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Where did the originality go? Out the window of course!

Posted by Exort Thursday August 13 2009 at 7:55PM
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So, we've all seen the newest MMORPGs in production right? Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, DC Universe, Champions online, ect.

Anyone know where all the originality went?

Star Trek-For the lvoe of god its milked dry, stop trying.

Stargate-99% chance it ends up like age of conan

DC Universe-SoE is making it, need i say more?

Champions Online-CoH2, plain and simple.

Star Wars-Seriously? george lucas should've been shot for making such a crappy sci-fi universe.

I mean, when is another game like Everquest or Neocron going to surface and save us all from these cheap copy games that take decades old TV shows, movies, and books and try to make them into a playable universe.

Im not saying all the newest games are un-original, im saying that damn near all of them are.

Now, i understand fans of these creations are overjoyed by the fact that these are coming into the MMO market, but in my personal opinion, i preffer an original game with a completely made universe, beastiary, class list, ect. uniquely thought up out of nowhere.


With all that said. Purely my opinions and mine alone. Thats what blogs are for  though, aren't they? :]

Dana Massey asks "Why not a survival MMO?" I say "Its been done!"

Posted by Exort Thursday August 13 2009 at 7:32PM
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Ok, so yeah a ton of us like our zombie flicks and hack n' slash zombie killing games. Looking at it from an MMORPG player's perspective you'd think there was something we could do to transfer the genre into an MMORPG.


Sadly, looking at Left4Dead and The Killig Floor, thats about all your going to get when it comes to online survival.


There is a lack of story driven plots that could support an MMO of that genre, and with a lack of that there cannot be any quests/missions to fulfill.


Just my thoughts on it.

Lack of Cyberpunk themed mmos

Posted by Exort Wednesday August 12 2009 at 5:01AM
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So, i go through the list of games on every other day to check for new entries. I noticed not too long ago that there is only about 3 Cyberpunk styled mmos. All of which are either dead or might as well be.

My question to all of you is: Would you like to see a next-gen Cyberpunk mmorpg? and if so, what would you want it to include gameplay-wise?

I know i want to see a new one made. Looking back at MXO and Neocron, i see alot of potential for the Cyberpunk theme.



Ideas from commenters:

-Drug crafting, selling, and drugs acting as buffs. A risk of taking drugs, like negative effects or "bad trips", with contraband searches inside the city (kinda like SWG contraband system)

-Gateway drugs, forcing players into harder doses. Overdoses, sending players over the edge.

-Truely sandbox. With a cybernetics system allowing players very similar customization to CoH and the soon to be released CO, but with added effects.

-Data smuggling, hacking and emersing yourself into a database network to steal data to sell on the black market. Easy to use but extensive implant system, offering even deeper customization.

-A virtual hacking universe, much like Hacknet from Neocron. A refuge for hackers, but still filled with dangers of viruses, security systems, firewalls, and other hackers!