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Life, Liberty, and Pepsi

some Detailed discussion on MMO's and the state of the MMO genera. Some Personal previews and reviews of some MMO's I have played and a bunch of other stuff!

Author: FlyinDutchman87

The Eternal Optimisim of MMO players

Posted by FlyinDutchman87 Thursday September 19 2013 at 4:12PM
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This is my first blog so a brief introduction is likely in order. I’m Flying Dutchman an MMO/tabletop gamer for nearly 10 years. I’ve player A LOT of MMO’s some good, some bad, and some ugly, and would define myself as a PVPer first, a Crafter second, and a PVEer third.

Today’s topic of choice however is about, as the title suggests, the Eternal optimism of the MMO player.

At some point, all of us have experienced a moment of such utter perfection while playing an MMO that it changed the way we live and game forever. Otherwise, you’d be working, or dating, or fiddling with your model train set instead of reading a blog on an MMO dedicated website site.  For me this happened in WoW, while playing my very first character in a dungeon.  It was awesome and loads of fun. I made a guild with some of my college friends, we recruited more people and eventually we made friends, met random people, and all and all had a great time.

Eventually however I lost that feeling. The game became boring and dull, people moved on and eventually even the draw of the people I had met(some of whom are still my IRL friends) couldn’t keep me logging back in every day.  It is at THAT exact moment that the hunt began. My search for a better MMO, a new game with better features,  A better community where all of my old guild buddies could live and laugh and kill random dragons ever after. In short, I was looking for a WoW killer and a decade later I’m still looking.

There were a few contenders, WAR, EVE, and DDO. More recently, I’ve tried GW2 and FFXIV. All of which are decent games but none of which have ever captured that feeling.  So I look farther to the future. Maybe TESO or WildStar. Maybe it will be even FURTHER out with EQ:N or Camelot Unchained, or some small under-hyped game in between. The hunt however, will continue and hope shall spring eternal. I’ve been looking for “The game” for nearly six years now, and hope is all we have left.

So I ask you the reader, assuming anyone actually reads this. What is it that keeps us looking to the horizon for that ultimate paragon of a game? What drives us to dump our money and hopes and dreams into game after game only to come up disappointed time and time again? writes:
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