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Chronicles of the Spider's weave

Some men search for the meaning of life in tasting exquisite platers,others seek to know as many alcoholic spirits as there can be,some are connoisseurs of sexual service. This cheapster seeks a life among various realms in the spider's world wide web...

Author: El_Gostro

Angel love On Line -Warning high glucids-SUGAR RUSH

Posted by El_Gostro Wednesday December 5 2007 at 10:53PM
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Well I was toying around this rather beloved site of spite,woe and occasional gaming on the subject of massive online outofthisworldy entertainment and actually managed for once to get a closed beta key for a game I otherwise never thought I'd try out.

Ayes,this (un)manly lover of bloody axe games and scorching fireballs decided to try angels online,brought to you by those same fellows who run last chaos,tales of pirates/pirate king and voyage century.


Against all my prejudice I was actually surprised at the extension if somewhat simple of the character creation system,although I still do have this vague feeling it is not so prospective love interests can know more baout but rather adevious ploy to obtain yet more information for some super secret information agency (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGH RUN SCULLY!)



EL_Gostro (of course!)


Well,father always said I was as bothersome as crabs or prostate Cancer

Blood type?

That's odd...

Work and personality and medium?
Unemployed and strange sound f-Hold on a sec!THIS IS A PLOY!

After finding a safe spot somewhere in the amazon jungle and disposing of teh equipment after being finished with my tests and donning an ideal anime sugarcoated 2d form I landed -or flyed to EDEN!

Well Basically I'd say at first sight this is the web 2.0 version of Ragnarok...but hold on!Engrish aside this is actually fun!
(The hi and bye emotes are the bestest ever,even if your toon doesnt actually perform them the asian voice is SOOO DAMN FUNNY AND CUTE AND ALL THAT!)
The interface may seem clunky at first but it's surprisingly practical and intuitive quickly enough and the tutorials really arent so bad taking into accounts other korean  style d2p grindfest gameys

Then came that moment in all MMO's I call the cherry popper,the first time you choose a class for your first character...the definer of the next 5 minutes,days or months of the path you ll choose to put your beloved toon on...Chef and tech sounded fun but I never recovered from using Necromancers in Diablo so what the hell I ll be a summoner and get the cutest  lavender skeletal helper to ever walk the sweet clouds of heaven...

Still the variety of classc combat professions coupled with gatherer ones brought some nice memories from the early days of UO type of games (Si manga de putos,yo jugué AL ARGENTUM!)


Back to the overview,the game could use a little correction in path seeking and desengrishgification when it comes to the interface...

But all in all,with a standard computer,a girlfriend or having girlfriends who are into sugar coated shonen animes but not that much into games or just wanting to feel that odd sensation you get when you eat to0 much cake I can definitely say this isnt a bad game,and it definitely worth it if you're into games that arent completely 3d (Though I must say it did bring back a flashing memory for some reason of Little BIg adventure)

I'd say that if you can,giving it a shot,if only to shut your 10 year old sister so as to avoid her deleting your WOW characters ,go for it!



PS: The excessive information and password and PIN security measures still make me think this is some kind of covert training protocol for North Korean Spy networking services...