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Author: Enigma

Why I wont be playing darkfall

Posted by Enigma Wednesday December 10 2008 at 2:04PM
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Before I even start blogging Ill tell everyone right now that I am in the position of "I cannot stand Darkfall." There. Why do I hate darkfall?  Well, considering it has taken 8 years to even produce it, is one big point.  And we will start there.

Eight years. The year the Trade Towers fell. The year BEFORE my son was born (who is now in first grade), one year after the inauguration of President George Bush. In computer age, eight years minus well be eighty years. True, the developers in this small little developmental area in Greece probably revamp things over and over, they failed the most important rule of developing a game. Develop it FAST and develop it effectively. 

Shadowbane did the same thing Aventurine is currently doing. Shadowbane spent years and years and failed deadlines to refine their game but in the long run it was an utterable failure.  It hardly grab anyone's attention and their servers since the third month after release has been pretty much empty and dead. Why? because everything looked OUTDATED and other companies had put out better next generation models. 

Second reason why I cannot stand Darkfall is SOME of the fanbase.  Well, the MAJORITY of it. The majority of all fans in Darkfall are kinda nutty in my opinion. When I read a fanboys thread in this site I cannot help but to think two things: How old are these guys and Have they escaped from the Jim Jones camp? These guys are so indoctornated into Aventurine's teachings that if anyone says anything out of line they are instantly branded an outsider and not worthy of anything.  Now, on the other hand, these same fanboys have no problem whatsoever slamming every other game out there and effectively breaking rule of conduct by creating alts and screwing with the game's hype meter (which is silly in its own way as many people could care less of the hype meter).  These guys are crazy. I mean crazy. Stay away from them. Very rarely you will meet a decent fan but for the most part many of them are like the comic book store owner from the Simpsons....but more childish.

Third reason why I cannot stand Darkfall is their PvP system. Hardly anything worth typing here. If you are not familiar with their pvp check it out. It's a griefer's paradise wet dream come true.

Since Ive been playing MMOs, Ive pretty much played a majority of all MMOs out there but I think I'm keeping my distance from this one.

rageagainst writes:

nice to see you're judging before the trial. The dev time isn't long seeing as it was a really small company taking on a herculean project. Also when sb released, its graphics were way out of date. DF's graphics, while somewhat ugly, are moderate and are better than both WoW and WAR.

And more than just the people who are crazy about this game will play this game if its a sucess, alot more, and you have to see WHY there are so many of these people. This game to them, is the messiah of mmo's that's here to save them from the dark age of mmos. Of course they're gonna go crazy about it...

And, yes, a heads up, it WILL be a gankfest at the start, don't bother playing for the 1st month if its not your style. But there are many safegaurds against ganking, and the main reason ffa pvp is there in the first place is that it adds back that "adrenaline flow," the need to always be alert. Player trust now actually matters. The world is going to be huge, if you don't want to pvp then play smart and you can not pvp fine. If that's too much then just play one of the games on the left please, they are tailored for people who don't like pvp, why can't we have ONE game that's for us!?


Wed Dec 10 2008 2:27PM Report
Punk999 writes:

Good read i remember commenting on some ugly ass darkfall shirt (it was fake) and that made me a troll somehow. lol

Wed Dec 10 2008 2:43PM Report
birken writes:

To be hating a game because it took to long to come out is just crazy i would rather play a game that took it time and fix the bugs and other problem then a rushed game ( Vanguard). I can see what u are saying with the pvp but it nice to have the feel of a good old mmo again. Maybe they will make a carebear server for you some day so u can feel protected behind your keyboard. Anyway to call Darkfall fan nutty and judge the game before it comes out not sure if you are a employee that got fired or a person that was griefed until something snapped inside. Whatever the case  ill blog  and tell u how the game is regardless how it turns out.

Wed Dec 10 2008 2:57PM Report
beaverz writes:

I will be right next to you not playing DF.

8 ago i would probably been thinking of df as a great game, but mah the recent vids are bad the community is bad and the company looks bad.

