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Message From the King

Glen "Famine" Swan from Funcom's Age of Conan answers questions, and discusses the game, life, and the industry. Let us know what you would like to hear about.

Author: FC-Famine

Welcome to the first Age of Conan Developer Blog at

Posted by Athelan Monday January 14 2008 at 4:41PM
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Welcome to the first Age of Conan developer’s blog here on For the time being I will be the only contributor but as time goes on we hope some of the other dev team members get time to participate. Who am I you ask? Well that’s the very first questions I would like to answer. My name is Jason Stone, I am also known as “Athelan” both on these forums, in interviews and on the official forums. For the past three and a half years I have worked as a designer on Age of Conan. Some of my areas of responsibility have been with combat and PvP and being heavily involved in the design and iteration of those areas. Now I am only one designer out of many designers with different specialties and responsibilities and it takes all of us to produce a great game.
Funcom has always placed a high importance on being involved with our community. This is apparent in the ways we try to interact with them and keep communication open as much as possible. When the game was smaller and less popular this was relatively easy to do via the forums. Both Jayde (Evan Michaels one of our systems designers) and myself have spent a lot of time posting and trying to answer questions. Now I am not saying Jayde and I plan to stop posting, but one of the reasons Funcom was so behind this blog with our partners here at was because we understood how it can be used as a communication platform with more clarity than the forums will currently allow.
Now just to tangent a little bit to give those who don’t know me a little background. I started work in the industry as an Everquest Game Master in 2000, after having worked as a Network Engineer and Admin for the Banking Industry. I spent five years at Sony Online and worked my way up as a Lead GM, Community Manager, and then into Quality Assurance where I got a chance to do a little design work with the guys on Star Wars Galaxies and then on Everquest 2. I am an avid “hardcore with a real life” MMO gamer. More or less that’s a recent transition for me as I am adjusting to being married which makes the real life use up more time than I was accustomed too. I also play loads of other games on many platforms and simply love co-operative gameplay. I have since 1997 played most MMO’s that came out in the western market to high level and actively engaged in PvP. I have played a few Asian MMO’s but not to the same extent. Jayde (as mentioned above) and myself ran a high end raiding guild in World of Warcraft while also working on Age of Conan during the time I spent in Norway.
Fortunately for me, and hopefully for the embetterment of the game itself as well, when I told Funcom over a year ago I would have to return to the US in June we were able to work out an agreement to keep me working on the project. The reason I had to return was my pending nuptials and I was married on October 6th of 2007. Being in the US now and on a different time zone definitely takes it toll on me being able to do some of the things it used to, but it also opened the doors to me being available in the US for questions and giving me time to work even harder on community issues as well as design.
The goals for this dev-blog will be to highlight the goings on in the Age of Conan community, respond to community questions and feedback, give you sneak peeks into my own Beta experiences, and share tidbits from my life as a lucky sap who ended up with every nerdy gamers dream job (and a cute wife to boot!) – Jason “Athelan” Stone

Mallic writes:

Welcome abord, and I look forward to all of your posts, AoC FTW!!



ps. where is me beta key =D

Mon Jan 14 2008 5:03PM Report
Athelan writes:

I think I left it in my other pants in Vegas at CES. I will have to go back to find it :)

Mon Jan 14 2008 5:06PM Report
Hrothmund writes:

I just hope there won't be too many other devs posting, as i want as little time to pass by as possible before AoC is released.

Mon Jan 14 2008 5:14PM Report
Dormassaa writes:

Thanks for all the effort you have put in. Cant wait for the game and cant wait for more info from you.



Mon Jan 14 2008 5:27PM Report
streea writes:

Are you certain you want to subjugate yourself to us? We love our sacrifices fresh and a little fatty... means the meat is yummier.

Are we allowed to pester you with questions aside from "where's my beta key"? How about... what's your top three favorite console games?

Mon Jan 14 2008 5:27PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

Welcome to the Blog section!   It is always good to see you guys take an active part in the community.   The fact that you are taking time to drop us a line on this site speaks volumes.   I am also a Featured Bloggist here, and am a fan of Anarchy online.   I hope you guys maintain the amazing level of customer service I experienced in that game in AoC. 

Maybe if you get some time you should browse over some of the writings of community members here.   Hopefully you will find some insight into the pulse of the MMO community and have a few laughs in the process :)

Mon Jan 14 2008 5:31PM Report
Iijs writes:

Looking forward to some interesting tidbits. Grats on the nuptials. :)

Mon Jan 14 2008 5:42PM Report
Athelan writes:

I am generally not opposed to questions about other topics as I feel part of being real is letting you guys know who I really am as an individual. I play so many games I am always afraid to say which are the top ones since I inevitably forget one I loved. At least one spot has to go to Gran Turismo 2. I loved Forza 2 and such but GT2 set the par for the course and sucked me into the consoles hardcore. Another spot has to go to Soul Calibur on Dreamcast.


My recent purchases have included Guitar Hero 3, Rock Band, Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Skate, and Forza 2

Mon Jan 14 2008 5:58PM Report
TrustdeAnevl writes:

Nice.  I probably won't be asking anything here, but I'll be reading daily.  Thanks so much.

Mon Jan 14 2008 6:04PM Report
Vence writes:

Welcome back Athelan, been a long time :)
Hope we learn some more juicy infos for Age of Conan. So for starters, two questions for you:

1) What is your favourite PC rpg?
2) What is your favourite console jrpg, assuming you play those.

Not AoC related, but those coming soon too ;p

Mon Jan 14 2008 6:04PM Report
jadan2000 writes:

Hi Athelan, thank you fo taking the time to come talk to us. I want to ask:

1.Do you guys have any plans to make storyline series quests similar to the destiny quests for end content?


Mon Jan 14 2008 6:07PM Report
bluealien1 writes:

<3 YAY!

Mon Jan 14 2008 6:08PM Report
gnomis writes:

Welcome back, I've a question...

When is this 'open' beta taking place that I keep hearing about?

Mon Jan 14 2008 6:13PM Report
Xantonos writes: Could you tell us a bit more specific what your tasks as designer of combat and PvP consists of. Do you work on balancing combat / PvP, or is it more shaping the core designs. Mon Jan 14 2008 6:20PM Report
jadan2000 writes:

Ahh you know what, i have another question! lol. what have testers in beta liked least about the character customization? Do they find it dynamic or fairly simple? Dull or exciting to work on.

