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Chronicles of the Spider's weave

Some men search for the meaning of life in tasting exquisite platers,others seek to know as many alcoholic spirits as there can be,some are connoisseurs of sexual service. This cheapster seeks a life among various realms in the spider's world wide web...

Author: El_Gostro

Even less than one minute Tryouts!!!!

Posted by El_Gostro Monday September 7 2009 at 11:21AM
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Yeps turns out my pc is even  shittier than I remember and some games I didnt even managed ta get working!
So let us share my extensive experience on this massive multiplaying jewels:



ºDragonica Online:

Okay ,I download the thingie,register- bla bla bla-and discover the following message when I attempt to log in

"Check ID"

After hiring a team of archaelogists and linguists I was still unable to find any solution to my problem,the help ticket that I sent to THQ ICE Support is still gathering dust in a time capsule awaiting the moment that Kamandi and his dog friends will find it in order to save the universe or something

I'm sure it s a fun game...


ºNIDA online:

Okaaaays,so I felt a little bit like I lived in a blocky action figure world where the inhabitants had suffered a global attack of that dust a character in the Beetlejuice movies used to reduce the head of people.
The mechs looked fun,but my pc couldnt handle shit.
Seems generic enough all in all :P


Obviously,my character "SirPedobear" is a swift scout specked for maximum speed and stealth
(I did consider gunner but Pedobear is known for his hands on fast approach in the theft of lolis)



One SINGLE thing makes this game totally worth it :

The furry banther of the general chat.

It's priceless! 
I completely forgot that I actually had to play a game or move an avatar through a world.
It is like the equivalent of living in the world of Big Bang Theory and hiding inside a bathroom listening to random conversations of a group of people with a weird fetish and their freaked out friend who is desperately simulating to read a message on his cellphone and  trying to leave.

There be stuff I shoulds reviews like playabaility or character creation but I completely forgot about it or never did even get to that point...