3 bad =\= one good.

Wed Dec 10 2008 3:02PM Report
Death1942 writes:

good to see you again Enigma.  As far as Darkfall is concerned the only aspect that excites me is the sandbox play...that is it.  all this crap about player built cities, boats and all the other things that have been promised have been done before (this is the first time all of them are together in one game....and for some the first time appearing in an MMO).

so yeah,  i will play Darkfall for the skill system....whether i stay or not depends on a number of factors

Wed Dec 10 2008 3:13PM Report
TsukieU writes:

Well considering that Darkfall has a "TBD" release date concerning anything outside of EU, I don't think it will be an issue.


But I agree with most of the points.  Yes it took a long time, and yes it doesn't seem to have much to show for that time.  But the game is still important, because it's different.  In a world of WoW clones, innovation is scary.  I'm talking about true innovation, not just pushing buttons in a different way, or at a different time, or for a different reason.  Even if the innovation Darkfall brings isn't original, just harkening to the days of's still important.  If Darkfall flops, developers and publishers everywhere will just huddle into their safe holes even more.


That said, I likely will not be playing Darkfall either, if or when it ever releases outside of Europe.

Wed Dec 10 2008 3:19PM Report
zantax writes:

Well personally I don't care if it took 10 years to develop, if the game is released and I try it out, and I like it I will play it.  I really don't care what people say about games, fanboi's or not.  Example WOW is a great game in its own respect, and because it appeals to the masses does not make it the best.  Back in the day this used to be called, "SELLING OUT"  heck remember when Metalica came out with there Metalica Album, the all black one, well when it was released people called Metalica Sell outs because they were appealing to the masses not holding there own sound anymore.  They did lose alot of fans, but in the long run they made alot of money.  Blizzard is like this, instead of inovating the game market they appealed to the masses and they have made alot of money doing it.  Companies like Adventurine are trying to change the way we see these games and I really believe that even if they don't succeed they will show us some new things.  I for one won't condem Darkfall for taking so long, but I will condem people for being small minded and afraid to try something different.  If you don't think it is for you that is fine, go find a game that is for you and brag about it then.  As for me I will be happy playing the games that I play.

Wed Dec 10 2008 3:21PM Report
FE|Tachyon writes:

Darkfall didn't really take any longer then most MMO's.  Darkfall announced the "Theory" of Darkfall, instead of developing the game into alpha befor annoucning it.  SOE, EA, Blizzard ALL work on projects befor they offical.  Blizzard will tell you that they are working on a different genre MMO, but thats ALL they've said about it. 

I think you made up your mind, when you realized you can be killed.  Theres no hiding in Darkfall.  There is finaly a justice to be had, when you run into people whom don't deserve to exsist in the same area as yourself.   No more trash talkers.   Only people who wouldnt like this, are those that mouth off, and have nothing to back it up with.  Finaly a game that people can be made accountable for their childish attitudes, or pig headed ways.   Call me Crazy, but I LIKE IT THAT WAY. 

Wed Dec 10 2008 3:26PM Report
Mrbloodworth writes:

Theroy my ass.

Wed Dec 10 2008 3:29PM Report
Trashcantoy writes:

i completely agree with you, what sickens me the most is the playerbase, they are even worse than the anti-SOE people :)

Wed Dec 10 2008 4:08PM Report
dreamsfade writes:

This game will fail. Save your money.

Wed Dec 10 2008 4:21PM Report
Pauleh writes:

First of all I agree about the fan base, well part of the fan base anyway, most of it is kids or idiot adults with some kind of "moronic hardcore pvp" mentality which has sprung up from this game.

8 years is a long time, but still not a reason to shun the game just because of.

As for the griefers paradise, probably but then again we wont know till we play it, I plan on making a clan with some long time gaming friends, I know it will take a large group to even consider attacking me or any of them, and if you dont want to join a clan, then just be cautious.


