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Chronicles of the Spider's weave

Some men search for the meaning of life in tasting exquisite platers,others seek to know as many alcoholic spirits as there can be,some are connoisseurs of sexual service. This cheapster seeks a life among various realms in the spider's world wide web...

Author: El_Gostro

2029 or the bastard children of the Drow queen and Magneto VS humans VS Shrek's cousins

Posted by El_Gostro Tuesday September 8 2009 at 10:38PM
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Guess what!
My machine can actually run this game!

ºPlayer Creation:
Kinda express and regretted lack of customizing the playing avatar but oh wells.

Ya gets 3 races to choose from:
-Dryads (make that Shrek's extended ogre family)
-Electric Elves (Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's non recognized pointy eared half brethern)

Bad news be that the whole player making process seems  more of a visual thingie and it be done as a compromise for the player who'd like to "Personalize" them a bit


They struck me as very similar to that other game where instead of a human avatar you get to use anime style mechs,it  would seem to be the same engine judging from the way player characters interact with the world,particuarly with NPC's.
(Death animation of the Fallen variants of enemies are fun!)

Now this be where ye find something funs!

Specking abilities is fairly standard procedure for this kind of games and the basic ones sure come in handy rather earlier in the game (Area attacks can net you a lot of fun and save a lot of hassle for the average kill X monsters quests)

Combat be interesting as the avatar once engages in combat will focus on the enemy it has targeted and will keep facing it as long as it stays nearby or until you decide to run away (guess this be more of a visual thingie but still it was interestin ta notes!)

A diablo style additive is presented at the beggining as well,since you have the ability to summon from the start a variety of henchmen  that will leave place to stronger more effective variants as you advance levels,tis a pity you can't equip em though...

 The developers seem to realize how lazy some of us can be as they have implemented a system where you can click the name of an NPC (friendly or enemy) in order to make your PC go to the area where they are located,however it doesnt just end here yet.
Since most quests will consist of "Kill X monsters and retrieve X items" players are given the possibility of turning on an Auto combat option,leaving us to do more productive stuff like read a book,do homework or sacrifice black chickens in the bathroom to Lord Belzebu while the PC and his band of merry pet henchmen engage on the baddies.



All in alls,it be not a bad game ta give a try if ya like  Diablo style games ,guess it's ideal for Lan party clan matches!