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The Official MMO philosophizing corner.

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Author: Enigma

What is a Fanboi and what is a hater?

Posted by Enigma Monday August 25 2008 at 1:40PM
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These two terms gets thrown around on the forums here more than the words "Obama", "Christianity", "Bush", "Clinton", "Athiesm" combined.

For the most part, many people throw around the word fanboi and hater when they can no longer contribute to a debate or a discussion and have the need to end the argument prematurely.

However, these two terms are actually real and you can usually see them in action whenever a new MMO is released (or about to be released).  Ill try to describe each one with very little bias for each.


This term is usually meant to describe someone who is so loyal to a particular game they are playing that they (ironically) have little to no regard to the actual healthy growth of the game.

They usually become personally offended over a criticism of the game. They view the game with such loyalty and conviction that they have become blinded of the problems the game may face.  usually, it is the fanboi who is indirectly responsibile for the downfall of many games.

How could a fanboi be responsible for the downfall of a game they love you may ask?

Well, it is because they cannot handle any form of criticism that may come their way when it comes to the MMO playability (bugs, glitches, nerfs, etc).  Fanbois hold to their games and love their specific game like we love our dearest family members. Imagine if someone told you that your mother was too fat or that your daughter needed some help because she's sucking at normal social responsibilities. You would probably be more offended and pissed than actually listening to the people who are trying to get you to listen to reason. Why? Because you love your family and it hurts when someone else points out their faults.

Its the same way with fanbois. They view their games as thier mother, daughter, son or grandfather.  They will be the first one to scream "First!!!11!" in a developer started thread, they will never question a developer, they will bend truths around their game to make it look better than it really is.

The reason why fanbois are so destructive to a game is beacuse they say "no no no Mr devs, nothing is wrong...everything is great!! We love you!!!" when in reality, the game is going down the shitter faster than a soiled piece of toilet paper.


Haters are the EXACT opposite of the fanboi and they are usually created to harass the fanboi.  Haters usually see the game as their arch enemy and will feel no satisfication for the game until it is completely destroyed.

Most haters (ironically enough) were born through the ashes of fanbois who woke up one day and said this game has been taken advantage of me the whole time!!!!  Think of it like this:  A stalker who stalks a celebrity because they are absolutely in love with that celebrity.....then when that celebrity tells them to leave them alone, that stalker now wants to kill them. Same concept.

Other haters (as said before) are created just to piss off the fanbois and nothing more.  They usually post seconds after a fanboi will post and then give a brief statement of why the game sucks.  They then wait for the fanboi to respond and then it's back to work for the haters.

Haters also go by the name of Trolls.  Well, because, that's what they pretty much do. They just post to post.  Usually nothing constructive ever comes from the haters post. Its usually the same topic over and over and over and over with very little insightful things to say.

In conclusion, there really is no difference between the fanboi and the hater; only their passion is skewed in polar opposities of each other.  Secretly, they probably love each other and that's the only reason why they post here...often against each other.

Opposites do attract.

sigamon writes:

they should make a discovery channel documentary out of this

Mon Aug 25 2008 2:07PM Report
Soara writes:

via example: SWG
I still play SWG and everyone hates me for loving it.

This should be a discovery channel documentary

Mon Aug 25 2008 2:55PM Report
JestorRodo writes:

I have no idea what you are talking about.

Mon Aug 25 2008 3:06PM Report
micona writes:

you forgot noob and troll enigma :P

Mon Aug 25 2008 3:37PM Report
Enigma writes:

lol I will probably do a documentary on troll and noob in the next blog :oP

Mon Aug 25 2008 4:03PM Report
TrueRivalry writes:

Sorry to hear that Soara.  I left SWG almost a year and half now.  I can actually see past the NGE and remember the days of the CU and pre-CU.

Mon Aug 25 2008 4:09PM Report
Bruticus_XI writes:

Lol Sigamon -

"And here, in the urban jungles of America, we find the 'Forum Troll.' Once an exotic species that is quickly multiplying due to the growth of the 'Internet', these 'Trolls' are becoming quite the problem. Their natural prey are the undecided gamers, who know almost nothing about a particular game. If they hate that game, they will spew out false information to confuse the innocent victim. Their natural enemies are 'Fanbois', who also live in the 'Internet'. It's quite an interesting inter-relationship!"

Mon Aug 25 2008 4:14PM Report
Anofalye writes:

Seems about right.  Too long however, I didn't bother reading it all.  But seems right. :)

Mon Aug 25 2008 6:53PM Report
sigamon writes:

Beautifully stated Bruticus_XI you sound like you do work for Discovery.  and JestorRodo....  you're one to talk, your posts are just psycho babble

Mon Aug 25 2008 10:16PM Report
Dracus writes:

There is the other reason as to why "Haters" are created.

