our Community Manager Pharamond.

Looks like there was a miscommunication/misunderstanding at the show.

We are planning to have an open beta for the game as we get closer to launch, however, it will be through specific partners and require an application/registration process, much like most of the other betas for most other games.

We will be limiting the number of keys we release to a manageable number at any given time, rather than subjecting people to queues and loading screens and so on. By "a manageable number," we mean tens of thousands, not just a handful.

We’re also ramping up some of our tech test betas, and, of course, we’ll be doing key giveaways, inviting forum veterans, and inviting more people to the current, closed stage of beta as we ramp up for launch.

So, yes, there will be a wider-scale open beta, but it will require an application/registration process and won’t be as simple as “press button, get key,” which is what we wanted to say.

Shannon 'Pharamond' Drake
Community Manager – Funcom[/quote]

(Looks like Keith already beat me to it and made an article about it)


I am trying to answer some of the repeat questions I see in comments. Now understand I simply won't have time to get to everything, or might not have the answer for something right now. There will be a system in place soon that will help in cataloging these answers but I will leave discussing that for another time.

Cheetah 2 is what we refer to as an internal development milestone for our optimization pipeline (lots of big words there) it is the next huge leap towards final optimization in our proprietary Dreamworld engine. It is already present in our "Test Live" environment which means QA is testing it so I will guess it will be present in the Beta within a matter of a week or two. Completely off the top of my head speculation of course. Just to give you an idea as to the improvement, a camera path (a flying route that the camera follows) flying over Connal's Valley used to run at a decent 20-35 fps most of the time for me with an occasional chunk on huge vista's or loading. In the new engine I was seeing no lower than 25 FPS ever and that was with over 800 NPC's in the playfield all loaded to be present at once. Normally the playfield only "awakens" NPC's who are close to the player to save on performance. Without forcefully loading these NPC's my framerate shot up to a high of 128 fps on a single 8800 GTX card, and this was on XP in Dx9


Random answers now on questions cherry picked out of comments.


There have been talks of ongoing storyline quests to follow the destiny quest. These are however enormously time intensive and will take time to implement and likely be seen after launch.


We still plan as far as I am aware to have PvE, Role-Play PvP, and PvP servers at launch but not list of server names or number of servers per region information is available.


A PvP server in Conan is at its base a server where open PvP is enabled in all areas except hubs. There are zone line and "just died" protection systems in place and you do not leave a tombstone in PvP.


As far as testing Sieging, testing continues and the max current numbers we have tested is in the 200-300 range with plans to test higher. The game actually handles lots of players very well, NPC's are way more expensive which is why we have limited NPC's being present in the siege PvP areas.


You hit all enemies in a cone in front of you in Age of Conan with every attack. Not just a single target.


I am not aware of what/who will be offering EU Pre-order bonus's


Conan is not a seamless world meaning we have zones or playfields. The world itself primarily consists of non instantiated outdoor areas, with smaller instantiated quest areas and dungeons leading off of it.


The game was always designed with scalable use of content, but this does not mean everything is dynamic based on the group size going in, we have dedicated time to making areas for solo play, small group play, full group play, and multiple group/raid play.


I haven't played much TF2 on the Funcom server since the game came out because I really suck at it and my poor little Engineer turrets keep getting killed.


and to close of this post a little self gratuitous shot of me and my wife from the wedding

My wife and I


Paragus1 writes:

Thank you very much for the clarification on the FFA PvP ruleset.   Given the game's rating, will cursing be a reportable offense?  I am assuming there will be a bad word filter and often times people get heated on PvP servers especially with open communication (which I absolutely love).

Tue Jan 15 2008 12:01PM Report
knives22 writes:

Your wife is pretty, congrats!

Tue Jan 15 2008 12:41PM Report
StrontyDog writes:

Nice info on the cheetah 2 engine, sounds really stable. Grats on your wedding, nice pic. :)

Tue Jan 15 2008 12:48PM Report
majadi writes:

FILEPLANET HERE COMES CONAN!!! Now I have to check fileplanet everyday hahaha

Tue Jan 15 2008 12:56PM Report
openedge1 writes:

I just want to thank you for something special you are doing here. I am impressed that you have chosen such a harsh environment for your blog. The MMORPG members can be quite hard on games and dev's compared to most any other forum. The fact your willing to share info, and answer questions shows the dedication to this game you guys have shown...