But its upto you, the game sounds amazing and isnt worth letting it slip by because of the above reasons, if you try it, hate it, then yeah thats a good reason, till then just relax and wait for the release.

Wed Dec 10 2008 4:43PM Report
Faidian writes:

I have to disagree that the graphics are "better" than WoW or WAR.  They are just different graphical styles, it has nothing to do with out of date engines etc etc. However, I do agree that 8 years is a bit to long for a game to be released. In 8 years the initial hype for the game is dead as can be....people move on, especially in 8 years.

Wed Dec 10 2008 5:20PM Report
BarakIII writes:

"Develop it FAST and develop it effectively."

Develop it fast and I can almost guarantee that it will not be developed effectively. Yeah, eight years is a long time, not really something I'd wait around for, but that doesn't really mean much in the here and now.

I don't know if I'll try this game or not. I may just to see what all the hype is about, but ffa pvp does not appeal to me. It will appeal to griefers tho and that's not something I'm willing to put up with.

I don't view the current mmo market as so horrible. Yeah, I'd like to see some different things but there are several mmo's that I enjoy, WoW being among them.

There are a lot of people who think WoW destroyed the mmo market, but it's always been a niche market. An mmo was considered successful if it had 200k accounts. WoW hasn't really changed that. Yeah a couple of companies have tried to throw out copycats and each one that did so has failed. Even those who supposedly hate WoW keep going back to it. I'm no WoW fanboi, but nor do I see WoW as the source of all mmo evil like so many do.

I won't be a fanboi for any game, if I were it'd be SW:TOR, but I won't turn a blind eye to poor development just because I'm a fan of a particular intellectual party or system of play. I expect a game worth playing, and if it's not I'll play something that is. Whether that will be Darkfall or not, depends entirely on how good the game actually is and whether it's style of play is something I'll enjoy.

Wed Dec 10 2008 5:33PM Report
BarakIII writes:

oops. intellectual party = intellectual property.

I wish they'd let you edit these things.

Wed Dec 10 2008 5:36PM Report
strangism writes:

the game straight up looks like poop

Wed Dec 10 2008 6:51PM Report
icyred writes:

Well mine is pretty simple.... I hate Free MMORPG games... any FREE games are cheap or the players in the game are Cheap. Which diminish the gameplay.

Wed Dec 10 2008 7:17PM Report
windasm writes:

Why dont you tell us what you would like to see in Darkfall? 

It's quite oblivous that most people that post negative posts feel let down by the developer because of something in the game design that they dont like. I dont see why people post negative things about a game just because its not designed for thier own specific taste.

I do agree the fan base is a little crazy on the forums on this site. I'm about scared to even ask a question on the Darkfall forums in fear of starting a flame war..hehe

It will be different in the game though.. I'll be out for blood then  and they can flame all they want :)


Wed Dec 10 2008 7:19PM Report
Drdrei writes:

since there is no other game as diverse as darkfalll, and considering u have been following it for 8 years, LOL u will be playing it. 

Wed Dec 10 2008 7:28PM Report
Korhindi writes:

Amen on the fanbase.

As far a dev time goes I am not as bothered by that.  I would rather a company take their time and get it right than rush out garbage with potential that leaves me feeling ripped off... or stuck with a game I cannot play.

Though, in DF's case, going by screen shots, their engine does seem to be showing its age.  The toons reminds me of Oblivion and the scenics remind me of Morrowind.   Being I like both games, this will not stop me from playing DF, IF the rest of the game delivers.

Hard to tell until it releases, but you may be right in that they took too long. Right or wrong, it will sure be interesting to see how it goes.

Wed Dec 10 2008 7:34PM Report
micona writes:

I have better games to play then Darkfall very simple .

Wed Dec 10 2008 7:42PM Report
H2th3izo writes:

what else could you want that is not in darkfall?

NO RESTRICTIONS ON PVP, settle debts your own way... if you dont like some enemy, some person of the own race, some person of your own clan... KILL THEM YOU CAN!!!