Some haters towards a particular title of company were brought out that way due to questionable, deceitful or poor customer service.  Such haters may have very well not been "Fanboys," at any time.


For example, I became a so called "Hater" when SOE/LA deceived its player base of the vaporware Combat Revamp/Rebalance (prior to the CU and NGE).  Listening point-blank and face-to-face at the first SWG Fan Fest that the new system was about ready.  Unfortunately no such system had been put to code, let alone documented.  Thus the end of my subscription and my "hatred."

I am not hateful towards anyone or any company, even SOE or LA; but I do enjoy taking shots and proving wrong those SWG fanboys.  Actually I do so in hopes of opening their eyes so that they themselves do not become, "haters."

Mon Aug 25 2008 11:12PM Report
sgtredleg writes:

I myself played SWG well before JTL was introduced and I decided to call it quits a short time after CU.  Even with all the problems I loved the game. I got JTL  and tried it but didn't really care for it. The only benifit I found was not having to wait for transport to another area. I came back after NGE just to see if it had gotten any better. After 20 mins. I quit for good.

I feel I got my monies worth so I have no real axe to grind with SOE or the players that play now. To take shots at them just because they like the game as it is now is just stupid. It's not the game I played, so I moved on. But to listen to some people it's like the company and the current players kidnapped thier family. Yes I think SOE was not honest to the pre-CU players and didn't seem to try to fix what was broken. Instead they made it a different game. And the current players had nothing to do with it.

I know some will say that it was all the whining from current players that caused the changes, but I think it was most likely the company trying to up the subs as it had been dropping. And as far as whining goes there was alot of that going on before CU, and not just for fixing what was broken. So hate the company if you want, but leave the players alone. It's thier game now and they are just deffending the game they love just like all you haters did when you played it. To say you want to keep the current players from becoming "haters" is just rubish. You want them to be just like you are today, bitter.


Tue Aug 26 2008 1:55AM Report
streea writes:

A stalker who stalks a celebrity because they are absolutely in love with that celebrity.....then when that celebrity tells them to leave them alone, that stalker now wants to kill them. Same concept.

Great metaphor! :)

Tue Aug 26 2008 2:08PM Report
Dracus writes:

"To say you want to keep the current players from becoming "haters" is just rubish. You want them to be just like you are today, bitter."

You fail to grasp the difference of a regular player and a fanboy.

I did not say all players, nor players that like the game, nor with a fox, or on top of a box, nor here or there, Sam I am. 

I stated, Fanboys.  As explained so well in this blog of what they are.  Those are the type of players who are blinded and fanatical, and also like to tell others the Beer is Cold, the Food is Great, come on over; just excuse the dead rat that is in the kitchen. That's a known feature.

"Yes I think SOE was not honest to the pre-CU players and didn't seem to try to fix what was broken. Instead they made it a different game. And the current players had nothing to do with it."

So you would agree then, that should a person who seeks to recruit others into the game, should be countered?  Again, pay attention to the distinction of a regular player to a fanboy.  When a person says that he/she loves SWG, great, no problem.  When a person says that he/she loves SWG and then tries to sell SWG onto others, then there is a problem.

IE: User Awareness

Tue Aug 26 2008 5:02PM Report
sgtredleg writes:

I have seen too many posts made by what you would call regular players that get flamed for saying they like the game. If you have a reason why you dislike a game then state the reasons without putting a lable on the other player.

When I played I recruited several people just as I had been recruited. Yes at that time there was alot of fixes that needed to be made. Even the people I got to try the game said the same thing. We continued to play because we believed that even with all the bad things it was worth playing. We continued to play until we either got bored or decided that enough was enough. More content but no fixes and even the new content needed fixing.

Now after the NGE was brought out you had a new game. This attracted new players that either liked or disliked the game. For the ones still playing and are excited by new content and the lack of patching the broken areas, more power to them. Eventually they too will tire of the game or the lack of patches.

If they recruit someone and he/she doesn't like the game then they didn't look into the game before deciding to buy it. That's between themselves and the recruiter. There are a number of pre-CU vets that want nothing more than to shutdown SWG and have SOE go out of business. The same goes for some other games that have come out that did not make a grand entrance. I played Auto Assault during beta and the first 6 months after release. I got to a point that it was not fun so I quit. Now I would state my resons to anyone that asked but I would let them decide if it was a game they would like to try. Of course AA is no longer around.

So counter a recuitment with what you consider proof and let the other player decide if they still want to try the game, continue to play it or not. If they do want to play it, you still did your part but it still thier decision.


Tue Aug 26 2008 6:28PM Report
Dracus writes:

I find this interesting really...

"I have seen too many posts made by what you would call regular players that get flamed for saying they like the game. If you have a reason why you dislike a game then state the reasons without putting a lable on the other player."

By all means, provide an example, just one example.  I'm sure I have some posting lying around, it helps to strengthen your attack by supporting it.