I for one will buy the game strictly on your shared insight and the fact you made this type of effort...I bet those efforts will show in game as well.

Thank you

Tue Jan 15 2008 1:17PM Report
bluealien1 writes:

This is an excellent blog, thanks alot for the time, Athelan.

Can't wait for March!

Tue Jan 15 2008 1:18PM Report
Storme writes:

Thanks for all the info, was a nice surprise to come home to tonight :)

Tue Jan 15 2008 1:32PM Report
devacore writes:

yea, looks good especially cheetah 2 engine news.

Tue Jan 15 2008 1:33PM Report
eric_w66 writes:

Any word on the 14 vs 12 classes rumor?

Tue Jan 15 2008 1:56PM Report
mach789 writes:

Lich info! We all want to know about it. Will it be in the game?

Tue Jan 15 2008 1:58PM Report
SkebbZ writes: Will PvP be balanced based on 1v1 or group combat? Tue Jan 15 2008 2:17PM Report
AmazingAvery writes:

Great Info there Athelan, nice wife too to boot!

Do you know if you personally, will be continuing to work on Age of Conan after release or will you be moving on to other developements with Funcom?

I hope that you stay on with Conan and continue to shape and evolve the game.

Tue Jan 15 2008 2:40PM Report
Carneros writes:

Hi Athelan, congratulations on your wedding. And thank you for this update.  Lots of my friends are excited about the PVP aspects of this game, player-built cities, holding keeps in the Border Kingdoms, siege warfare, etc. But some of us are looking forward to bringing our raiding guild over to AoC. Can you tell us anything about raiding content???

Tue Jan 15 2008 3:02PM Report
Athelan writes:

I cannot really tell you anything about raiding that is specific besides that we want to support raid game-play as well and that we have raids in the game now with our maximum raid size of 24 people which is 4 of our standard groups.


I don't expect cursing will be a big deal inside Age of Conan, unless it is racially sensitive or sexually harassing.

Tue Jan 15 2008 3:35PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

Excellent!   I'm glad to hear that you have a much more lax approach in regards to language.   It has always been a pet peeve of mine that every game has the bad word filter (enables by default) and rushes to chastize players for using bad language.   This is all excluding racial and sexually laced profanity.  I have even toyed about writing a "Paragus Rants" entry on my blog here about the subject.


There seems to be a lot of rumors surrounding the concept of Soul Corruption and being sent to hell, and what exactly Hell in Age of Conan would be like (if there is such a thing).   Could you elaborate on this at all?   As a guild leader, some of my members turn to me for answers on upcoming games we want to play, and some of my guildies are considering playing as classes that this may apply to.




Tue Jan 15 2008 4:00PM Report
zerkz writes:

Hello Athelan. Congratulations on your wedding as well. I was wondering if the Blood Money concept you guys revealed back in 2006. I was wondering if this is still to be implemented in Age of Conan?

Tue Jan 15 2008 5:32PM Report
rmk70 writes:

I'm really glad to hear about instancing. I'm a real hater of fighting over dungeon/raid spawns ala EQ1/Vanguard. Really can't wait for this game.

Grats on the Wedding! Now throw some Conan beta keys at us in your delirious excitement of your wedding! Just pretend it's rice!

Oh! How restricted is PvP Game play on PVE servers?


Tue Jan 15 2008 5:45PM Report
Siofn writes:

Congratulations Athelan,

A wife will make you a better man even if she has to drag you kicking and screaming to do it, but it's a good result.

A question I thought of as well, will ranged and spell casters (and maybe melee also) be able to be interrupted in their attacks? I ask because I found this somewhat largely biasing the fact whether you can fight enemies when you are ambushed or additional enemies start attacking you. Melee fighters (at least in LotRO) when they are not interrupted can fight multiple mobs under really any circumstance and be just as well off as if they chose to fight them in the first place.

Tue Jan 15 2008 5:52PM Report
jadan2000 writes:

Hey jason, thx for the info and congrats on teh wedding. i have two more questions if you can answer.

1. How do the beta testers feel about the character customization? do they feel it is could use work due to teh simplicity or do they find it intricate and something that needs to have thought put into? that might seem liek a bad thing, but i dont mean it that way.

Thanks again!

