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Lack of Cyberpunk themed mmos

Posted by Exort Wednesday August 12 2009 at 5:01AM
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So, i go through the list of games on every other day to check for new entries. I noticed not too long ago that there is only about 3 Cyberpunk styled mmos. All of which are either dead or might as well be.

My question to all of you is: Would you like to see a next-gen Cyberpunk mmorpg? and if so, what would you want it to include gameplay-wise?

I know i want to see a new one made. Looking back at MXO and Neocron, i see alot of potential for the Cyberpunk theme.



Ideas from commenters:

-Drug crafting, selling, and drugs acting as buffs. A risk of taking drugs, like negative effects or "bad trips", with contraband searches inside the city (kinda like SWG contraband system)

-Gateway drugs, forcing players into harder doses. Overdoses, sending players over the edge.

-Truely sandbox. With a cybernetics system allowing players very similar customization to CoH and the soon to be released CO, but with added effects.

-Data smuggling, hacking and emersing yourself into a database network to steal data to sell on the black market. Easy to use but extensive implant system, offering even deeper customization.

-A virtual hacking universe, much like Hacknet from Neocron. A refuge for hackers, but still filled with dangers of viruses, security systems, firewalls, and other hackers!

krakken writes:

sure i would love a new cyber punk mmorpg.

some sort of a drug system:

drug-crafting,selling and of course using them as buffs. some sort of "risk" if you take drugs, like bad trips, law punishment (contraband searches in swg for example) etc.


- computers and machines
- hacking the human mind (like in the books from w. gibson)

a lot of Biotech Stuff like Biochips,  etc ..

Wed Aug 12 2009 6:34AM Report
Bureyku writes:

Shadowrun would be amazing done right.  It would take a company with the funds of Blizzard to do it right though..

It would take massive maps and high tech cities, hundreds of skills, great combat system with those hundreds of unique skills being used. 

It would require some form of matrix, but what could be cool is if the developers made the game timeline coincide with the launch of the Matrix type system in their virtual world so it was empty and let the players fill it.  This would become like a housing/personal shop system... 

Anyways yeah I would love to see it, but greedy corporations rule the world and they don't want to innovative or be creative.

Wed Aug 12 2009 6:50AM Report
BigDaddyTee writes:

Absolutely agree with Bureyku.  I'd love it.  I also agree with Krakken.  Even taking R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk 2020 pen and paper RPG would be great.  In fact I'd love that completely!

Wed Aug 12 2009 4:11PM Report
Hodo writes:

Cyberpunk:2020 is all I have to say.

If there was a Cyberpunk 2020 MMORPG done right, no magic, no elves, no stupid fantasy junk, just pure sci-fi PUNK.   A game where guns kill, drugs kill, and people kill... so you better look good while doing it.

Thu Aug 13 2009 12:29AM Report
WinterMuteAu writes:

Oh hell yeah, I would buy a cyberpunk 2020/william gibson-esqe  game with not a trace of magic/elves or anything remotely fantasy.


Matrix Online was the closest I found so far, but now its dead. :(

Thu Aug 13 2009 5:33AM Report
BigDaddyTee writes:

Neocron 1&2 were both decent enough.  I enjoyed the time I spent with them.  I just had a hard time ponyin' up the money when there were so few players playin' them by the time I found them. 

Anarchy online was also not bad as far as Sci-Fi goes, but it lacked the soul of something like Cyberpunk 2020.  I can't believe that some design house out there hasn't plunked something down on us by now.  I mean... come on... If I see one more fantasy MMO...


Hodo is right... A game where substance is important.  Not just guns and stuff, but things like drugs done well.  How many stimpacks can you take before they stop working and you're forced into something harder?  How many times before you get a spiked stim that sends you over the edge?   Oh well, I've been waiting for years, I'm sure I'll be waiting for years to come.

Thu Aug 13 2009 7:35AM Report
eddt writes:

I've been holding my breath for a long long time for a Cyberpunk MMO - and yes, I'm talking about one that sticks true to the genre, R.Talsorian, not Shadowrun! A game where your tech and hacking skills make a difference, where hacking is just as critical as gunplay, if not MORE so!

The tough part here is it would have to be a true sandbox game. If I want to borg out and spend all my credits on cybernetic limbs, and I want to have 4 arms instead of two, the game needs to let me do that.