FREE FOR ALL LOOT, you want that cool looking shiny gear? KILL THEM AND TAKE IT!!!! of course gear isnt as hard to get as in other MMO's, and there is no final "I win cause i have no life" gear, it is all SKILL BASED!

PLAYER MADE CITIES, build your own clan city, its a simple yet awsome idea.

SEIGE OTHER CLANS, dont like a clan, pit yourself against them, and have a test of skills to see who's stronger! if you win you deserve it because you have more skill. DESTROY THEM AND THAKE THEIR LOOT AND THEIR CITY!!!

what else can you want in an MMO? a story fed to you where you HAVE to do this and then MUST kill 200 of those. In Darkfalll the mobs are hard, and are equvalent to the skill of real players, based on size and strength. no level meter telling you you cant kill them cause you are 5 levels below...

why dont you like that? i dont understand.... btw im one of those so called "Darkfall Flamers", come on not all of us are bad. we just want this game very badly.

Wed Dec 10 2008 8:04PM Report
Dynamo112 writes:

Why bother explaining to these rabid fanboys that they are setting themselves up for complete and utter disappointment? You're wasting your time. Let them find out for themselves come release.

As for me, I'll be sitting back with a bag of popcorn and a soda to watch it aaaall happen. Should be fun watching everything explode. ^_^

Wed Dec 10 2008 8:29PM Report
Gravarg writes:

I won't be playing Darkfall, and that's suprising to me.  If I had to think of a game that fits my idea of the perfect mmo for me, Darkfall would be pretty close.  I want griefers, I want guards (players, not lame npc ones), I want a sense of I can go chop this guy's head off if he makes me mad or vis versa.  However, even with all these things agreeing with what I want out of a pvp mmo, I won't be playing Darkfall.  And here's why:

1. The Community

The Community surrounding Darkfall, reminds me too much of, which unfortunately ruined 2 of the most fun games I've ever played, diablo 2 and warcraft 3.  Yes, there will always be some 10 year old in a FFA PvP game, but that's not what I'm worried about.  The problem I see in the Darkfall community is that noone wants to play the role of a guard.  Reading thread after thread of Darkfall Forums, anyone and everyone gets the feeling that it will be like Diablo 2 pvp.


2. The Battle System Itself

What I mean by the Battle System is not the fact that you get to swing your weapon into open air, and land hits if something is there, I actually love this idea (too bad AoC changed thier battle system).  What I don't like about it is that watching videos and things, it looks like everyone will do very high amounts of damage and only have  enough health to take one or two hits.  Although this maybe more realistic in nature, it will be majorly abused by the number 1 reason above.  Walk up behind someone, bam, thanks for your super glowy elite sword!  There should always be a chance that you will lose a battle, or else if there is a way to battle without chance of losing, everyone will abuse it and fight that way.  The videos showing people lined up charging at each other will never happen because of this.


3. Adventurine

I have nothing bad at all to say about Adventurine.  For all I know, they could be the greatest group of developers ever.  What I do know is that this game has taken almost a decade to create, which is way to long.  During development, they would have to keep upto date and keep changing things that they've already finished because of technologies.  Although this might not seem like a big deal to some of you reading this. It's a huge deal to me.  I hope I'm not the only one to notice this, but there have only been maybe 3 or 4 expansions (changes) in the history of the MMO that have actually helped the game in a way.  All others have wrecked the economy, or gameplay, or something else.  Square-Enix is a company that tends to be the one that does expansions the right way, and you never hear when one is coming out until what seems to be a couple of months before release.  If it takes a decade for Adventurine to make the game, how long will it take them to fix a bug or exploit?  Flexibility is key in the world of MMOs.


For the reasons above I will not be playing Darkfall.  Say what you will, but I'm just stating the facts, and how those facts alter my opinion on the game.  I love the ideas Darkfall brings to the table and I hope I'm totally wrong about Darkfall and Adventurine, only time will tell.