Whats the highest amount of people that you have tested seigeing with, and how bad were the complaints by most players?


Mon Jan 14 2008 6:21PM Report
Athelan writes:

I wont be able to answer everything via comments but.

PC RPG is tough because Ultima is what lead me to Ultima Online and drew me into MMO's so it gets a special place in my memories. At the same time, I really enjoyed Betrayal at Krondor back in the day, and all the Baldur's Gate/Neverwinter games have eaten large chunks of time for me.

For JRPG's I have to go with Vagrant Story followed by Chronocross, mainly because I liked the way Vagrant Story did combat.


Mon Jan 14 2008 6:21PM Report
Skeldar writes:

Greetings Athelan!


Thanks for doing this, always great to have some more communication.

Humbled we be.. Do you have any intel on the status of EU preorder bonuses? If not, please.. Break out your large poking device and poke people till you get some answers!

*Raises from bow*

Mon Jan 14 2008 6:28PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

I would love to hear any details you are able to give about your FFA PvP ruleset servers.

Mon Jan 14 2008 6:36PM Report
Nevrus writes:

Hello Athelan, if you can take some time out of your busy day, I think my question falls somewhere within your area of expertise.

I understand Rangers will have ranged combos as well as both first and third person shooting modes. How difficult will it be to perform combos from afar in first-person mode, and what about third-person?

Mon Jan 14 2008 7:11PM Report
postalpilot writes:

do you know  any thing more about the rogue classes. for example if they can duel weapons

Mon Jan 14 2008 7:19PM Report
Sypro writes:

This is great stuff ! A devoloper who talks about more then the game hes working on, my god, EVOLUTION!. Funcom or any other company in the world should have a payed PR guy doing nothing else but post on and read forums. You clearly are that person.

You will see you will get nuked by qestions, people would pay you personally by paypal for information.

Mon Jan 14 2008 7:21PM Report
shane910 writes:

 Hello Athelan, Welcome back.  I have been trying to follow AoC as best I can, the most interesting part ,to me, is the combat.  I have not had alot of free time(to scour for info) and had one big question about it.   So here goes.

  In AoC combat, do you hit all enemies in a set radius arround your character when you swing your weapon, or do you have to target individual enemies before you can hit them?

Many thanks, and again welcome back.

Mon Jan 14 2008 7:39PM Report
Vence writes:

Τhat is great, Vagrant Story was one of my favourites from the old good Square. Let's talk about AoC now, there are some explanations I'd love to provide if possible.

1) Can you talk a bit about Zoning/Instances that is used in Age of Conan? I haven't clearly understand how the whole mechanic would work apart from the fact that the world will not be "seemless" so to say.

2) I keep hearing that AoC would be solo friendly, which of course is great to some extend. I was wondering if the same applies for group gameplay, in matter of fact, are there any other dungeons, instanced or not, besides Black Ring Citadel and Sanctum of the Burning Souls, not only for end-game raids but for lower level standar group gameplay too? It isn't yet clear if you will have seperate  dungeon content for seperate level ranges or you will have the same dungeon content but it will be scalable to party's size and levels.

3)Last but not least, this is possibly a far cry but I would love if you can clear up a bit the Classes issue for the sole reason that speculation will drive us nuts at the end hehe. I am talking about Lich, Scion of Set and Druid of the Storm and the speculation madness that follows whenever those names raise up.

Thank you in advance :)


Mon Jan 14 2008 7:42PM Report
Sinuous writes:

It's great to have ya here bro, but I think your time in Norway scrambled your brain.  As far as I know "embetterment" is not a word in the English language, although betterment and embitterment are.  NOOB!

Mon Jan 14 2008 8:28PM Report
howardb writes:

What's the biggest technology challenge you have to overcome before launch in your opinion? Are you on schedule to overcome that challenge?

Mon Jan 14 2008 8:34PM Report
TiiKii writes:

HaHa! Were you one of the GM's that showed up at my Christmas Party outside of Halas in EQ eons ago? Party was so great it almost crashed the server. LOL! Good times, back then. :)


Welcome and hope to hear many more good things from yas!

Mon Jan 14 2008 8:54PM Report
Hardas writes:

cool cant wait till march 25th

Mon Jan 14 2008 9:15PM Report
Athelan writes:

I hereby declare embetterment my very own word in my own personal language then. And as a minority Athelandians demand recognition on the world front.

The single largest technological challenge will always be optimization. And I feel we are on track. As more information comes out about CES and the new engine, along with that engine hitting beta I think people will see massive frame-rate increases.


Mon Jan 14 2008 9:24PM Report
kristianpd writes:

Do you play TF2 on the Funcom server at all?

I kicked around there for a while but not many FC guys ever chatted!

How far along is the  Cheetah 2 engine? Any unofficial guesses as to when it may be hitting the beta?


Also, a semi-unrelated question I can't seem to find an answer to.  Will pre-ordering the Collectors Edition grant players their choice between Mammoth and Rhino?  It seems to have its perks, but no rhinos!

Mon Jan 14 2008 10:15PM Report
Athelan writes:

I am guessing (really) that the retailers with the pre-order mounts would be the ones needing to associate those with collectors editions of the game as well.

Mon Jan 14 2008 10:44PM Report
throckmorton writes:

Glad to have you here Athelan!

Mon Jan 14 2008 10:55PM Report
Corthagath writes:

welcome to mate :)

Mon Jan 14 2008 11:41PM Report
123443211234 writes:

Thanks for coming here Athelan I have been following aoc for a couple years now and can't wait till release (I just upgraded my pre-order to the CE btw)  If I could ask  you a question it would be when will you guys really know what types of servers will be available on launch i.e. ffa, pve, rp etc.. and what types of features they include.  (for instance will ffa servers have the mandatory server lock down everynight? for no more sieging, or some type of item looting etc..)  Thank you for your time and the amazing game!

Tue Jan 15 2008 12:13AM Report
Shohadaku writes:

PLEASE for raids make it so people DON'T insta respawn. When something as big as player cities are on th line make it so when they die they die. Make death send them home. It's real cheesy they just pop right back at a tent so they can just run right back in.

 If you devs really want the feel as stated of your friends dying around you. Insta respawn is for kiddie games and FPS like Call of Duty.