Tue Jan 15 2008 5:54PM Report
Balkin31 writes:

Thank you so much for your time and answers..The game looks to be coming along very well.

I have a question about mounts, at what level can we expect to begin using mounts for travel and combat?

Thanks again!



Tue Jan 15 2008 7:52PM Report
ryotian writes:

yeah great news man

Tue Jan 15 2008 8:54PM Report
Walken writes:

It is great of you to take time to answers questions for the people here and congratulations on you marriage. I just read a post on the AoC forums that said a guild can only have a player city or a battle keep, is this true?

 Here is a link:

Thank you.

Tue Jan 15 2008 9:04PM Report
comaeternaL writes:

Athelan, a belated congrats on the wedding! Checked out some of your honeymoon snaps and looks like a good time was had by the both of the parties involved :P

My question is in regard to the possibility of  "Oceanic" marked servers with the servers local timezone being set to GMT+10:00 as a remedy to the BK zone lockout period those AoC fans in the south of the world are so concerned about. Are you and other developers still aware of this problem? If so are there any plans of action?

Tue Jan 15 2008 9:35PM Report
synia writes:

Gratz on your wedding - your wife is just lovely. :)

My questions involve crafting, something for which the community has been scrounging tidbits for quite awhile now:

a) we now 'know' that crafting begins at lvl 20 - is this a generic kind of crafting or does one choose their 'primary' profession then?

b) how many professions can a player have? does this change based on level and/or prestige class?

c) how is gathering dealt with? are there separate gathering professions? do the 'production' professions automatically come with a complimentary gathering profession? is it free-for-all? is it also lvl/quest based?

d) what general role does crafting play in the game? i know the whole socket story, yes sockets are nice, but how important will raiding be when it comes to crafting? I love to raid so I'm not afraid of any answer! Will crafted gear compliment raiding/end-game gear? Will there be both pve AND pvp crafted gear?

e) will there be 'bind-on-equip' crafting items or even 'bind-on-pickup' items or materials?

f) how do you plan to give crafters opportunities to repeat sell if there is no item-deterioration in the game?

g) and for the final question, personal interest here, how important will consumables be? I'm a long-time alchemist and have been in worlds where potions are everything and where they are almost non-existent and if so, practically useless. Is Alchemy going to be a profession in AoC that is valuable to more than just yourself?

Sorry for the long list - I hope to hear answers soon! Best of luck in your new family and thank you so much for this terrific blog! :D

Tue Jan 15 2008 11:00PM Report
Athelan writes:

Oh and Avery, I have no idea as to my future really. Since I am in a very unique circumstance, it will depend on how Funcom and I feel about what I am able to do from here in the US.

Tue Jan 15 2008 11:57PM Report
gitawego writes:

I've heard that this game has a lot of invisibles obstacles,I mean we can't go across certains obstacles like in EQ2.  is that true ? I don't want AOC is a pathed game...

Wed Jan 16 2008 3:37AM Report
ngugu writes:

Hello Athelan.

I'm concerned about an answer you have given. You say that Melee players hit all the ennemies inside the cone when they swing their weapon, which is quite new gameplay for a MMORPG.

I assume that for Rangers, they won't hit more than one ennemy (except with combos) when attacking. 
My question is quite simple, won't this gameplay cause serious DPS issues for the Rangers compared to melees hitting serveral ennemies at a time ?

Wed Jan 16 2008 3:42AM Report
Uder writes:

They can´t let you go, Athelan, even though you live in the US now. But what are you working on at the moment? You don´t do much programming right?


Wed Jan 16 2008 3:45AM Report
Kadarik writes:

Good initiative,  great blog Athelan! Thank you to take the time  informing  us of the game status.

And congrats for your wedding!

Wed Jan 16 2008 12:57PM Report
Objulen writes:

The degree of communications between FunCom is quite admirable, especially given how Blizzard shut everyone out near the end of WoW's development.


One question I was wondering about was the fate of the lich. This class interested me the most, and of course there are many rumors circling that it has been removed from the game. If it has been, in what fasion, and which class should I pick to get undead transformations and/or most of its core abilities?

Wed Jan 16 2008 1:02PM Report
Athelan writes:

ngugu: damage is split when it hits multiple targets so its not an overall DPS increase but a change in damage allocation. This means it is to your tactical benefit to choose if you want to focus on one guy or hitting many.


