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Eldevin Online Developer's Blog

Eldevin is a free to play, 3D browser based MMO developed by Hunted Cow Studios. This blog will showcase the awesome world of the Eldevin Kingdom, which aims to be the biggest 3D world in browser-based MMOs. We hope to see you there!

Author: EldevinOnline_Press

Eldevin Update 1.03c

Posted by EldevinOnline_Press Sunday January 19 2014 at 8:09PM
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The Eldevin team is pumping out updates this month, bringing players lots of needed tweaks and things players have suggested on the forums.


  • Players will now receive claimed rewards for daily repeatable quests even if quest gets reset.
  • Slightly improved experience gain for killing higher level creatures.
  • When in a group you will now get solo experience if no-one from your group is within range.
  • Group level experience buff now only applies to creature kills and will not apply if no-one in your group is within range.
  • "Hide quest below level" option in the Quest Journal now saves with your account.
  • The cooldown on 'Benediction' has been increased by 10 seconds.
  • Added vendor map icon for the Eldevin Pet Shop.
  • Added the Anchor and Tankard in Brokenshore as a rested experience area.
  • You can now preview vanity gear in the Eldevin Market.
  • Split window now shows what you are splitting in the window title.
  • The Instant Dragon Travel now requires location to be unlocked.
  • Experience gain against much higher level creatures is now much lower.
  • The Balaur smashes a little less frequently and no longer specifically hates Rangers.
  • Improved the 'Chasing Inspiration' quest.
  • Increased the Arcane Council reputation given by the Arcane Council Token to 100 up from 50.
  • Updated the skill descriptions of Armorsmithing, Jewelry and Alchemy to be more accurate.
  • Quest chat announcements that belong to the same quest now overwrite each other.
  • PvP now requires both players to be in a PvP zone. 
  • Clicking on the health and mana bars in the Player Name panel will now select that player.
Eldevin is completely free-to-play with an optional subscription bonus, and mainly vanity items in the cash shop. There's zero pay-to-win, and the gameplay is focused on PvE, crafting and character development, with a PvP arena and group queing for dungeons. 
If you haven't tried Eldevin, it's a good time to get into it now, as the team is working on a downloadable client through Steam Greenlight which will bring graphical improvements to the game. Go ahead and give Eldevin a try now.

Eldevin on Steam Greenlight

Posted by EldevinOnline_Press Tuesday January 7 2014 at 11:56PM
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If you haven't heard already, Hunted Cow Studios has launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for Eldevin, with many updates to the game in the works, including:

  • Downloadable client for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Hardware rendering (faster and improved graphics)
  • WASD controls
  • Improved camera controls (3rd person view and long-distance rendering)
After being released in November, Eldevin has reached the Top 10 MMORPGs here on, as well as the Indie Browser MMO of the Year on Massively. If you haven't played Eldevin by now, it's a great time to get into the fun.

Eldevin's Key Features

  • Rich storyline involving hundreds of quests. 
  • Huge world to explore with many cities, areas, dungeons and secrets. 
  • 6 Talent Trees featuring over 200 talents. 
  • Real-time combat system. 
  • Use strategy and tactics to defeat epic Foes and Bosses. 
  • Engage in PvP combat with your friends and enemies. 
  • Your decisions and actions will affect future encounters and possibilities. 
  • Class-less combat system; players in Eldevin are free to learn any of over 100 unique abilities. 
  • Train in 14 professions to craft your own weapons, armor, items and amenities. 
  • 14 group-based dungeons and dozens of in-depth story-driven solo instances. 
  • Hundreds of items, including 20 unique sets, to obtain and collect. 
  • Initial release of 40 levels with awesome end-game content and consistent updates.
We sincerely we hope you'll enjoy the game and support our Greenlight campaign!

The Assassin Who Stole Christmas: Slaying Snowmen in Eldevin

Posted by EldevinOnline_Press Tuesday January 7 2014 at 9:08AM
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The holidays are over, but there's still time to take part in the festive activities in the Eldevin Kingdom. In the town center of Eldevin City you'll find a mage who has opened a portal to a strange winter land.


Once you step through the portal, you'll notice the map has been divided into 4 sections,  so characters of all levels can enjoy the area.


Speaking with the Old Claus NPC will yield a quest involving killing the inhabitants of the glacial land and bringing candy canes back to Old Claus.  You'll gain a hefty chunk of experience for this quest, and the creatures will drop more than just candy canes in their loot bags. The armor loot drops are fairly high also.