Nothings more cheesy then the ability to just go suicidal because you know you'll insta respawn. Points don't justify this for me.

Please consider this because it's game breaking for me. Insta respawn=cheese. If this is truely a game for adults make death matter more. Make it more realistic at least sending them away from the battle. Once someones dead they should be out of the raid.

Tue Jan 15 2008 1:07AM Report
Oaktree writes:
Hello Athelan.. Am just registered me hear.., but I can’t let this opportunity slip throw my fingers!
1. Tanking and formations
How does the formation combat work? Is it only for mounted combats? I heard something about position based tanking can you explain how that work's in the game..
I have read some of the bear shaman skills/combos. Example: "Description: A reproaching strike that does direct damage to your foe and decreasing its hatred towards you"
Is hatred similar to wow's threat?.. And how does it work in age of Conan?
2. Crowd control
have age of Conan crowd control and how does it work in pve, and pvp, my reference is sadly wow.., because it’s that mmorpg I played most recently and my experience is that in a pvp situation when you are more or less powerless because you are polymorph, sapped, stunned, silenced, and so forth., and I feel that’s killing the pvp experience,., if you are the victim of it ;).
And I want to know if I am crowd controlled, can I do something at all to brake me lose or maybe do my moves but am crippled for a short time.. I hope you guys have a other approach then blizzard in this subject, because sitting and look at the screen when my friends get slaughtered is not fun, to be complete disabled from the battle.,. -it feels like I can take a coffee brake while waiting on the crowd control to countdown..
It is most soul killing for a caster,. Sitting and look on your buddies dies one after another is like torture., No caster won’t to die with full mana., no heals or damage delivered that’s the nightmare for us..
3. ffa pvp servers.
I like world pvp, but hate corps camping, and repeatedly be ganked from the same player or group of players, and I was listen to the radio interview (you done with Über guilds) and you said something like this: if a player gank you many times and if you and your friends hunt him down later on do you and your friends any reward for it? Or was it only an idea from your side? Tell me more about that., in my ears sounds that great!
And can you explain some about the bounty hunter system., is it only for high levels ganking low level players? And after that the NPC’s start to hunt the ganker?
Do you get blood money from killing players outside battle grounds or some other loot perhaps? Like the player drops random loot as a mob in same level range? Are you getting any pvp experience outside the pvp zones?
I have personally idea., it would fun with a head hunting system., player made quests,, you go to a wanted posters bored, “like a whining bored for people got ganked” and if a ganker got like 10 prices on his head or “votes” the quest goes public for anyone to grab, and the  victim players make comments on the sign to easyer track the ganker down.,
4. the mercenary system
A last thing.., It popup a new question in my head,, can you be in a guild and get a mercenary assignment on the same time? For an example I have a small guild around 10 people.. and wont to be part of the siege pvp,, let say we want to be a elite mercenary guild and get famous on the server as a bloodthirsty and fearless mercenaries., but we wont to have a base in our own guild, but on the same time get different assignments as mercenary's in other guilds,, dose the system support that?
PS. Thx for the opportunity to ask some questions direct to the devs., because,. On the forums it’s many roomers and don’t know what to believe anymore! :)
Sorry my bad spelling done as good I can ;) I have dyslexia and don’t have English as my mother tongue, it was not my intent to do this post this big! I hope you have patience to read it. See you around..
Tue Jan 15 2008 1:37AM Report
AmazingAvery writes:

Hi Jason, I think its great you have come to set a blog up of sorts here.

Its most welcomed, and I am sure appreciated by the community.


Tue Jan 15 2008 2:44AM Report
Yellowbeardd writes:

I'm going insane day by day waiting till my pre order copy of AoC comes in can't wait. 1 1/2  months!

Tue Jan 15 2008 3:41AM Report
Yellowbeardd writes:

I just hope it's balanced not like some MMO's were u get pwned by a preist when your a fighter just don't make sense to me.

Tue Jan 15 2008 3:49AM Report
Yarawen writes:

Hello, Thanks for doing this, always great to have some more communication.

Tue Jan 15 2008 4:41AM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

Yess yesss goood goood, my plans are progressing as planned /evilhandrubbing. >:]



Tue Jan 15 2008 5:00AM Report
Uder writes:

Thx alot, Jason, for this blog.

Will European customers get the preorder bonus too and how representative is the beta of AoC compared with the game released in March?

My biggest convern at the moment is that the game doesn´t seem to let you walk where you want in a zone, in every video there is path you have to follow and the freedome in a zone seems very limited.



Tue Jan 15 2008 7:42AM Report
Reelexx writes:

nice work ;).. cant wait too see a family photo of you and your cute wife =).


Regards Aerodith

Tue Jan 15 2008 8:24AM Report
Haradeas writes:

People that signed for the beta a year ago will prob. have now an other computer config. ( like me :p ) how will this effect the process to recruit beta testers ?

Tue Jan 15 2008 9:02AM Report
drjackalz writes:

Haradeas if you followed the forum you could read that developers said that if you changed your computer config u have to send again you application. BTW now i don't know if there's enough time, wait for the open :)

Tue Jan 15 2008 9:14AM Report
Haradeas writes:

Thx Drjack, following the forum for like a year now bah, how could I missed it >< :)

Tue Jan 15 2008 9:15AM Report
BadSpock writes:

dude not cool! 

now there is no way i'll ever be the most popular blog on this site again :)

oh well, guess i'll try and stay at #2


Tue Jan 15 2008 9:52AM Report
soulwynd writes:

Welcome to the blog hell, and please don't let people screw this game. I have some hope in it.

Tue Jan 15 2008 10:07AM Report
sinisha writes:

Greets Athelan...

a quick question. I was/am one of the December contest winners, but I still haven't got the beta key award. When can I expect it?



Tue Jan 15 2008 10:35AM Report
Pigozz writes:

Good job athelan, I hope I'll see some info about spellweaveing- still don't get it if it work like melee combos or what..

Tue Jan 15 2008 10:45AM Report
Manjus writes:

Greetings Athelan and all from malta, crom's mound in the mediterranean

Is it possible to disclose which sites will be catering for us EU members so that we can pre order our copy of Collector's edition as well? 

I can speak for my guild to be in AOC that many of uswould like to charge on mammoths and war rhinos.

Gamespy article only mentioned Bestbuy and Gamestop but these are probably for US customers. 