Uder: Never have been a coder, I do a lot of technical design work, used to do data implementation etc. I don't write quests but I do work on things like a document for the PvP systems etc. Mostly now I do all sorts of things.


By the sheer nature of the fact we are not a seemless game eventually you will hit a boundary and it might be invisible so people can still see beyond it (IE out in the ocean you can see farther than you could swim) but this is a necessary evil. It is not intended to fence you where a small bump in the ground becomes an impassable obstacle.

Wed Jan 16 2008 1:08PM Report
howardb writes:

Congratulations with your beautiful wife.  Appreciate you taking the time to interact with AoC fans again.

Wed Jan 16 2008 2:44PM Report
ShotgunJoe writes:

Thanks for posting this Athelan. I also would like to hear if guilds have to choose between a PvE city or a Battlekeep. Everyone has assumed a guild could have 1 of each, but the latest word is that guilds have to choose between the two types. Can you give us some clarification since you designed the system?

Wed Jan 16 2008 5:12PM Report
Orlok writes: Thanks for the info, anychance of getting a answer to whether or not we'll have Oceanic Timed severs at release? Wed Jan 16 2008 7:09PM Report
shane910 writes:

"You hit all enemies in a cone in front of you in Age of Conan with every attack. Not just a single target."


 That is wonderfull! Thanks a bunch for that info and all the rest, all great! I had thought I had heard somewhere you had to target, so this relieves me! Looking forward to this game more now, after all this info, than ever.

Wed Jan 16 2008 8:05PM Report
Par`a`dox writes:

Hey Athelan, congrats on the wedding, and thanks for starting this up again!


I have two questions,

The first refers to the kind "reactive" Guardian skills that you mentioned (it was in your first ask athelan blog) I was just curious as to whether that was up the sword and board feat line or the polearm feat line.

The second refers to the headhunter system.  I've read that you guys dont want players to hunt players, but I've also read (in a more pdated interview) that you guys will have players hunting players (as far as punishment for greifing) Could we get an official response on what the latest is for the anti-grief system, and if there are plans to include a player hunt griefer system? 


Thanks a ton!

Thu Jan 17 2008 9:09AM Report
Athelan writes:

You don't have to choose a target, but one automatically pops up as a selection in melee. This is deemed as your primary target but you don't have to ever click on a guy or tab "select" if you don't want to. The only time  I do any melee targeting that is not by facing is if I want to focus on a particular mob or when I am checking their levels at range before engaging.


The reactive attacks were something given without having to spec a feat for it. Some of those abilities have been made into combo lines for the shield and sword.  The feat lines were there to allow a player to increase their chances of triggering such a move but I am not sure where exactly it ties into the new feat trees.


The bounter hunter system was never player enforced or controlled. So if that was changed or stated it was not by me.

Thu Jan 17 2008 12:08PM Report
Aximus writes:

Thanks Athelan, I am stoked for AoC!

I was wondering if you can give more clarification on the "non-seemless" nature of the game. Is there loading screens for each region/area we enter into? Or do you mean that the dungeons are "instanced?"

I am new to all this I apologize if you keep repeating youself. =D lol.

Thu Jan 17 2008 12:38PM Report
Bispberg writes:

Thanks for taking your time answering questions, I've had alot of good reading just on this page.

I have a question regarding some of the earlier bugs encountered in combat: Is it true that players sometimes still drop dead one way (drop dead animation), and then when they are dead (dead on ground anitmation) flip around so they face another way, or has this been fixed?



Thu Jan 17 2008 3:14PM Report
Uder writes:

Really like this blog, Athelan and thanks for answering so frequently!

* Is the npc bounty system still ingame?

* what is the current state of female characters? will they be in at launch?

* Is the release date 25th march for everyone? Regarding the new website?

Thu Jan 17 2008 5:42PM Report
Par`a`dox writes:

Yeah, the bounty system was actually stated by Erling Ellingsen as player hunting player in the following interview (second to last response) it's been confusing me, since youve been saying PvE elements and he mentioned PvP elements (relavively close to the same dates too)


Thu Jan 17 2008 6:00PM Report
Orlok writes: Anychance of getting a answer to whether or not we'll have Oceanic Timed severs at release, or later on? Thu Jan 17 2008 6:10PM Report
Zavinris writes:

Hey Athelan,

Congrats on the wedding.