One day...

Thu Aug 13 2009 7:53AM Report
tooned writes:

sounds like a plan to me. And I think I need to do some reading. Did anyone here ever play Gamma World? That would rock as an mmo.

Thu Aug 13 2009 9:27AM Report
helioth writes:

I've been looking for something like this too.

Thu Aug 13 2009 4:05PM Report
JackArbiter writes:

 WTB Cyberpunk MMO.

Needs to be powered by Atlas technology that's powering mortal online. Say NO to autotarget.


Thu Aug 13 2009 4:50PM Report
Exort writes:

I think a good idea for an MMORPG is Deus Ex, now thats a great game and it could transfer into an mmorpg really well. Hacking, Drugs, and Gunplay were all evenly balanced in that game.


P.S.-Cant wait for Deus Ex 3 next year :D

Thu Aug 13 2009 7:27PM Report
Axum writes:

Will there be drug parties?

And that impatient player who always ODs and kills his character? :P

Fri Aug 14 2009 6:05AM Report
Gnomig writes:

Make Shadowrun an AAA-MMO... Magic, hacking, Orcs and PEWPEW!

Fri Aug 14 2009 6:11AM Report
krakken writes:


don't forget data smugling and things like that. i would love to play a charachter like Johnny Mnemonic in a future CB-MMORPG.
smugling data, try to get better hardware for my implants, expand the memory in my brain etc. insetad of killing 10 rats and stuff.....

Fri Aug 14 2009 1:53PM Report
Exort writes:

Omg, someone tried to bury this blog O:

How rude xD

Anyways, for the shadowrun guy: Shadowrun is total crap, cyberpunk does not have magic, fairies, or orcs. Cyberpunk is a pure realistic future world.

Data smuggling, and an advanced implant system would be epic beyond belief.

Fri Aug 14 2009 6:58PM Report
spazmeer writes:

This pretty close to a cyberpunk mmo...more sci-fi spy action but they seem to be going in the right direction with hacking.

Sat Aug 15 2009 7:13PM Report
Mystik86 writes:

Just to note The Matrix Online wasn't exactly cyberpunk. In fact it wasn't at all.

Sun Aug 16 2009 3:07AM Report
Exort writes:

The Matrix was set in a cyberpunk universe...hence the robot controlled world mixed with the clear cyberpunk influenced artwork...


Spazmeer, global agena is not cyberpunk


If you guys really wanna understand what cyberpunk is, please chekc out Ghost in the Shell and Ergo Proxy. They are two anime/manga that have the most vivid art style and storylines of the cyberpunk theme

Sun Aug 16 2009 8:13AM Report
NeVeRLiFt writes:

Anything like William Gibson's novel "Neuromancer or even Shadowrun/R.Talsorian Cyberpunk would be fine by me.

Maybe even Bladerunner(do androids dream of electric sheep) type game would be good.

Sun Aug 16 2009 6:25PM Report
black_ifrit writes:

I would love to play a game that like ghost in the shell. That would be perfect for an mmo.

Mon Aug 17 2009 7:22AM Report
junitalia writes:

I'm all for the cyberpunk, but perhaps add the Steampunk theme as well. Maybe clothing wise lol

Mon Aug 17 2009 11:53AM Report
gary345 writes:

is a bit old but what the heck...

the world is seriously in need for a real cyberpunk mmo

and i must agree with Exort's last comment

global agenda is a sci-fi, hell no way it is a cyberpunk

maybe there are 1 or 2 so called cyberpunk mmo out there but they have the mixture of fantasy/sci-fi which is stupid if you ask me... lol

ghost in the shell is a fine example of cyberpunk... how i wish there is a game of that...

Thu Sep 23 2010 12:14AM Report
salick writes:

I play DDO now but would drop almost all my accts, for 1 kicking Cyberpunk 2020 3-D mmorpg in a heartbeat!!!!! It needs the "style over substance to it as well. the players that put on way the blank, too many layers of armour bug me.

" I don't care if you have a +9 seduction, you still bought cheap cyberwear & it shows! -5 just for being cheap!"

I WANNA CYBERPUNK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TY 4 asking


Sun Jan 30 2011 7:44PM Report writes:
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