Tue Jan 15 2008 10:57AM Report
SnipDK writes:

Great to have you back.

Question: Will we be Abel to  re spec  ...Attributes:  Skills:  Feats:     ? 

or will we be stuck whit what we pick at low level ?


Tue Jan 15 2008 10:58AM Report
Asylum32 writes:

Hello Athelan!

I am Kyle Gregory a former World of Warcraft two-time PvP Gladiator that really loved World of Warcraft PvP until the last 6 months or so. 

When WoW was in its early years, any class versus any class', if extremely skilled at PvP, could easily take on 2 to 3 players at one time, with moderately relative gear. Since TBC Expansion Pack, Blizzard seems to have purposely made it less and less skill dependant, more specifically, Resilience. In the transition to the Expansion Pack Equipment players gained +350% HP + Resilience, and only +50% Mana and roughly +60% damage. This made PvP not about about fast reactions and skill anymore, but about who had the most HPs and Mana to outlast the other person. If you look on the rankings in Arena now, the majority of top teams are Mana Drain teams.

To get to the point, my question to you, a PvPer of Age of Conan, is actually quite simple:

Will Age of Conan PvP be long fights that will test survivability and outlast-ability, or will Age of Conan be faster-paced, skill based PvP where someone with far more PvP skill will be able to shine brightly and overcome the odds to defeat multiple players mildly reguardless of gear?

Sorry for the long post but I really believe your thoughts on PvP is important to a lot of people like myself that are saddened by MMO PvP these days.



Tue Jan 15 2008 10:59AM Report
Cylox5 writes:


For me the most important question is "Will there be any PvP looting after I killed someone?" I hope that AoC will not be like WoW PvP. If there won't be any thrill in a PvP then it wont be a Conan Game for me. And to earn some bloodmoney is not enough for me its just like the honor system in wow. Dont make a carebear game of aoc.


Tue Jan 15 2008 11:06AM Report
Thornwolf writes:

Great work, especially in the area of respecting the lore of the Conan universe. Seriously, it is appreciated by the fans.

Tue Jan 15 2008 11:30AM Report
Jupsto writes:

Hey welcome back athelan.

I feel for you being asked so many questions, many being answered before on the forums.

Hopefully you'll post some new info for us aoc forum dwellers here. you haven't posted anything interesting there for yonks. I too am curious about the PvP rulesets.



Tue Jan 15 2008 11:46AM Report
Ryten writes:

Hello Athelan,

Thank you for taking the time to cut through some of this fog of war and speculation about the game. It is much more satisfying to have developer answers then interpreted guesses.

Having said this, I do indeed have a question. After reviewing the world map for the Hyborian Age, I notice that it is quite large. I was wondering if the players will have full access to the entire world at launch? Also, if we players do have that kind of access how will expansion backs be handled? Will you create new lands? Build on old one? Or will you just focus on improving content?

Thank you in advance for any information that you may give us.

Tue Jan 15 2008 12:53PM Report
StrontyDog writes:

Lots of replies on here in the comments, you may have taken on more than you realised. :)

Thanks for another addition to AoC information, you can never have too many!


Tue Jan 15 2008 1:43PM Report
CalDruid writes:

Please answer this question:

Why, two months from launch, are female avatars not yet implemented in Beta?  This concerns me greatly.  By Crom's balls, I will not exist in a world where only hairy male avatars abound.


Tue Jan 15 2008 2:12PM Report
mackdawg19 writes:

I just have one question. What does AoC have to say about the post going around about its stage of development. Its apparent from reading it before it was pulled from this website, that alot of things are still in early development. If anything that the guy stated was even half true, how does this effect the launch of AoC. Will the new miracle engine actually change that much? Ok, maybe that was more than one question, heh. But as a serious buyer for your game, i was utterly shocked to see what almost resembles a post about the state of Vanguard pre launch. Please tell us this isnt so.

Tue Jan 15 2008 4:57PM Report
Athelan writes:

Females are there just only GM's can access them. What we found was even tho they only miss a few animations people respond really badly when an animation is not present so we just left them disabled.


If you are referring to the older probably more than a month ago beta leak post that was copied from the Beta forums, much has changed since then, We are on track for launch and a lot of things have been in the pipe for some time. The engine improvements stand as proof of this.

Tue Jan 15 2008 5:29PM Report
A.Blackloch writes:

Glad we got someone here to share some insight on AoC progress. Keep us updated Athelan and say thanks to the whole Funcom crew. :)

Tue Jan 15 2008 6:10PM Report
CalDruid writes:

Wow !  Athlean, thanks for answering my question on female avatars.  Do you believe the animations will be completed so that female avatars will be in the game at launch?

RP Servers:  Athlean can you tell us if Funcom is planning on having dedicated RP servers, and is some basic RP policies will be enforced on the servers (such as names, talking on public channels, etc)?  I know many people on the official forums are asking the same question.

Appreciate your input on this.



Tue Jan 15 2008 7:10PM Report
Nadev writes:

Damn Athelan it's a shame Vedan is still sexier then you!

Tue Jan 15 2008 7:23PM Report
Vaillious writes:

Just wondering how opening content is going to be at the opening of the game. I have been playing games like this for 10 years and I have seen many fail dew to lack of high end content. It wont take long for hard core gamers to lvl up to max lvl and on that note whats your projection on an Exspantion?

Tue Jan 15 2008 8:19PM Report
ryotian writes:

Right on welcome aboard and looking forward to reading your blogs

Tue Jan 15 2008 9:53PM Report
bstone writes:

Hey first off, would like to say great work, this is gonna be the best game ever! i've been hpying it up and getting people interested, spreading the word

I've noticed that the game promises good endgame content, with fast levelling *as per the wiki*. I was just wondering what kind of end game content is expected? and if any of it includes stat raising?


I have played on a few MUD'S that used a form of meta/training at the max level, where you spend hoardes of exp/gold for minor stat raises *which incidentally had a curve so the more you put into them, the higher cost*. I found this to be a very nice system as there was virtually no high end, you could keep investing time improving your character, even if just slightly bit by bit.


Is conan going to have anything like this?

Wed Jan 16 2008 12:35AM Report
Athelan writes:

Funcom plans on having PvE, RPPvP, and PvP servers at launch at least, possibly also RP PvE but that combination has been much less popular. This will be the same as the other servers but have an additional RP policy.


