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ErebusX's Missions

Games, Fashion, Ideologies and Memes! That's what this is all about.

Author: ErebusX

Forum Facts v1

Posted by ErebusX Thursday February 21 2013 at 2:05AM
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Online Games Forum Terminologies: Part 1

Courtesy of Google

An online game, believe me or not, will never be successful without a well managed community. Who would want to be in a game full of ill-mannered people anyways? Tight bonds between the players are usually formed in the game's forums; a place where the players can express their thoughts through posts and images. Given such, Moderators play an important role in keeping the interaction healthy amongst users. In order for them to pick the rotten tomatoes from the healthy ones, they have some terminologies/categories, or whatever you may call it, as their basis.

Here are some of the Terminologies that most of you may be familiar of:

1. Flaming - a hostile way of talking to other users. It projects as a form of bash or insult, verbally or nonverbally, which starts a derailed, unconstructive conversation. It attacks the person behind the figure/avatar which then results to a never ending exchange of bullets.

2. Necro - as the term implies, it revolves around the act of revival. It is usually associated with the threads that have been long forgotten or dead. You can do it by searching for a thread that has been made ages ago and post whatever it is that you wanted to post as a reply. Expect a series of bashing/trolling plus a couple of Moderator notices afterwards. This will indicate that you have successfully done a Thread Necro. Congratulations!

3. Trolling - the act of farming a provocative response or producing an off-topic reply. The term trolling has evolved through the years and has a lot of variations now. It has essentially lost its true meaning. It is needless to say that all of us here have heard of this term.

4. Spamming - the act of posting irrelevant replies or those that have no bearing to the ongoing discussion. It is usually done with the intent of increasing one's post count. It is sometimes interchanged with trolling.

5. Siggy - a.k.a. Signature. A part of your profile or post that contains either a picture or a message. Most of the forumers use this to express their personalities or insights. There are different size requirements based on the forum your on.

6. Creeper - someone who views your information but doesn't make any contact. Can be used interchangeably with Stalker.

7. xoxo - I'm not very sure about this but as far as I know, it means "hugs and kisses". Don't ask me why. I don't know how that made sense.

8. Bump - the same act as that of Necro but with a different intention. Usually, Bumping is allowed and legit while Necro isn't.

9. Nerf - to weaken, nullify or decrease one's capability or effectivity. This term is usually directed to skills and/or characters of a certain game which experienced a downgrade.


There are also some abbreviations but I won't be discussing them one by one as they differ per game. It will only end up as a huge wall of text. If you are playing a game, make sure to visit its forum and interact with other users, You may find your true love or your worst enemy there. Good luck! xoxo

Simply Poetic: The Meme

Posted by ErebusX Wednesday February 20 2013 at 1:13AM
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Simply Poetic



“My sword is my best friend. I never take it off my side. I’ve mastered each and every possible way of using it. When swung, foes back off with the fear of being slashed. I’m very protective of my teammates and I would sacrifice everything, even my life, for their sake. I live for honor and pride.”











“Don’t be afraid of the elements, they are your comrades. Be as powerful as fire, as calm as the waters, as free as the wind and as sturdy as the Earth. I am not bound by rules set by an average mind. I go above the system and create my own wonders.”



“My people like it nice and easy. Live life as it is with no hassle or stress. Once we spot our prey, we move quietly and strike without hesitation. By hiding in someone else’s shadow and being equipped with sharp poisonous tools, we can take their heads off in broad daylight.”



“Money makes the world go round. For the sake of money, crimes were committed, lives were ruined and at some point, faith and trust were lost. I control the economy. Gambling is a part of the game but bargaining and discounts are out of the question. Let your money talk to me.”



“I follow the path of truth and light. I stand up against evil and fight for what’s right. Wounds need to be healed, ailments need to be cured and darkness needs to fall. I’m a double-edged sword. I can come in the form of destruction or peace.”



“Be one with nature. Everything you need is around you. I like my tools long, hard, dexterous and can pierce through anything. Music flows though my veins; the kind of music that can tear your flesh and bones apart; the kind of music that encourages and uplifts.”

We Are The Stars

Posted by ErebusX Monday February 4 2013 at 9:34PM
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It is probably one of the best MMORPGs out there, in my own opinion that is, and is one of the pioneers of the existing games today. This 2D oriented PC game by Gravity opened the doors to countless possibilities of the gaming world. From map exploration to card collection topped with cuteness and an overall captivating storyline, this is one game that you wouldn’t like to miss.

Everything revolves around a place called Midgard. This kingdom went under the rule of King Tristan III. Monsters can be found just outside the towns and portals are your only divisions. You start off by creating your character, its stats and appearance. You’ll step inside the world of Ragnarok as a Novice and later on, through harsh and countless hours of training, you’ll be able to change your so-called Job Class. This Job Class is where the distinction of the game itself comes in. You can either become a swordsman, magician, acolyte, thief, merchant or an archer. Each class has different capabilities, strengths and weaknesses which will later on be discussed on my next blogs.



Zeny is the in-game currency used here to buy items, weapons and other services. The most common types of money-making strategies here are boss/rare item hunting, gold hunting and engaging in player trades.

The game became quite popular and even had its own animation series. It is needless to say that the animation was composed of the different Job Classes for its characters which will later on deal with the MVP/Boss Monsters.

Over the Clouds

Posted by ErebusX Tuesday January 29 2013 at 8:51PM
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Ok, so I finally managed to get some time to write my blog and this time, I'll be moving around the PSP Games section to see what's up. I'll be starting off with Gods Eater Burst.

