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The Explorium Adventures

Here we talk about The Explorium's adventures! We will talk about MMOs, browser games (rarely) and singleplayer RPGs.

Author: Explorium

Are Singleplayer RPGs better than (new) MMORPGs?

Posted by Explorium Friday April 8 2011 at 6:58PM
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Why I've gone back to playing singleplayer RPGs.

New MMOs tend to have small worlds...grind quests over and over and are instanced. In UO, Asheron's Call, SWG...I didn't need to do 1,000,000 raids to grind for items...I could CRAFT my own items. I could EXPLORE and FIND my own items. What is it with raids? Or even sandbox/open world games are all PvP focused.

Nothing beats Fallout 3 (or New Vegas if you prefer that) or Oblivion (or Morrowind/older elderscrolls if you prefer that). My Oblivion world literally beats Rift in world size. By a long shot...Rift has a tiny world. It may even rival one WoW continent. Why is my Oblivion world so big? Well because of all the mods! I haven't taken the time it takes to compare world sizes, I just play to have fun...but my Oblivion world is huge.


If old SWG was still around (well actually it is, but I can't post about it) I would be playing that...or if there was an updated Asheron's Call or an updated Ultima Online...I would be still playing MMOs full time. As it is, I just casually (very casually) play LOTRO because it is the best modern MMO out...that is PvE...


Sadly, all new sandbox/open world games (well Fallen Earth, I'll go into a bit of detail on that) are PvP focused as I mentioned in the opening paragraph...great for some, but I'm a PvEr...not a raider either, I prefer making rare items by CRAFTING...or exploring and finding rare stuff.


As for isn't post apocalyptic at is lame. EVERY item can be bought from the merchant. I tried selling a crafted item and someone said (exact words) "wtf? You are selling that for 50 extra chips, you can buy that cheaper on the merchant...NOOB!"...I quit and have never been back. Along with having to grind for AP, though I guess they fixed that? That wasn't really my only problem. Just what knocked down the barrier of me quitting. Sorry, but to me, Fallout 3 actually does a GOOD post apocalyptic world...well, if you mod it that FO3 gameplay mod makes everything really rare (medicine/stimpaks/food/ammo/weapons, etc) among other challenges, and I have to eat/sleep/drink to survive and stuff. Some may not like that, but that is what I want to do when I play a post apocalyptic game. I want it know...actually feel like I'm trying to survive in a post apoc world.  


Then there is Oblivion...better than most MMOs and RPGs in general (well, especially modded, only RPG "FOR ME" that rivals it is Fallout 3) Oblivion is so much fun. I can add races (I only add ones that actually fit with the Elder Scrolls lore)...add tons of new land...add lots of quests. I can turn Oblivion into a game that fits ME...add dungeons...items...etc, list goes on...because of mods.

If I could mod MMOs, I probably would like them more. But I can't do that. I can't add player made races, or player made quests or I can't turn a MMO into something that fits ME (note that "me" not "you or we"...I doubt a MMO will come out that is specifically for ME...because there is a lot of MMOers that want a MMO that fits THEM...and their MMO/game is different than my game.

kjempff writes:

When a mmorpg is just a singleplayer game in a online world, then the true singleplayer games should have an advantage of not beeing bound by certain rules.. theoretically.

And yet, there is so much more to a game that can be played with others, that it might make up for the lack of quality that singleplayer rpgs can master.

Fri Apr 08 2011 7:32PM Report
Lateris writes:

In some aspects they are and in some aspects they are not. I would love to see RPG"s that woudl allow co op like we used to see a few years ago where we could host our own server for a RPG. I would love to play Mass Effect or Dragon Age with friends on my own server like I can with the old freelancer game. I do get teh single player RPG elements in AoC with cut scences and all. 

I miss the original SWG as well.  

Fri Apr 08 2011 7:55PM Report
scottieboy44 writes:

Personally, i prefer online as opposed to single player... but thats just me. I like the ability to be able to interact with alot of other players and love the occasional bout of PvP. BUT in saying that, the continuous grind of quests gets very boring and has now put me off alot of MMO's. I only occasionally pop onto WoW or Rift (the only two that really captured me) as now they bore me and i really only go on to talk to the old guild mates.

SWTOR, GW2 and The Secret World are the next MMO's that im really in as they are the only ones that really seem that promising (to fit my needs). But i also really look forward to The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim to come out... I loved Morrowind, but didnt like oblivion. So hopefully this new one will work for me :D.

Sun Apr 10 2011 1:31AM Report
Arentas writes:

Fallen Earth is not a sandbox

Sun Apr 10 2011 4:16PM Report
Konfess writes:

Instead of procaliming that Fallen Earth is not a sandbox, what you should have done is say why you think it's not.  Because those peopl who have played sandboxes like SWG, do feel that Fallen Earth is a sandbox.

1.  Classless.

2. Skill based progression

3. All gear and consumables are craftable

3. Open world

I woudl even argue that you don't have to do any of the quest to level, what else are you looking for to call it a sandbox.

Tue Apr 12 2011 12:36AM Report
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Wed Apr 13 2011 9:05AM Report
Jumdor writes:

@Explorium - Agreed. Yes in many ways they are superior because they can be customized. Although what your post tells me is that your looking for a multiplayer simulation. Something that mimics real hardship to give you realistic challenges.

Most MMORPGs cannot cover this because they are trying to bring in the broadest spectrum of players they can. So for the large number of casual players realism just doesn't appeal to them. Some players want to escape for a few minutes into Never Never land. While people like yourself and I would prefer to actually live there. Least that is what I think your mindset is like.

That type of dedication to a fantasy world is not catered to very often in the mass market of gaming unless it is single player. I have issues with games that try to hand me loads of text that is supposed to be indepth story to try and cover up their lack of gameplay. Reading an adventure is fine, but having your own tops anything that anyone could write about.

Your the type of person who wants to work your way up a mountain over dangerous broken stone and be aware of slips and falls. Not take the five gold pony ride guided by Joey the mute stable boy...   =)

Wed Apr 13 2011 6:10PM Report
montin writes:

Ah, you have written just how I feel. Its time MMOs moved away from this asinine idea that all players want to do is rush to max level and grind raids. Give me a decent size world and a game that takes a few months to max a toon. A game where I can actually make items which are useful. And for the love of God give rid of this ridged boring class structure with level 50 being max. I want skills. I want to build a character with uber run skill and other pointless abilities, and not be pushed into a ridged frame of tank, heal or dps. I want play to have FUN. Is that really to much to ask for?

Thu Apr 14 2011 3:22AM Report
DogPeeOnTree writes:

Hell yes.Iv personally enjoyed way more in single player RPGs than the mmos story /lore

Thu Apr 14 2011 7:08AM Report writes:
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