I will probably do a Beta update of my own playing and I will make a female character possibly just to show something different.


We had an ongoing advancement system after level 80 but we have pushed it off as a post launch feature.

Wed Jan 16 2008 12:52AM Report
pasarmalam writes:

When will it be launching for Asian market?

Wed Jan 16 2008 1:50AM Report
firefoxa writes:

Thank you Athelan for taking the time here.

My hopes for AoC are up and that it will be finnished enough for us in March! I am very impressed of what I have seen so far!

Not sure if you can comment or if it's a right thing to do, with Beta's strict NDA, but it's worth a shot.

I have read a forum post today (not on the off. forum, though the link was there for a short while) written by a person today that seem's to be a beta tester. I won't mention name or place, since I guess you know the post I'm ref. to.

Post's like that, real or not real is a bit destructive and you could say that it should be commented by the developer.

Do you agree and can you comment it?

Thank you in advance.


Wed Jan 16 2008 7:23AM Report
Lonewolf writes:

Excellent to have your blog to keep these hungry piranhas biting for more info

Wed Jan 16 2008 9:33AM Report
Kyleran writes:

Welcome to MMORPG and thanks for taking the time to post this blog and respond to people's questions.  I'm really looking forward to playing AOC (its been a long drought) and enjoying a new fantasy game world.


Wed Jan 16 2008 12:23PM Report
garretth writes:

Hi  Athelan,

Hubby and I plan to play AoC.  We've tried every mmo out there and are currently playing EQ2.  Do you see that AoC is planning to add content on a regular basis?  Will AoC look to their player base for ideas and opinions?  Also, does your wife share your love of games?  Best of luck to AoC and thanks for the info - present and future.  :)

Wed Jan 16 2008 12:54PM Report
Thornwolf writes:

Yeah the Ultima series was amazing, and it lead me to Ultima Online as well. Which to this days stands out as some of my most fond memories online. I remember where I was when I got PK'd the first time, what my tower looked like when I logged off for the last time, where the scene of my greatest victory was, and my favorite non combat location (The hedge maze).

I look forward to many such memories from Conan.

Wed Jan 16 2008 1:04PM Report
Athelan writes:

We have an ongoing content plan, and expansion plans for the game.


My wife is not an MMO gamer but she is tolerant of me playing, she does love to play DS puzzle games and stuff like Guitar Hero and Mario Kart.

Wed Jan 16 2008 2:03PM Report
Veratus writes:

Wow.. Ultima leading to Ultima online. That was definately what brought my passion for MMO's to the table.  My first pk. *Ran up to some guy fighting a headless, "Do you need some help," ---"No"----"I think you need some help!" (Corp por*Corp por*Corp por)... *sigh*. Other features such as building your home and decorating it. The different types of homes available. My favorite, other than my castle was my smithing home. Incredible game. It still holds the bar high for all other MMO's in my opinion.  I hope I can get the same excitement and satisfaction out of play Age of Conan. I'm VERY excited for it. Thank you Athelan for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us.

Wed Jan 16 2008 4:29PM Report
Ryld writes:

Two peanuts walking in the woods, one assaulted.

Let the pun begin.



Wed Jan 16 2008 4:47PM Report
khameleon writes:

There was a new "beta leak" this week where the person stated that many, many key(even some basic) features have not been implemented in the beta servers yet. Also, the person stated that things like flying monsters really didn't fly, ranged combat only required that you target an enemy and fire even if you are not facing them it will hit them.  Is any of that true?

Also, A magazine in Belgim called gameplay released a 5 page article in the January issue and it said that SOS and Lich are removed from the game and that Master Thief and Stormcaller are the names for Druid of the Storm and Assassin. What do you say about this stuff? Is it true or false?

Wed Jan 16 2008 5:09PM Report
Vaillious writes:

Thanks for the info Athelan.

Wed Jan 16 2008 7:49PM Report
kahnz writes:


Congratulations on your marriage!   I, too, was married on October 6, 2007.  Your lucky, because you have an excuse to play MMOs all the time.  It's research for you!

Wed Jan 16 2008 10:49PM Report
MasterDana writes: I believe a good minority of the players would enjoy an answer to the following: -Are Scion of Set and the Lich truly cut? or is this merely a rumor? Thu Jan 17 2008 12:36AM Report
firefoxa writes:

Rumors about the state of the game has come out, yes and rumors like that are not good.

I'm not sure Athelan can comment them or even others in FunCom. I think we'll just have to wait and see nad hopefully we will soon get information about the state officially from FunCom that will ease our minds.

Rumors are bad for the game though.


Thu Jan 17 2008 2:44AM Report
Athelan writes:

I don't know anything about the Gameplay magazine article but I have never heard of those changes with the names etc.

The ranged combat thing if it IS happening sounds like an obvious bug and not something intentional that will be left alone. It's rather ironic to me how sometimes people assume a bug means intentional negligence rather than "oh this is so obvious that its not working as intended it will get fixed" there is a large difference between something that could be perceived as "bad design" vs "clearly not working"

Who really cares if monsters really fly? They didn't in EQ, EQ2, or even WoW. (some exceptions later on through creative use of tools and scripting but as a norm)


Key feature wise, there are many facets to the game that the public naysayers who leak from beta are obviously ignorant of. I feel the beta leaks are likely the same person who keeps using false identities of others to make their posts, but thats just my feeling. Sometimes features and code can be complete or mostly complete while something as simple as a keybinding or gui can keep a player from using it. Now for us who know that it's not a big deal we know it will get done. From a naysaying beta leaker its the sky is falling because x,y,z and p,d,q aren't the way they should be.


Thu Jan 17 2008 1:01PM Report
ShotgunJoe writes:

Greetings Jason! Grats on your wedding and thanks for creating this blog.

Its been stated that guilds have to choose between a PvE city or a Battlekeep and cannot own both, any truth to this?



Thu Jan 17 2008 4:01PM Report
Thornwolf writes:

Out of curiosity...

Are there cool points of interest as mentioned in my above post to be discovered in AoC? Areas not really there for a reason other than discovery and the enjoyment of the player?

And congratulations on the nuptials.


Thu Jan 17 2008 4:18PM Report
xero8p writes:

I searched through the official forums about this and didn't see anything pop up. Will this engine take advantage of SLI or physics processing?

