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Ideas for next-gen games

In this blog, I'm trying to give some of my ideas to make the next generation of games innovating and fun.

Author: Drolletje

Games new MMO's can learn from Part I: Warcraft III

Posted by Drolletje Sunday October 12 2008 at 4:07PM
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Hello everyone,

It's a long time ago I last made a post here. For those who are wondering: I've quitted WoW again and I'm now relatively enjoying WAR. However, I'm still waiting for tCoS , that should be released less than two months from now. But I will not be talking about WoW, WAR or tCoS here; there are more than enough people talking about them right now. My goal still is to provide ideas for games that are starting development now, and maybe even creating my own game, but that's for later.

In my next posts, I will be discussing games I played, games I liked and games I heard about. Popular or not, mmo or not, they share only one thing: they all have a really cool and innovative system that I'd really like to see in future mmo's. So forgive me if I'm just talking about one part of a game; It doesn't mean I love or hate the rest; it just means that's the part I want to talk about here. The first game is Warcraft III (no, that is NOT world of warcraft, it's not even an mmo), and more specific the Warcraft III World Editor.

Warcraft III is a game I have played a lot, and mostly for one reason: the unbelievable amount and variety of custom maps available free on the net. Tower defense maps, huge multiplayer rpg maps, and of course DotA, the map so popular it became a full game on itself. These maps are created with the Warcraft III world editor (afaik). I've tried creating a few (noobish) maps myself, and the possibilities for creating custom units and triggers are almost endless. Some people even created thing like shooting and racing games within warcraft.

That is something I'd really love to see in an mmorpg. A world editor, a tool that lets the player create his own world within the game world, with its own rules and its own custom enemies to face. A place where any gamer could enter to discover unique hand-crafted experiences. Of course a lot of these player worlds will suck, but that doesn't matter because as long as enough people are creating, some will be good at creating and in the end, a new DotA could be born.

Developers always have problems with players rushing too fast trough all the content. So the developers add a grind to keep the powergamers happy longer. But a long grind scares the casual players. So why not let the players create their own content? Is it too difficult to create a good world editor (like warcraft's) or is it that the developers don't like to give too much power to the gamers? Please tell me what you think about player created content in MMO's. Can it work? Would you like it?

Thanks for reading

Uruktos writes:

You are talking about Neverwinter Nights series it seems.

You can't really create a world editor for MMO's. If you do, they wouldn't be MMO's in the first place.

Closest thing would be a huge sandbox type game, but even a sandbox has its limits.

Sun Oct 12 2008 4:37PM Report
Zarobien writes:

I'm afrait that this would lead to having a lot of stupid maps that brake the athmosphere of the game. Imagine WoW player base making their own maps and getting them attached to current wow world.

But on another hand i'm a huge fan of guild city building and player housing. Mayby they could make set of buildings, landscapes and npc's. Then the guilds gould build their own city as dungeon. In there there probably could be some hostile npc's as well.

Sun Oct 12 2008 5:17PM Report
samuraislyr writes:

 I think this could work actually really well.

Really all developers have to do is maybe limit the content.

Perhaps you can only create dungeons or something, not gear, not giant world planes etc. 

I think dungeon making would be very interesting, we would probably see a lot more solo dungeons but they would probably be more interesting with traps, portals to giant world planes (loophole to above limiting rule :P) and other such neato things. 

Sun Oct 12 2008 5:44PM Report
Sketch5 writes:

Try Second Life.

Sun Oct 12 2008 10:52PM Report writes:
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