Wed Dec 10 2008 10:57PM Report
Ekibiogami writes:

Eve has the best Pvp of any game.

Law areas where pvpers will be killed. and No law areas. FFA pvp with player guards will allways fail. Proof? UO. Nuf said.

Wed Dec 10 2008 11:31PM Report
afoaa writes:

I feel temped to try out darkfall for one reason. It dares to try to be different from the standard mold you see in MMOs these days. Im not a big fan of FFA PvP but since the game actually have 3 sides in a big war and people who kill members of their own side are branded as crimminals by the game (and therefor cannot interact with NPCs anymore) combined with the gigantic size of the world then I think there is a chance that the FFA adds spice instead of hate to the game.

I think one should not judge the game before trying it. It has a chance to become spectacular and it can bomb easily. What is nice is that it does not suffer from the corporate intertia that all other new MMOs are suffering from these days and that makes it worth checking out.

Thu Dec 11 2008 12:10AM Report
Mequellios writes:

Naysayers will be naysayers and fanbois will be fanbois. I, however, will judge the game after I've actually played it. Right now, it's a bunch of screenshots and empty words.

Thu Dec 11 2008 1:34AM Report
zelldevil writes:

You can't judge fans by its forums, it'd be like judging the human race based off of 4chan.  You know that for every dumbass writing on the forum there are 10 people that just read.  Although, I must agree with the guy about battlenet community....  I like Dota on wc3, but I have to admit that the Dota community is made up of a bunch of Rtards

However I do understand your point on the threat of it being vaporware...  I know some other people are like "well when you rush it blah blah blah it sucks like "crap game".  Well, even 5-6 years can even be considered a long time in development so they can all stfu. 

I might get this game depending on how it does in europe, to tell ya the truth i'm quite damn excited.  Because like someone said, this game is kindof a mesiah, and even if it dies.  The ideas it presents are now out there for future mmos to use. 

Lastly tho, don't judge the game until you try it.  I thought WOW looked so awesome and after playing for a month and getting to 70 it just felt like any other free mmo out there.  Korea makes like 4 clones of the same game every single year and thats all it became to me.

Thu Dec 11 2008 3:30AM Report
kinkyJalepeno writes:

Forum's are mostly full of hot air..  Public Forum+Annonymous=Idiot.  I dont care what anyone thinks..  I pay for, and play a game for me.  Therefore I shall try it regardless, for me...

If it doesnt turn out to be my kinda thing ill certainly be constructive in my critisism and give the game a chance to evolve..  If not ill wish the players and the game well and ill move on.

Thu Dec 11 2008 6:18AM Report
thelawoflogic writes:

i have to agree with most of your point and mostly with the fanbase mose of them really are instane but im still going give it a try i don't really like to jude thing till after i play them and plus if its anything like eve then it should be fun

Thu Dec 11 2008 7:27AM Report
talismen351 writes:

Well as many here...I agree with the OP. Tho the time taking to make the game, as most other things I can look past. It is the community that has totally sent me away from this game. I would love to play DF with a MATURE community, but by the looks of posts on this site, n on the DF forums, the community will be anything but mature.

Thu Dec 11 2008 8:26AM Report
Giddian writes:

There is nothing about Darkfall that looks interesting to me, But I wouldn't  waist my time writing a blog on why I won't play it. Thats a Waist of breath and Time. The time I have spent reading the blog and then the fanboy responces, is just  time in my life I will never get back. Because of that I must respond.

Don't Like the Game? DON'T BUY IT!

Numbers will prove your point. Quit waisting every ones time with the useless hater post and Fanboy responces.

Thu Dec 11 2008 8:47AM Report
KirinRahl writes:

 Your opening problem with it is that it took a long time?

...who cares?

You're more interested in how much time it took for the devs to get their shit together than, say, how interesting the advancement systems or combat mechanics are? 

I haven't played it yet, I wasn't lucky enough to be in beta, but I'd really like to see what they've come up with.  I'm interested as Hell just because of how neat the mechanics seem.