Thu Jan 17 2008 5:27PM Report
bruse writes:

Mr.Stone is back guys, don't let your girl friends leave the house!


WB Athe ;p


Fri Jan 18 2008 4:25AM Report
Drummos writes:

Cheating and Character Preservation

  1. What will the developers do to control cheating (like window draggring, etc.)?
  2. Will I be given a bunch of skills only to have them taken away and given to another class later in the game's life? i.e. I hope the developers preserve the game play and fun for all the classes, including rogues, which tend to get hit the hardest in games because they get complained about the most. 

I'm really looking forward to the release of Conan and my husband and I have pre-ordered today.  The main reason I'm even considering it is because it has the rogue classes in it.  Of course, the blood and guts helps too.  :)


Fri Jan 18 2008 3:19PM Report
Drummos writes:

I've been reading the posts on the beta leaks and possible bugs in the game.  Not sure how anyone else feels but as for me I think it's obvious that the reason there is a beta in the first place is to help identify bugs and fix them.  The only really relevant point is that if the bugs are bad enough launch might be pushed back. 

Anyway, really excited for Conan.  Good job on the game concept.

Fri Jan 18 2008 7:27PM Report
Anzie writes:

Thanks for the blog all the video, pic have really caught my attention!

Looking forward to AoC, don't disappoint me or
"cough" War online"cough"

Sat Jan 19 2008 1:02AM Report
Siphaed writes:

Rogue types are always "nerfed" and reconsidered as a whole, is because they're the cheapest thing around. Only players that have no guts and no honor about them, just like back stabbing people and killing them when they're not face to face.  It's just sad, really.

Sat Jan 19 2008 3:52AM Report
Drummos writes:

LOL.  Well lets not confuse the player with the character class. 

Besides... you just called JAMES BOND a coward.  He's a spy.  He's an assasin.  And, he's hired to kill.  He gets all the women, is rich, drives the best cars, gets to play with all the toys .  What more could a man want?  Who would you rather have backing you up Mike Tyson or 007? 

Finally, Conan himself was a thief and would have killed ya if you weren't looking and he ended up king.  In other words, if you watched the Conan movies you would have seen where he snuck up in the end and tried to backstab Thulsa Doom.  Sooo, what was that about gutless..honorless.. well you have back stabbing right.  :)

Sat Jan 19 2008 11:03AM Report
Sabbicat writes:

Thank you for all the information via the Blog. I have a couple questions maybe you could larify for me.

1. Are battlekeeps anly on PVP servers or will PVE servers have some place for limited PVP?

2. With the removal of Prestige classes for launch how will the planning and development of Guild cities be implemented?


Mon Jan 21 2008 10:02AM Report
weg886 writes:


Iam a gamer and iam playing Call Of Duty 4 at the moment.

But love my mmo's alot.  I have played almost all of them but cant get into them any more there missing alot of stuff that makes everyone different at first to the end.

I would love to see a skill bace game that has skill for everything you do from running alot to throwing stuff. Skills that only go up when used.

And skills that go away if not used. And no limit on skills if used.

This will make everyone good at something diff.

If there is thousands of skills out there and skill only rises when using them then every bace lvl one would be diff.

Food i think you need to eat and drink in game ,but not from a npc but from one of the skills we all got to learn.

Combat skill PLUS target system is a must to have fun.

No npc selling or buying let us make everything and make money off it.

Let us wear what we want not based on a lvl if we work hard for are money then let us buy armor that will protect us  over hi skilled players for awile.

Armor should all wear out and break to keep everyone working and makeing money.

No mob money drops no mob weapon drops let us pick a skilled trade to make them and sell them

Fighting everyone and anyone let us do what we want in the game with FULL loot .

Let everything in the game like houses , shops, be made by us.

And let them beable to be destroyed by enemy only.

Let food made do great things to us , have millions of diff kinds of foods and potions .

Let weather effect us if its cold and we are not dressed for it.

Have only 2 servers  because this is a mmo.

Having 30 servers is not a mmo its a 32 ppl fps game.

The only thing in the game that cant be destroyed is a bank because we need to have a place to put are stuff safe.

With thousand of skills and skilled trades  and degrades for not useing skills then everyone will have good chance in battal  .

Deskilled for dieing is a must to, this will stop the everyday ganker.

Pluss loseing all his wears and weapon will slow him down to because hes got to work to make money to buy them because even if hes a weapon maker he may not have good skill in it to make the weapon he wants get what iam say. SKILLS i think is what iam talking about.


We can only do one skill at a time so that will make everyone diff to.Training places for skills would be nice to .

Say i want to build my running skill up just go to the corse.

Str. skill go lift some rocks  or something like that to build str.

Get what i am trying to say?


End thing iam say is  try to make a skilled bace game where we make and do everything and not the npcs.

NPC's are for a single player game! We do not need them  online!

Mon Jan 21 2008 4:50PM Report
Hardas writes:

well now that AOC has been delayed for 5th time will we get our hands on AOC may 20th or  just hope it doesnt get postponed again? And what kind of work has to be done in aditional 8 weeks that hasnt been done in last years that game has been in development?

Tue Jan 22 2008 1:52AM Report
adolf102 writes:


Is there any word in Conan you would be able to sheath/unsheath your weapon? ie. walk with weapon in hand?

Very few MMOs implemented this feature (just WoW and Tabula Rasa).

While it's very nice feature from RP and visual perspective.

In the end you're not sneaking trough monsters filled dungeon with your weapon on your back, or by your side. You hold it in hand.


Tue Jan 22 2008 5:49AM Report
Athelan writes:

You can manually toggle in and out of combat. Which will draw your weapon. I believe that if you manually toggle into combat mode you will not auto toggle out unless you have exited combat upon slaying all enemies in the area.

Tue Jan 22 2008 11:44AM Report
Reigar writes:

Hey Athelan thanks for the q&a here, but seriously when am I going to get into beta...

hehe, had to give it a shot ehh.

seriously, I ain't extatic about the push back but, thanks for not rushing the game.

Tue Jan 22 2008 8:38PM Report
Reigar writes:

I do have a question for ya, is there a way to update the beta registration on the main AoC page when you upgrade your comp?

And one more, there is some talk on the main AoC forums that the 64bit will not be available in the CE, is this true?

thanks in advanced.

Tue Jan 22 2008 10:28PM Report
Nevrus writes:

I just digested the city construction video. I like what I see, with one exception of information that wasn't presented.

