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An Older Man's Gaming Experience

First started gaming when I was 46 back in 2006 and deployed to Iraq. Almost ten years later, I still game. What I game, however, and why I continue to play, is one of the many thing I'm trying to understand about myself...

Author: Ecnali

ArcheAge and Trion Worlds - Disaster 2.0

Posted by Ecnali Sunday September 13 2015 at 1:39AM
Login or Register to rate this blog post! first blog entry. Why a blog? Because MMORPG now has 'rules' preventing people from initiating threads in forums. I guess this is my new place where I can whine about life's choices, and the consequences I have to deal with when other people make bad decisions. Or for that matter, good decisions. Ultimately, any decision can have a personal consequence to anyone...

     I won't go into who I am just yet. I'll just say i'm 55 and have been gaming only for about ten years. I started gaming because a work colleague of mine got me into Star Wars Galaxies while I was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq. Iraq was mostly work, getting shelled, hiding in bunkers, and some actual down time. And during that down time, I got introduced to Star Wars Galaxies. I fell in love with it. And, from reading the forums here, I apparently fell in love with the wrong game, as I started post-NGE - and still thought it was the neatest thing since sliced bread! ... But more on SWG in a later blog. 

     Besides SWG, Lord of the Rings Online opened up while I was deployed. Wow! Stars Wars and Lord of the Rings - like, my two most favorite story lines! ... There are a few stories here as well, but again, let's save that for another day.

     And now, the things that got me thinking...ArcheAge...Trion Worlds. A brief summary - Server Evolution = massive failure. Trion Worlds, the new 'standard' of MMO Company failures, practically overtaking and perhaps even, (although I'm not sure I am able to actually believe this) surpassing SOE's disastrous decisions regard SWG. 

     ArcheAge is such a great fun game. I love it. I love the whole aspect of farming and crafting. Even adventuring was fun. But, ultimately, everything came down to being a patron, and having land. And all the land I've acquired was lost during server Evolution, which is a fancy way of saying server merging and "New Game Enhancements", if you get my drift. Now, personally, NGE means something completely different to me than to others. 

     Suffice to say, I'm not going to try anymore. I've unsubscribed from ArcheAge and removed both Glyph and the game. I guess it's back to EVE, Lord of the Rings Online, and yes, I'm proud to say it, World of Warcraft. Another game I came to somewhat late - and still think it's a fun game. But, yeah, I will miss ArcheAge. I won't ache for it, respond with the despair that still comes over me at times over the death of Star Wars Galaxies - that I still feel at times! but yeah. I'm gonna miss ArcheAge. And I guess I can't trust Trion Worlds ever again, the same way I distrust Electronic Arts, and SOE.  Rest in peace, Star Wars Galaxies...I still miss you and your crafting system. 

     Let me know what you think.