Love to see how AoC is turning out but one thing you mentioned has me concerned and that is

A PvP server in Conan is at its base a server where open PvP is enabled in all areas except hubs. There are zone line and "just died" protection systems in place and you do not leave a tombstone in PvP.

Are there going to be systems in place that prevent people from abusing zone lines to avoid pvp conflict/deaths?

The reson I ask is because this was a major problem with EQ2's pvp system.


Thu Jan 17 2008 6:18PM Report
Siphaed writes:

Yo Athen,

I've got a concern/question for ya.  I've got this quoted piece here:


Athelan, 10:32, December 1st 2006, in The Border Kingdoms
The keep is not in an instance, I dont want to remove the keeps from the world making them feel "fake" or artificial.

The design of the border kingdoms should hopefully make different terrains and natural defenses to allow for ambushes and choke points.

And currently in the design based on server time I want the hours between midnight and 6am to be restricted. I don't see setting things to the middle of the night as being fair or encouraging good gameplay for anyone :P You have to fight for your keep if you want to hold it and I don't want that effort thwarted by making 3am on a tuesday when the keep can be attacked.


My main concern comes from the last part, where you said you're wanting to put lockouts in MY MAIN PLAYING TIME SCHEDUAL. Me, and I'm pretty sure a few thousand other players, would feel very shunned out of even playing this game if this is true that you'll be locking out the ability to play in the major PvP events during our normal play times.


Can you please comment on that and clearify it more?

Thu Jan 17 2008 7:32PM Report
Zavinris writes:

A good fix to that problem is to play on a european server...thats what i did when i played lineage 2 and worked a shift that didnt allow me to play during normal US primetime hours.

Thu Jan 17 2008 7:47PM Report
narakuu writes:

Congratulations to you and your wife and thanks for posting answers to all these questions ^^

Fri Jan 18 2008 4:23AM Report
udakan writes:

Nice thread, keep up good workin

Fri Jan 18 2008 7:57AM Report
rmk70 writes:

Hey Athelan,

Can you confirm/deny that Lich and SoS are being removed and their abilities merged with other classes? If so who is picking up what abilities? Thanks.

Fri Jan 18 2008 8:53AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

Jason, is this game keeping the "M" rating in the USA?   There have been a bunch of rumors going both ways on this.

Fri Jan 18 2008 9:23AM Report
afoaa writes:

Hi Athelan, do you know if the female toon will have their animations finished soon? I ask because I am worried that if they only get into the game shortly before launch wont there be a high risk of a lot of them being wrong, bugged (like a sword held the wrong way or armor hanging in the air around the female toon) ?

Fri Jan 18 2008 10:25AM Report
Zorvan writes:

Nice to see the world will be built pretty much like AO: big open playfields, with instanced dungeons. Sounds like the quest system will be the same, also. Just make sure there are plenty of "independent" quest to fill in the story and backgrounds of differing tribes and such.

Fri Jan 18 2008 1:51PM Report
jadan2000 writes:

hey Athelan i got a few questions that i hope you can answer.

How many legacy quests are there? do you do legacy quests all through your leveling? or is it one at 20 then at 40 then at 60 type thing?


Fri Jan 18 2008 2:13PM Report
jadan2000 writes:

is group grinding a viable way to level?

Fri Jan 18 2008 2:20PM Report
jadan2000 writes:

Is there a strategy to doing combos? do i have to maybe do some type of move that opens the defense in order to do a succesful combo? or am i just spamming combos until the opponent dies? if so then what was the reason to give us free swinging abilities? This isnt mant to be negetive, i am just trying to understand the point of having combo buttons and free swinging capability in the same game.

Fri Jan 18 2008 2:25PM Report
jadan2000 writes:

Has mounted combat been sen as a usefull tactic in PVE? and if so when? in what scenarios?

Fri Jan 18 2008 2:26PM Report
jadan2000 writes:

how life like are the cities in teh game compared to othe mmo's? will the cities look dead of life if there arent alot of players runing around them?

Fri Jan 18 2008 2:27PM Report
vknid writes:

as far as locked out pvp times for defending/attacking a keep.. the game devs cant please everyone unfortunately. but I think for <i>most</i> people, midnight to 6am isnt a good playtime. they are just making a judgment call. I play between those hours too from time to time, but I dont want to be forced into defending my base at those hours heh.