Will player cities be all crafting and utility buildings, or will you have the option to create social buildings such as shops, inns, taverns, housing, or a temple to whatever god you care to worship?

Thank you very much if you actually answer my question- being in charge of construction for my rather large role-play guild based completely AROUND our city, it's good to know if they will be more than just plots of lands on which to build forges and alchemist towers.

Wed Jan 23 2008 7:24PM Report
Athelan writes:

There are a lot of different buildings, the central one actually works as an auction house also. We want them to be social hubs but will not have individual housing at launch.

Thu Jan 24 2008 12:20PM Report
Athelan writes:

I am not sure what 64 bit has to do with the CE since all versions of the game will have the same client. So that seems rather odd to me.

Thu Jan 24 2008 12:21PM Report
Arthmis1 writes:

James I am grateful that you take the time to come here and update us on the Dev of AoC and your experiences...  Gratz on your new marriage also!

Thu Jan 24 2008 12:46PM Report
khameleon writes:

CHEETAH 2 is live on the beta server starting today. Does this mean more BETA KEYS are coming soon?

Thu Jan 24 2008 6:20PM Report
natinsatin1 writes:

so just to get this clear the reason you guy pushed back is because you have a finished game but it needs polishing and bug fixes?

Fri Jan 25 2008 8:22AM Report
Pado writes:

natinsatin1 I keep close this game and im 99% sure that the answer is yes but let the dev answer you this one.

Fri Jan 25 2008 8:38AM Report
Kaelaien writes:

When will we know what kind of system we will need especially for the large scale battles.  I think a good amount of us will be getting new computers to play AoC.


Fri Jan 25 2008 11:31AM Report
Athelan writes:

The most recent push back to May is primarily due to a desire for polish

Fri Jan 25 2008 11:56AM Report
Vortigon writes:

My one concern at the moment is the simplistic crafting system I have read about and seen videos on.

Can you confirm if the crafting system will recieve an overhaul or some additions to make it more in depth and appeal to the crafters among the potential customer base? or will it remain similar to they way it is represented in the reviews I have seen. i.e. simplistic.

Thanks for your efforts in this blog.

Fri Jan 25 2008 3:40PM Report
bellaire255 writes:



Fri Jan 25 2008 5:06PM Report
Drummos writes:

LOL.  Okay just to clear the air here.  I finished watching the video put out today.  I'm a female player and I LOVE the idea of conan.  I know lots of women that would.  :)  Call it the Generation Xer in me but I'd take conan over the Sims anyday. 

Keep up the good work and don't worry about the girls.  I can't wait to start playing.

Fri Jan 25 2008 11:07PM Report
twolfer writes:

Will players still have the choice to group up with ftiends during lvls 1-20 or will those levels be strictly single player, with minimal interation with others?

Sat Jan 26 2008 10:55AM Report
Kotoll writes:

Its either this or Warhammer. Question is which one releases first. Or which one I get into beta first.

Sat Jan 26 2008 1:08PM Report
Drummos writes:

The only thing with Warhammer is that Mythic is creating it and I'm already upset with them for ruining DAoC.   It also looks like they have completely eliminated rogue classes in their game.

Maybe that works for some gamers, but not for me.  If I wanted to play a game that limits the possibilities of character class I'd purchase Call of Duty of Pirates of the Carribean. 

And, being a true dice throwing role play fanatic - I expect more complexity from MMORPGs.  I want to be challenged, surprised, and enthralled.  I want as close to the same experience in an online Role Play Game as I might get in a traditional dice-throw game.   

Got any female beta testers yet? 

Sat Jan 26 2008 4:02PM Report
Xebioz writes:

How much of Hyboria (countries) will be in the game at launch, and how much is going to be available later?

Sun Jan 27 2008 8:24PM Report
LadyReno writes:

wow! heh did I even want to bother?   But of course I have to say my 2cents.Great work Athelan, for keeping everyone on informed on the status of the game. And just like everyone else can't wait to play it.  Athelan were's my beta invite???  Help stuck in EQ2!!!

Mon Jan 28 2008 2:16AM Report
Athelan writes:

You have the choice to group up during 1-20 as well as go solo. And yes we have female beta testers.

Mon Jan 28 2008 11:42AM Report
Vortigon writes:

If you get time I would love to know more about the crafting and if its going to be made more interesting or will it remain simplistic? Plans for future etc


Thanks alot

Mon Jan 28 2008 12:56PM Report
Gargola writes:

 Thanks for your participation and answers, Athelan.

 Many people would like to know the state of the initial idea of having NPC attacks on the guild cities (PvE), as this is a very interesting element and sounds like an evolution from the Alien Raids to the AO player cities. 

  Is this feature still ingame, or a similar form of it? Thanks again.

Mon Jan 28 2008 3:00PM Report
Drummos writes:

Darn, so much for trying to use that as my ticket in.  ;)  Thanks for the answers. 

Mon Jan 28 2008 7:20PM Report
nate23_2 writes:

recent thread on AoC Forums concerning using combos in pvp situations ,  just wondering if u could answer this

Now what we know about combos is that:

1) you have to stand in place to start combo
2) you have to activate combo
3) you have to press certain button/s to proceed combo
4) you have to wait to finish combo because you cannot stop it in the middle
5) combos are slow - they start and end slow because swings are slow
6) there is no info about combos"on the move"

Now imagine situation.

1) You play Guardian and you see some Necromancer running so you run to him stand, than activate combo but before you click the button to activate combo that necromancer is long time gone beause he kept running and you had to stop in place to start combo.

- what does it mean ? It means melee will have hard time catching up to people and smashing them with anything else than normal hit on the run.

2) Imagine losing aggro on mob and he runs towards some caster, caster starts running from mob or else he will get 2 shotted so you try to catch up on that mob but you cant and as above before you start combo mob is long time gone

Tue Jan 29 2008 5:40AM Report
JRRTrollkin writes:

Going to give any beta keys to this fine site?

Tue Jan 29 2008 7:30PM Report
trinityNITRO writes:

Just wanted to throw out a few comments: 1. I've been really impressed with the amount of information that has been released for AOC.  (Thanks Athelan/Amazing Avery)  2. Does anyone have any numbers as far as how many people would be invited to join the beta process in the months of February, March, April, and May??  I would guess that you will see beta invites double or triple with each month as we arrive closer to launch date!  Is this an accurate assessment?

