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The Explorium Adventures

Here we talk about The Explorium's adventures! We will talk about MMOs, browser games (rarely) and singleplayer RPGs.

Author: Explorium

The RPG in MMORPG...what happened?

Posted by Explorium Thursday December 2 2010 at 8:32PM
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What happened to the RPG in MMORPG? Now some companies take that out and call it a MMOG or some other variation.

What happened to developing your character and telling stories of things you accomplish? Sure you still make orcs, elves, some other fantasy race or boring humans...but now its all about the phat l33ts and grinding the same raids over and over.

What happened to the days where I find a beautiful location (take Ultima Online for example)...saying, wow I would love to live here...and building a house at that location.

What happened to the days where MY character tells the story, and not a bunch of NPCs telling it for me? In SWG (Star Wars Galaxies), I remember finding a very rare boss mob that very few knew about. It didn't drop epic items, but I (my character) soon became known because of this, along with a few of my friends I brought to help tame the beast. Yes, that epic, rare beast, I was able to tame with help from my friends. best memory of a MMORPG yet.

What happened to those days where you can tell epic stories of things you accomplished yourself? Sure you can say "I beat the lich king"...along with 10,000,000 other people (maybe not exact number, but you get the point) character in SWG told his own story, and with help of friends, became well known. That was only the first start of my characters journey. I found many rare things in SWG, many times with friends right there to experience it.

Now, its the NPCs telling the stories for you. And your character doesn't really develop, except for getting better items and better stats.

What do you think of this? Did MMORPGs lose the RPG part of their game?