But since you know a lot about me from my many postings then surely you would have read of those posts I made of how to make SWG better?  Change management and customer service policies ring a bell?  Telling people that they will have better effect to putting effort with the companies of a new marketing campaign than trying to bash vets or recruit former players, I'm certain you have read those, right?

Or have you?

If not, you have time before you reply.


Now for your lengthy reply about recruiting, I'll go ahead and torpedo it with just two shots.  You see there is one important aspect missing here, and that is, this is a public message board.  Thus, "That's between themselves and the recruiter." is not a true statement.  For it to be true, then both parties are to use the Private Messaging System.  The second for proof, what I provide has been documented, shown on media, or verified by multiple sources.

I have developed a reputation for providing good information, for was it I the one who broke the cover of Cryptic by providing the trail of the smoking gun for everyone in public to see?  Yes there are others who knew too, but for legal reasons or safety of sources, could not provide the information and I do accept that. 



I will make counter statements to fanatical postings so that others do have the information to make a decision.  If they find another game, while spending their money and having fun, then that is great.  If not, no problem, it doesn't take long for he/she to come to a conclusion and get the, "welcome to club and now you know how spins work" speech.  The "I told you so speech," is immature and not a confidence booster.

Tue Aug 26 2008 7:49PM Report
sgtredleg writes:

I'm sorry if you feel I made an attack upon you as I did not mean too. There are various posts that have been made by players that like a game but get flamed as retards etc. I did not mean you did the flaming. And no, I don't know you though I may have seen some of your posts. The ones I refer to are the posters that have to resort to name calling etc. I'm sure you have seen them under most SWG or AOC no matter what the OP may be about. They belittle the person for having a liking for the game. Sure some are extreme on both sides. It's all preception as to who is a fanboi or hater. Fanboi in the eyes of some is anyone that even hints that they may even tolorate a game with all its flaws just because they like the subject.

The hater is usually easier to recognize just by way of thier rants such as I will see Failcom go down, SOE stole my money and lied about everything,give me my pre-CU server or else. I will not name names here, but they know who they are. They just cannot stand to see someone having fun with a game no matter what is wrong with it. If they cannot have the game thier way then no one should enjoy it. Look at all the WOW sucks postings out there. I played several years and enjoyed most of it. Are there problems? In my eyes yes, but overall I enjoyed it for what it is not what it could have been or was.

Now I was a little over the top with the bitter remark as I interpeted your statment to mean I'll do anything to destroy your love/liking of a game that I do not approve of. So for that I'm sorry. I over reacted as I have seen too many posts that would start out similar to yours that seems to dare some one to have an oppinion other than thiers.

As far as Cryptic goes I haven't a clue what you are talking about so I don't know anything about your rep.

For the "That's between themslves and the recruiter", I was saying that yes you have the right on a public forum to state whatever reasons you have that the recruit may want to consider before taking the plunge, but that after it's up to the recruit to say yea or nay. If they say yea then find out you were right and the recruiter lied/fabricated the truth then it should be between them as you have have given them more info that he had to begin with.



Tue Aug 26 2008 8:50PM Report
Dracus writes:

Ah roger that.  I had jumped on the assumption that "you" meant me.  No problem, the adventures of forum posting.  :)

I apologize for going onto my brazen type of reply.

I understand  what you are saying now.



Tue Aug 26 2008 11:30PM Report
andyjd writes:

Ah the crazy, crazy world of MMORPG's.

Both fanboi's and haters are people which just go too far. Theres nothing wrong with liking any particular game, and theres nothing wrong with disliking a particular game. However it becomes almost tribal.

There are a few things which are particularly funny and odd though.

1) Fanboi's/Haters before the game is even released or in beta. No one really has any solid evidence about anything. Just look at the AOC/WAR tribes before launch, or Darkfall forums now for a whole lot of drama over very little.

2) Jumping on the bandwagon: There's a lot of WoW haters which I'm sure only hate WoW because it's cool to do so. Now, not everyone which dislikes wow is like this, but some are. Especially those which like to pretend they've been playing MMO's for decades, love sandbox games and PKing and everything now is carebear etc etc etc.....

Wed Aug 27 2008 9:14AM Report
UncertaintyP writes:

A fanboi is on your side, and a hater is on the other side.

Thu Aug 28 2008 2:44AM Report
Enigma writes:

A fanboi is on your side until you say something about the game that goes against his religious views on that mentioned game.

Thu Aug 28 2008 10:14AM Report
tbox writes:

 Fanboi's and haters to me  represent very narrow minded people who scare the shit out of me.      The world and an mmo is not white or black. Unfortinately everything becomes more complicated when you embrace the greyness of logical reasoning and the ability to attempt to understand someone who does not share your prospective. 

Wed Dec 10 2008 11:18PM Report writes:
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