Wed Jan 30 2008 3:45PM Report
trinityNITRO writes:

Shoot, forgot to mention.  What is the most valuable thing to have in a beta tester??  I only ask because I would think that I won't be as good as a beta tester.  I've only played one MMO called FFXI and only played for 6 months on xbox 360.  I'm guessing that experience in MMO's would be the most valuable talent in an MMO tester?

Wed Jan 30 2008 3:47PM Report
garretth writes:

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am finding many of the new 'features' of upcoming mmorpg's are filtering into established games like EQ2.  If I was a dev...I don't think I would be sharing very much info until just before launch.  Can you imagine how it feels to see some of your great ideas pop up in a competitor's game?  I would be steaming mad. 

I like the Cimmarian armor...the fur looks natural.  I hope we get full lengh furs to wear in snow country. 

Wed Jan 30 2008 7:52PM Report
gertillex writes:

Athelan, quick question, what else were you running with that 8800 GTX?????

Also can you give a guess what a 8800GT, AMD 4200+ 2.2 Ghz X2, 3 GB DDR2 ram, OS- XP pro, would do as far as FPS on the game?????


Fri Feb 01 2008 12:50PM Report
waystar writes:

Hi Jason,

I'm sort of an ex-pat like you were, I spend 2/3rds of the time working in Ukraine.  Am I going to be able to play this thing while I'm there?  I got decent DSL that should be plenty fast enough, I'm just worried that they might block IP addresses that are outside the target markets.  I'm going to be bent if that happens, might have to quit my job or something! :))


Fri Feb 01 2008 3:53PM Report
pyracy writes:

Athelan, awesome to see you on here! It proves you guys love your fans! I would like to say how beautifull a creation you're making, it's amazing seeing new vids of it all!

One thing I would like to ask about is permadeath. Theres been some discussion on the AOC forums about it, like a duel between people who really just dont like each other, not in normal PVP, something where a time and place and everyone could watch, like a gladiator battle. Just wondering!



Sat Feb 02 2008 4:07AM Report
Khalathwyr writes:

Athelan, I'm not sure where you and Funcom are getting that RP PvE servers are "less popular". Maybe from the Official AoC forums where people who want RP PvE servers are tired of arguing with people about "Can you have RP on PvE servers" and thus stop posting there. RP on PvE servers has existed for a long time. Having them won't stop those who belive in RP PvP servers from going to said servers. The only thing it will do is create more choice, and make more potential customers happy.

I truly hope that you and Funcom make the decision to add this extra level of choice to your game, and advise the gaming public of such in the upcoming FAQ update. Thanks.

Sun Feb 03 2008 8:35PM Report
Vortigon writes:

This blog still live? not seen any new answers in over a week :)

Mon Feb 04 2008 8:14AM Report
Drummos writes:

Athelan, Am I going to have to purchase another account just for a buff bot so I can compete if not grouped?  Will I be able to solo in PVP without buffs? 

Dark Age of Camelot, IMHO, ruined their game with buffs.  If you don't have a buff bot on Camelot  the poor sap that can only afford one account has to beg and plead with everyone for buffs or he just can't compete.

Thanks again

Tue Feb 05 2008 1:12AM Report
endzo writes:

you people ask some really stupid question so you put the guy off answering them

i feel sorry athelan people should only ask about AoC not about your Pc or other games that are online hope we dont have too many little kids playing this game and ruining it for rest of us.

many thanks for the blog i read through most of it but the only thing that was buging me is that i cant find any info about classes in game like the warlock i seen in Pvp videos. There are alot of Rogue class fans out here :P


P.S Wii owns PS3 and 360

Tue Feb 05 2008 6:11AM Report
kitsunegirl writes:

Theres just something inherently "wrong" with them taking this much consideration into getting boobies to show in the game complete with nipples... lol Not that Im complaining mind you, its just very funny... you can tell a bunch of guys are on the dev team. xD

Good job! ^.^b

Fri Feb 08 2008 12:59PM Report
D_Punch writes:


 Love this blog, if you don't mind and can find the time will you please read my idea posted on the Conan forums about a Guild Diplomacy/Faction system. I put a lot of time and effort into this and would really appreciate some feedback on my idea as it pertains to current and possible systems in AOC.


Wed Feb 13 2008 8:25PM Report
V1nce18 writes:

Good Job!!!

Mon Feb 25 2008 2:25PM Report
superdudem writes:

Why do you lose experience which you've gained from doing pvp? Just wondering why you picked that for the system. I thought blood coins were the only thing you’d lose in pvp. I can understand why losing experience is there for dying instead of your gear/items getting taken. You should just make pvp leveling take awhile to gain the experience up instead of losing experience when you die. Have the blood coins what you lose to buy whatever :P Either way I’d defiantly give the game a shot. The  graphics are amazing and the combat is unique compared to other mmo's. Guess I’ll have to wait and try out the system. I’ve just never been a fan of losing experience that I gained. I see you don’t lose PvE experience which is a good move keeping them apart. Also I saw that the raiding items won’t be as good as crafted for pvp, which also was good to hear. (Doesn't have the time for raids) :P Seems like a pretty nicely developed mmo.

Wed Feb 27 2008 10:58PM Report
opensorc writes:

What is the EXP & Leveling system going to look like.  AO pt distribution or a different system?

Fri Mar 07 2008 7:24AM Report
undead17 writes:

Im not your normal mmo player im 40 ive been playing mmo's from eq and played many , im also a huge conan fan from my childhood. In alot of the novels its a solo quest conan and maybe a freind go do this or that. And i hear conan the game is based alot on the books so im guessing ( and hoping) that you can easly solo as much as grp?

WIch is the big problems  im finding with wow , i can solo but never get gear or socail rep as easly.

and as for nipples or not ...dose it really matter? lol i want to see nipples i go to my naked wife wrapped in bear skins and take her:P


Tue Apr 08 2008 12:03AM Report
Lloyd12 writes:

This game is very gorgeous, combat is very Unique and Very? Fun, the quest storyline is one of the BEST!~ Alot of Mature Nice Players. I would really recommend this game.



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Tue Feb 15 2011 8:56PM Report
Lloyd12 writes:

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Tue Feb 15 2011 8:57PM Report writes:
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