Also, in terms of community, -every- community has a noisy, annoying portion that colors the opinion of the whole place.

I guess what I'm saying here is that you shouldn't let folks ruin your fun.  Go.  Look.  Tool around in open beta or do a trial, and see how it actually plays before you poo-poo it becaus it's got noisy fans or it took a long time to develop.  Why would you cut yourself off from a new experience?

Thu Dec 11 2008 2:26PM Report
KOrnfan4evr writes:

PVP being a griefers paradise.  The only difference between this pvp system and any other is it actaully will take Player skill instead of making sure your higher than the person your killing with the more epic gear.  At least in this game if people have better equipment then you, you still stand a chance unlike other games. 

And I like how you base adventurine as a company thats been dev for 8 years when it was 5 years.  Prior to that it was a company of 6 individuals which after the 3 years became 24.  From there they decided to start from scratch and build and use their own engine.  And the difference between Darkfall and Shadowbane is the fact that shadowbane was being rushed by publishers (Love that ubisoft!) and they had to cut lots and lots of beautiful corners.

And yes although fanbases for almost all games are going to be like this (Hell just look at War and Aion) can be hell, its with good premise cause we have people that look at a game like darkfall and state its been under dev for 8 years (when infact 5) and they fail to realize all decent MMO titles go under development for that long if not longer (WoW took 5 1/2). 

Im not saying Adventurine is going to release everything their promising, im just hoping they are.  But keep in mind this is a PVP GAME so im not sure if your upset its a griefers paradise, or a PVPer's paradise.

Thu Dec 11 2008 2:40PM Report
Evasia writes:

What a crap this blog what a bullshit you telling us, your just a griefer troll hating Darkfall lol how pathetic.

Thu Dec 11 2008 3:20PM Report
Enigma writes:

my second point has been proven many times over. Thank you, fanbois!

Thu Dec 11 2008 4:03PM Report
endzo writes:

i never knew it took 5-8 years for this game but dont you think the devs looked at other great mmos out there that had what they liked and put all this in a game they made. I see the point of alot things happen in 8 years the devs in this game are like us people who enjoy the game for the buzz it gives the player behind the keyboard i dont PVP much but one of the scariest was pvp in runescape time ago where you get chases the poo out of you but i still went back to revenge. Wow pvp wasnt all that i did use to go in enemy areas just for fun of invading someones backyard doing a poop while iam at it i did get killed but that didnt stop me.


what i really wonder about this game is how fast will i get my ass kicked if i was too take on a group of people or would i be able to use gameplay for my advantage and find a tactic to kill them??


great post old man welcome to the new age of gaming it can be cruel can be hard but so was WW2 what did we learn from that??

Thu Dec 11 2008 4:11PM Report
Enigma writes:

we learn that even fanatics can get their hands on nuclear bombs ;)

Thu Dec 11 2008 5:04PM Report
just1opinion writes:

I have nothing against the up and coming (hopefully) Darkfall, nor it's fans, however....what I find to be truly comical is how they talk about it as though it's already been released, they've played it, and they're 100 percent sold on it being THE game to END all games.  /sigh   I just hope that Aventurine does NOT disappoint these people, because I seriously can see parents SUING them IF their children become depressed and suicidal.  And no....I'm not joking or being sarcastic.  Unfortunately, I'm dead serious.

Thu Dec 11 2008 5:35PM Report
Enigma writes:

i completely agree with you. These Darkfall fans (majority) are crazy to the point they would be suicidal if something bad happened to the game. Almost as if they've already had their fantasies of marrying the retail box (if it even has one). In all my years of playing MMOs, Ive seen fanbois....but Darkfall fanbois are literally messed up in the head (the majority...not all of them)

Thu Dec 11 2008 6:11PM Report
Bruticus_XI writes:

Enigma, you've always been a really smart poster and I've respected your posts. Nothing's changed here! Boy, I remember when I was so gawddang bored before WAR's launch (Yes I play that crappy-looking easymode LAWL I SUX CUZ I HAEV FUN IN A GAME game) and, honestly, some of the DF Fanbois are freakin rabid. They're just getting warmed up for that awesome PvP I suppose, where they can gank noobs over and over screaming "DARKFALL! YES!" while they do so. Oh, and living in a virtual (with crappy graphics) world. I read the first comment which said it was better than WoW and WAR's. Talk about rose-colored glasses.