Now, Gods Eater Burst goes by the storyline of an invasion from the so-called Aragami, a being composed of a colony of hundreds of thousands of cells uniting under a cell core. What does that actually mean? I don't even know myself. What I do know is that they devour everything and "acquire knowledge" from it. The only equipment that can take them down are called God Arcs a.k.a. the swords/guns that you will be using. It has this huge monstrous mouth and devours the "core" from the Aragami.

The player will take on a role of the very first "New Type" Gods Eater to be assigned on the Fenrir Far East Branch which will then be trained and oriented under the first Unit.



Meet the characters:

Soma - in every sequel, anime or game, there will always the mysterious, lonely one that goes around with a frown in his face. He is one of them. Due to a not-so-good of a past, he treated hate as his bestfriend. I gotta admit that he is undoubtedly cool, though. Yeah, he's my profile picture.

Lindow  - the easy-going leader of the First Unit. He is known for his great combat skills and his nonstop smoking habits. He may look calm and seem not to care, but when the situation calls for it, he is the most dependable guy on the battlefield.

Sakuya - a veteran gun type Gods Eater from Lindow's Unit. Conservative on her actions but not on her clothes.

Kota - a happy-go-lucky gun type Gods Eater from Lindow's Unit. The life of the party as everyone says. This guy comes up with weird next to clumsy ideas that may or may not be useful. He loves the show called, Bugarally, whatever it is.

Alisa - the second "New Type" Gods Eater, next to the player, to be assigned in the Fenrir Far East Branch. Yes, the girl with the attitude. Rude and straightforward as she is, but deep inside, she's bravely battling with some personal issues.

Tsubaki - Lindow's hot elder sister. Nuff said.

Dr. Sakaki - the forever smiling scientist that knows almost everything about the Aragami. Always cooked up in his lab, doing research, who knew that this guy also has some deep interesting secrets.


I wouldn't be running through all of the characters cause it'll take forever.


If you haven't tried this game out, I suggest you do because for me, I'm rating the storyline as 9/10.

[GEO] Acquaintances

Posted by ErebusX Thursday January 24 2013 at 7:22PM
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For this week’s blog, we will have a get-to-know episode about some of Granado Espada Online’s in-game characters. At the moment, they only have 6 basic characters on where you can choose from at the beginning of your journey. They are the ones below:



Melee attackers are virtually the most basic class amongst MMORPGs because they require less hotkeys and a fewer number of skills. They also have a high defense which enables them to take any attack head on, with adequate equipment of course. With their primary skill, Provoke, they can attract and tank enemies making it easier for other characters to kill them.



Magic has always been a part of any MMORPG. To be more specific, the elements, and what is the best character that can manipulate them? Your right! It’s that person on top! Now this character class is the meanest damager. They can deal damage in unbelievable numbers. But as we all know, every pro has its con. Movement speed and defense are the most common downfalls of an Elementalist or any magic type character for that matter.



Thinking of a dexterous, long-ranged attacker? Then this class is not what you’re looking. Scouts have a different role in Granado Espada Online and that is to serve as an assist to other characters. By assist, I meant to use traps and Heal, which is also by the way, their primary skill. Instead of long-ranged attacks, they take the battle up close and use daggers.



Classy and elegant, this class can definitely throw you up in the air without even touching you! The power to shake up enemies without lifting a finger, psychokinesis, is one of their specialties. They can also fire their stuff on themselves causing them to levitate and evade ground attacks. It also gives them the ability to deal damage on enemies while on that state as a bonus. The tables will turn if you allowed this class to do their thing.



Nimble and dexterous when it comes to artillery, the Musketeers tear their enemies up before they even get close. Every inch between them is equivalent to a gruesome death march in an almost futile attempt to get near the agile damager. With his primary skill Concentrate, they can exponentially increase their fire power and bash targets in a breeze.


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Spilling Some Beans

Posted by ErebusX Wednesday January 16 2013 at 12:39AM
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What’s up gamers AND non-gamers! ErebusX here and I’m making blogs about the things I like, do get addicted at and so much more. So, I’m starting out with the games I’m currently playing. I’m putting Granado Espada Online first on my list right off the bat. I’m lurking on the Redbana server this time to check out their version of Granado Espada also known as Sword 2. This server has just been published last January 09, 2013 by Redbana/Hanbitsoft.


Now this game has been around for quite some time now and has exhibited an original feature by making you create three characters all at the same time. Yes, people, three characters. We will get on to that in detail on my future blogs, hopefully. Not only does it allow you to create three characters, it also allows you to control them simultaneously. So yeah, imagine the hotkeys and shortcuts. But nonetheless, it’s definitely more thrilling than just focusing on only one character, inserted personal preference right there.

Since most of the players nowadays get hooked by graphics, might as well touch that topic now. Granado Espada is definitely earning some good points on that criterion for me. Have a look below.


I can describe the fashion sense of this game in a simple sentence and that is, the men’s clothes are fierce and the women’s are just tight!

For all the gamers out there, you might’ve noticed the trend that has been going on for almost all of the MMORPGs where mages are wearing robes and swordsmen are wearing iron armors. Granado Espada Online took a detour on that aspect by taking up the wardrobe of someone from the early ages of Europe and smacking it into their character database.

Well, this puts the lid on my blog. Hopefully I can get one up as soon as possible. Check the game out! You might find your home right there.



I don’t own the pictures included in this blog. All of them came from their respective companies and sites.