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Never wrote a blog

Just some topics that concern me.

Author: Entreri28

PK's and you

Posted by Entreri28 Saturday May 17 2008 at 4:55PM
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Just thought I would write a blog to educate people about PKs.  It seems that some people take being PKed as a personal attack.  Also these same people like to make up personalities of PKers.

Back when I played UO I was first a foremost a pker.  Every pker I knew did about the same as I did.  About 50% of our time was spent just sitting around chatting at people's houses.  40% of the time was spent dueling each other for fun and just to get better.  Only about 10% of the time I played my pk did I actually go looking for someone to kill.  There was little difference between  pking and faction pvp in most people's eyes back then.  Most people I knew wouldn't even loot people most of the time unless they needed the equipment/reagents.  Or if the person was a bad sport.  Which usually happened.  The person would decide to take it personally and call names or whine so then they would be looted and probably camped.  That's just what happens when you are a bad sport.  The most important thing really, don't take video games too seriously, very few people will kill your character and mean it as a personal attack on you, so don't take it that way.  It's just part of the game, there is a winner and a loser and you can't win all the time.  Imagine if professional athletes whined and called names everytime they lost.  Even though some do lol.  If you really don't like the game just quit, that's what people generally do.  I know this is going to make the people that take pking as a personal attack mad, but it really shouldn't.  I am not writing this to be mean, there is a big difference between being critical and being mean.

I think if the game is made right, pking won't be a problem.  Like in UO, the power scope between a vet and a newbie was very slim.  You could play for a few days and at least stand a chance at winning.

Now about people gloating, it happens in every game, over many actions, there doesn't need to be pvp for it to happen.  Pkers arn't anti-social or children, you would just be stereotyping to say that.  Someone could just as easily say that people that like to roleplay are ugly loser in real life.  These are just stereotypes, they arn't true.

I have never met a person that kills people just to cause them grief.  There is pretty much no such thing as a griefer.  This is an example of people taking gaming to seriously.  It is the same as someone calling you a carebear.  You would be very hard pressed to find someone who actually pks people to cause grief.

It is fine to dislike pvp, but don't be one of the people that takes gaming so seriously it is like a religion and the have to make up stereotypes about playstyles they don't like.

I hope you have read this with an open mind and not taken it as an attack on your playstyle because it was not intended as such.

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