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LotRO Post

I love playing Turbine's LOTRO. Its a very thoughfully made game and although its not revolutionary, it brings together the best elements of MMORPG in one highly enjoyable package. I'll write about my adventures in Middle Earth and other observations.

Author: Dreyyvan

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Posted by Dreyyvan Wednesday June 6 2007 at 9:28PM
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My first entry!  Welcome to all passersby.  Don't have much to say, I'll start with LOTRO in general.  Lord of the Rings Online is an awesome recreation of Tolkien's beloved Middle Earth.  You can play as an Elf, Man, Hobbit or Dwarf.  There are several classes available to each race but some are more limited, like the Man-only Captain class or the Elf/Man only Loremaster.  The game is more geared towards the Books rather than the Movies, which is refreshing, and you get to meet the main characters throughout your adventures.  Small as well as massive ruins dot the landscape, giving the game a sense history as ancient as the hills.  You also get the sense that an age is coming to an end and another is dawning.  Whereas the Elves were the masters of Middle Earth's history, Men are the masters of it's future.

My main character is an Elf Guardian.  The guardian is a tank-type class who's heavy armor and heavy shield comprise his role of defender of the weak, your function is to take damage that others would cringe away from, leaving the casters and direct damage types free to carry out their functions within a given group.  This is actually the first time I play a tanking class.  In the early days of EQ I played mainly a Monk, in AO I played mainly an Opifex Agent, in L2 my main was a Phantom Ranger. 

So what drew me to play an Elf Guardian?  Well, one of the most memorable characters in all of Tolkien's book for me is Fingolfin and the thought of having an elf in shining plate armor, wielding a sword and a shield in Middle Earth appealed highly to me.  Truth be told, I love playing my main character, whom I christened Fingolthiir by the way, hehe. 

I'm not highly into the mechanics of a game or templates or "builds" as they're known, I play to have fun with a bunch of like-minded people and interact with them.  My present kinship (guild), Dynasty on the Gladden Server, has a very similar mindset.  We play hard, but we realize that RL takes precedence and that being the l33t uber zerg, or leveling from 1 to 50 in a weekend isn't what most players want.  Turbine also sees this, and I believe this is why the game has done so well.  The l33t players will probably move on to the next big game like AoC and similar, like a conquering horde, but I think I'll make LotRO my gaming home for the foreseeable future.  :-)