But as someone else said, you might just need to play on a EU server if they allow NA people access to EU servers (which I really hope they allow).

To Athelan, thanks for all the updates, its been interesting to read them all =)


Fri Jan 18 2008 4:45PM Report
Uder writes:


Athelan, when zoning out, are there specific gates that leads to the other zone or can i change zones from anywhere?


Sat Jan 19 2008 8:00AM Report
Uder writes:

from a beta tester:

"A perfect reference to the zone sizes is EverQuest II's Lavastorm. You will see some mountains blocking the way, but you certainly have the freedom and room to go where you want undisturbed. The only problem is the lack of entrances to many of the zones. People are concerned about the pvp camping etc. It's probably the biggest concern right now. I'm sure the devs will toss in a few extra exits to widen things up."

Sat Jan 19 2008 8:05AM Report
Chaosas writes:

 Oh, I can't wait to test AoC for myself.

On a completely offtopic note, any news about EU preorder bonus?

Sat Jan 19 2008 1:49PM Report
Jupsto writes:

simple question: will EU servers see rhino and mammoth mounts. if so how will the be obtained. if not how else will the EU version differ?

Sun Jan 20 2008 10:15AM Report
Claes writes:

My god you're pale :) 

Sun Jan 20 2008 7:43PM Report
Vence writes:

Hello again Athelan.

As you can imagine today was a bit of a shocky day for the community due to the new push back of AoC's release.

Do you feel like putting your comment about this?

Thanks in advance :>


Mon Jan 21 2008 8:32AM Report
CarolynKoh writes:

Woot!  Congrats all over again on your wedding.  Gorgeous shots.  What does she see in you again??  /jk

Mon Jan 21 2008 11:13AM Report
Yarawen writes:


Grats on your wedding, nice pic. I appreciate too when  you taking the time to interact with AoC fans.

Nice info on the cheetah 2 engine, the game looks to be coming along very well.

Mon Jan 21 2008 11:39AM Report
Medina writes: Nice that you could get your own solution on the work at Funcom :) I hope you'll get the chance to speak and show on more videos or shows for FC. In my opinion do you speak and explain well with a nice voice into it. Not ranking you, just saying, since you are in the US and should be closer to events there. Tell your wife she got a nice looking husband :) Even if he can be bit troublesome at times. Vilje/Medina Sat Jan 26 2008 11:35PM Report
Athelan writes:

Haha well thanks. I try to remind her often ;)

Mon Jan 28 2008 10:44AM Report
28days writes:

Conan and Warhammer will make a good 2008

Wed Jan 30 2008 4:15AM Report
Mehuge writes:

Congrats, nice lookin misses u got there.

I would like to raise an issue while I am here.  It seems Funcom have mislaid my beta invite!  I seem to have been waiting for an age ;)

Mon Feb 04 2008 10:29AM Report
aaronmanzero writes:

I really want to play beta whats the link to sign up?


Sat Feb 09 2008 12:31AM Report
svicente writes:



Now for some critics (and believe me, I understand what it costs to build a piece of software ;) , so try not to understand this as a destructive one)

"We still plan as far as I am aware to have PvE, Role-Play PvP, and PvP servers at launch but not list of server names or number of servers per region information is available."

Having several servers with "different" worlds (that is, a copy of the world but with different status) surely is an easy way of increasing the number of people that can play the game.

Personally that is a big turn off for me and probably a lot of people that has played Eve Online and enjoyed the sense of EVERYTHING being in one single persistent world, meaning there is no champion alliance on server XYZ#4 North America and another on ZYX#1 Europe.

I know that Eve Online is easier, given that people travel through gates (through which the player travels probably from server to server on the Eve's Online server cluster), something which could not be easy on AoC. Also probably there isn't enough terrain designed to accomodate every person that wants to play AoC...

Nevertheless, just thought I could drop this... who knows, maybe in the future you guys can find a good solution for having a single persistent world where people truly feel that they are in a virtual world and feel the unique importance and power of conquering a place they really have that place (and other alliances cannot just go to other easier server a conquer it there). ;)


Sun Mar 09 2008 5:46PM Report writes:
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