These snowmen aren't pushovers, and have both ranged and melee attacks. They'll hurl snowballs at you from a distance, and rake you with their arms when you engage close-up.

Oh, and they bleed too. Maybe there is some magic in that old hat, afterall.

Candy canes can also be used to exchange for cool winter themed items, such as a present filled with a random assortment of goodies, or a vanity pet snowman that follows you around wherever you go.




Oh, and did we mention Eldevin is now on Steam Greenlight? For the Steam downloadable client release, we are working on adding many new and improved features requested by the community such as Hardware Rendering (better and faster graphics performance), WASD movement and improved camera freedom.  Click Here to vote for Eldevin on Steam! 


Battle of the Dark Dragon Gameplay Footage

Posted by EldevinOnline_Press Monday January 6 2014 at 10:23AM
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Click Here to watch the Battle of the Dark Dragon


Eldevin has no shortage of action, utilizing an old-school MMO feel with modern features to give hardcore MMO players an exciting challenge. The gameplay is similar to Runescape or WoW, with added features not found in many other browser-based MMOs such as dungeon and PvP party queing, the ability to level up in any of the class talent trees simultaneously, and 14 crafting professions to make your own armor, food, potions and more.

Also, hopscotch!

You can utilize a vast array of abilities at your disposal to blast, slash, poison and zap your enemies, with over 100 abilities to learn. Instead of choosing your class during character creation, you buy scrolls to learn the different class abilities, and the strength of those abilities will be directly affected by your ability points (Strength, Wisdom, etc) and the points you invest in the talent trees.

Eldevin's Classless System for Hybrid Characters

Posted by EldevinOnline_Press Friday January 3 2014 at 12:37AM
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While gameplay in Eldevin is easily compared to MMOs like WoW or Runescape, it does offer a unique skill -learning system. Instead of choosing a class when you create your character and then finding your class trainers, you simply buy scrolls to learn new skills.

This means that you can buy scrolls from the trainers of any one of the six classes and create a truly hybrid character. Want to cast Mage fireballs while dual-wielding scimitars? Want to throw Assassin poisons on the ground while running around casting Templar healing spells on yourself? It's all completely viable.

You have the following classes to mix and match skills from:

Warrior: (Melee Damage) Allows you to take down multiple targets.

Templar: (Tank) This class can draw enemies and take their damage.

Assassin: (Melee Damage) Mastery of quick damage and damage over time.

Ranger: (Ranged Damage) Specializes in shooting with bows with powerful abilities.

Mage: (Spell Damage) Can use powerful magical spells to deal large amounts of damage.

Prophet: (Healer) Heals your allies with powerful spells.


So, go crazy. Be a ranged healer with a deadly bow. Leap into battle with the ferocity of the warrior, then fry a bunch of enemies with arcing lightning bolts.


Clad in heavy armor and wielding a large 2 handed weapon, the Warrior wants to deal as much damage a possible, so Ranged and Sorcery are best completely ignored as Vitality and Melee should take up the most of your point allocation. Although only a fool will ignore Focus as critical hits can mean the difference between life and death in a tough fight. The Warrior uses Ruin to strike an enemy twice with their large 2 Handed weapon. This ensures the damage output is high even with such a slow weapon. Then with Bloodbath, a skill that strikes multiple enemies, coupled with the large damage dealing ability bane, the Warrior is a formidable force.


Dressed in Heavy Armor and carrying shield and sword, the Templar can go toe-to-toe with any enemy and take large amounts of damage. As with a Warrior Vitality and Melee are the main interest for the Templar. A few points could be put into Sorcery so that the Templar can heal their allies more effectively. Some would say that the Templar gives up some damage dealing by carrying a shield. This is not the case, as with Vindicate the Templar charges the shield with a magical energy and slams it directly into their enemies. Not only that, but Impale draws foes to them and throws vicious ethereal spikes at all those who are foolish enough to come near. This would be deadly enough, but the Templar can also use Bloodbath with equal ferocity to any Warrior. With these powerful skills, the Templar can stand with confidence at the forefront of battle.