Honestly I just skipped the other 39 Comments because they're mostly all those rabid DF fanboys, but I'd just like to say that I agree with ya.

Thu Dec 11 2008 7:19PM Report
Asbo writes:

I would of thought after eights further years of being a so called responsible adult you might of got wiser, but apparently not. I hope you never judge me for a crime I have been accused of committing, you are judge jury and executioner all in one.
You seem to be quick to criticise anyone who has different views from you, on-line gaming is about choice and I respect you have chosen not to buy this game and I understand why because you have no doubt become a fan of the easy game such as wow as an example.
You label everyone as a ganker which I am offended about because there are many PvP players who enjoy the danger of the PvP environment and police this kind of game in a righteous way as I tent to.
From reading your post I feel a lot of hate toward people who have different opinions to you, well let me just remind you in case you have a short memory sadly many people died some 50 years ago to give us both that choice and for you to try and take that away is very sad indeed. I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve by telling us that you hate or will not be playing it, do you think the people who will be playing this give a shit!! No they don't and as you can see from the overwhelming amount of bumps your post has received.
The funny thing is you are the type of person who claims will not buy this game and then if it gets good reviews you will jump on the what a great game band wagon and buy it, play it and then cry in a few months time because you are not intelligent enough to be able to handle such a mature product as you keep having your items removed from you by someone younger gamers who have learnt and mastered the game system to reduce you to a frustrated unhappy player. This will then get flamed by you claiming you do not have the time because of work, family and any other bullshit you can declare to protect yourself form to avoid looking and sounding a complete plonker like you have here!!

I can see it now when you have just been killed you will no doubt feed the player who killed you with verbal abuse crying because you were just to lazy or untalented to master the game UI
Personally I think you will go and buy the next dozen MMO's and complain about each of them too, I also believe you should stick to the safe old PvE games at least that way you will not lose your equipment to people who choose to wear your wardrobe. You need games where you can auto pilot through and just have to use the hit one key and then loot so I suggest you re-sub to Wow or some other themepark game as you are no match for a sandbox game laddie.
Oh and before you start labelling me as a fanboy and calling me a teenager on snort, I am in my early 50's and have probably been gaming longer than you can imagine, in fact I suggest you leave MMO's and get yourself an RPG much safer for you and leave MMO's to people with BALLS son shine.

I have never heard anyone so pre-judgemental in all my life and I feel you need to go seek some medical advice or at the very least take an anger management class, or even consider stop playing MMO's and spend sometime in the real world with your family, you need to lose all that hate attitude and find some love...

Thu Dec 11 2008 10:32PM Report
Enigma writes:

if you are in your 50s then I would suggest Xanax due to your reaction. If you read any of my blogs or posts you'll see Ive only been critical of a few mmos.

If you are 50 years old, you need to start acting like it.

Thu Dec 11 2008 10:37PM Report
zelldevil writes:

I can honestly say, for the life of me i have never fell head over heels for a games community.  like i said look at the dota community or the comm. of any other game.  u get a bunch of asses or people that are "fanbois"  w/e man idc if your'e a hater or a fanboi, the community is always annoying.  look at WOW man, a kid died and his bro said that on the forum and the first fucking comment was "did he drop any good loot"  I mean FUCK thats just bad...  So don't judge the game on its community, judge it on how it does in the EU, if it sucks, it sucks.  if its good, its good.  but dont say shit about the community, cuz in 2001 i coulda told you that the comm. would suck dick...

Fri Dec 12 2008 2:52AM Report writes:
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