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Eldevin Online Developer's Blog

Eldevin is a free to play, 3D browser based MMO developed by Hunted Cow Studios. This blog will showcase the awesome world of the Eldevin Kingdom, which aims to be the biggest 3D world in browser-based MMOs. We hope to see you there!

Author: EldevinOnline_Press

Dungeon Relics & Epic Armor

Posted by EldevinOnline_Press Thursday December 26 2013 at 7:23PM
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Eldevin has a dungeon relic system that allows you to exchange elite dungeon tokens for epic armor sets. The first available armor set is the Beetle Carapace armor, and it's actually quite easily obtainable. There's an elite dungeon that's accessible at level 5, and it provides some very rewarding loot drops from the bosses.

A corrupt warden in the prison has allowed the prisoners to escape their cells and overrun the prison. You and your dungeon party must restore order to the prison, slaying any prisoners and their leaders. Doing this dungeon with a party is entirely optional, as our level 9 Assassin is able to easily solo through.


When you reach the prison courtyard, you'll see the Warden surrounded by 3 lackeys. When you dispatch his corrupt guards, the Warden will challenge you to a fight. He wields a massive hammer and occasionally unleashes a powerful stun attack on you while yelling "Hammer Time!!". Once you beat him, he'll drop his mighty hammer, a strong item for anyone in your group who uses 2h melee weapons.


On your first time through this dungeon, you'll have a side-quest to free prison guards who have been locked in cells by the escaped prisoners. This is an easy objective, although sometimes a prisoner will ambush you from the cell you just unlocked, leaving you guessing which doors hold the trapped guards.

At the end of the dungeon you'll fight Raelin the Wrathful. He's a little tougher than the Warden, and he'll heal himself when you think you've got him beat.

Throughout the dungeon you'll obtain dungeon relics (the coin with two swords in this screenshot).

Right outside the dungeon is the trader for relic armor, and each piece of armor costs between 4 - 6 relics per piece. A full set should be easily obtainable in 3 - 5 runs of the dungeon. This is a great low-level armor set to have, especially for Assassin characters who wear medium armor.


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