A fast, high damage, melee, medium armor wearing class, the assassin uses their abilities to deal large amounts of damage and take out your enemies one at a time. Melee is your main attribute as you kill your targets with dual wielded small weapons. Although Sorcery and Ranged are of little use to the Assassin, Energy will keep your lethal abilities coming. Critical hits from Focus will also help to finish your foes quickly. The Assassin gets the most out of their razor sharp blades with Lacerate which deals additional damage and Rupture which causes their targets to bleed out over time. To augment this pair of vicious skills, the Assassin uses Lethal Concoction, an insidious skill that throws a pool of acid over an area which eats away at any enemy caught within it. With their Corrosion talent, the Assassin can make this Lethal Concoction truly live up to its name. In the hands of a skilled Assassin, Lethal Concoction, Lacerate and Rupture can be used with devastating effect.


The Ranger is a master of bows and crossbows. Sorcery and Melee are avoided by the vast majority of Rangers as their main interest is the Ranged attribute to make their bows more potent. A Ranger's true strength is their wide variety of skills. This means that Rangers with high Energy ensure that they can use their abilities freely. Of course Focus is always useful for an easy kill. The first skill any Ranger learns is the damage dealing Black Fang. This is a staple for most Rangers, foes learn to dread the Black Fang's signature purple glow. Haemorrhage causes serious bleeding over time, which makes it the skill of choice for many Rangers to initiate combat. The Crystal Blast stuns a Ranger's target for a second, but this can be increased with the Concussion talent making this skill even more useful. On top of all that the Ranger also has Blazing Arrow, which incinerates any enemy caught in arrow's cone of burning fire. The finest Rangers are those who observe the flow of battle and use their skills accordingly.


You deal death with your arcane skills and Sorcery is your favored attribute. Due to this the majority of Mages simply ignore Melee and Ranged so they can concentrate their points into Sorcery. That being said, you must keep the spells coming, so Energy is also very useful to any Mage. Focus is ignored by many, which is a mistake. Critical hits will now and again will make you deal more damage and so save your precious Mana. Although Staves can be used for finishing off a weakened enemy, it's your Essence that you should use to deal damage. The talent Essence of Magic is extremely useful as you deal more damage with your Essence and it also tops up your Mana for free! The initial spell a Mage learns is Incinerate, a fireball that does serious damage. This makes it one of the most useful spells in the Mage's arsenal. Unfortunately there are times when an enemy does manage to survive the hail of Incinerate and Essence fire. It's then that the clever Mage would use Frostbite to root an enemy to the spot allowing for some precious seconds of respite to either retreat or decide on the next spell. When a Mage finds themselves facing a large group of enemies, they can use Blizzard to call a powerful storm of ice shards to rain down upon them. Something to note is a mage with high sorcery can also learn some healing abilities from the prophet tree to increase their survivability as they tend to be clothed in lighter armor.


A master of healing, Sorcery is the main attribute for the Prophet as it makes their healing capabilities more potent. This also means that the Mage's damage spells can be used, with almost as much effectiveness. Balancing their healing and damaging spells is the real challenge for the Prophet. Energy will keep the the healing spells flowing and their allies alive which will benefit from Focus. A critical heal is always appreciated. Melee and Ranged are generally ignored by most Prophets. The basic heal is Revitalize, this restores the health of the Prophet or targeted party member. Rejuvenate does heal over time allowing for friends to stand in the heat of battle when they otherwise couldn't. When a friend is overwhelmed by their enemies the Prophet can literally bring them back from the dead with an improved Resurrect. The Prophet is not just restricted to healing, they can also protect a single party member with Redemption that absorbs incoming damage. The damage absorption of Redemption can also be increased with the Prophet's Sanctuary talent making it even better. These healing and protection specializations make the Prophet an invaluable member to any dungeon group. In times of dire need the prophet can summon a Dark Prayer to heal all allies within a wide area instantly!


Eldevin Dungeon Gameplay Footage

Posted by EldevinOnline_Press Wednesday January 1 2014 at 1:45AM
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Are you following the Eldevin Youtube channel? We'll be posting gameplay footage, quest guides and other cool updates for our fans. Take a look at gameplay footage of the Othalo Prison dungeon, a group instance for low-level characters.

Youtube Gameplay Footge


Though Eldevin is a browser-based MMO, the game has been crafted to push modern hardware to the limits, blending a huge world with 3D graphics to bring you into the fantasy world of the Eldevin Kingdom. The zones are enormous, allowing your character to freely roam the landscape with no barriers obstructing you.


The world of Eldevin is literally a massive place. There are 163+ realms for players to explore, covering over 3 million tiles. There's over 1000+ quests to solve, innumerous boss battles, and countless dungeons and instances with rare items for your group to find. We hope to see you in there!