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Dragona: Developers Blog

Dragona: Expedition of Bartan is a New Fantasy MMORPG developed by Liveplex Corporation. A free to play game that offers a different type of storyline, gameplay, PVP, unique dragon transformation, and high quality graphics.

Author: Dragona_Team

Dragona: Tour around the Continent of Bartan “Dragon Valley”

Posted by Dragona_Team Sunday December 4 2011 at 1:32AM
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Welcome to another edition of our blog post. Moving on to our series of map introduction and making a quick tour around the areas and understanding its localities and inhabitants. Let’s take you to the valley of the great dragons and inhabited by Jurtan’s followers in the continent of Bartan called “Dragon Valley”.

Dragon Valley is divided to six sites; the Golden Dragon Shores, Umenus Village, Seona Spider Forest, Seona Mountain, Umenus Mountain, and the Valley of Bitter Grief.

Golden Dragon Shores

The place where Umenus Prime, the ancient golden dragon, and Seona, the Spider Queen, one of the most faithful servants of Jurtan, fought during the Dragon Wars. When Umenus Prime breathed out flames, the mountains melted down and became what it is today. Seona, who was directly hit by the fiery dragon breath, was instantly killed.

Although Umenus and the mountain areas were purified by the mystics of Nastal Clan, the Seona Cliff and mountain areas were severely contaminated for 1000 years. Legend say Umenus Prime died with Seona. But some say you can see the sight of an enormous golden dragon flying from the top of this cliff once in a while during a magnificent sunset. According to the legend of the Nastal Clan, Umenus Prime had used up all of his powers but is not really dead, only asleep. They say the reason so many Drakes stay at this cliff is because they are attracted by the energy of Umenus Prime, who lies asleep somewhere. But there have never been any reports that he has been officially discovered yet.

Umenus Village

To the Northwest of Umenus lies a village of Nastal Clan mystic who were ruled by the gold dragon, Umenus Prime. The Nastal Clan once had a very advanced magic culture. But at the time of the Dragon Wars, due to the attack by the spider queen Seona and her army, almost all the adult members died in battle and cultural artifacts were destroyed. The few young mystics who barely survived have currently formed a low level of Shamanist culture as they were unable to inherit the essence of the once brilliant ancient magic culture. There are magic characters inscribed on the mud hut resembling the ones in the Nazallan post. Also scattered about are Shamanistic totems and mysterious crystals.

Instead of inheriting the magic culture of their ancestors, the mystics of the Nastal Clan obtained the ability to commune with animals, and that power was strong enough to tame even the Drakes. Golden Wing Drakes live in the direction of Nastal Cliff. When their breeding season came, many of them flock around this cliff shore. There, the mystics of Nastal provide food and safe shelter for them and they became friends. They do not have a master-servant relationship but an equal one. The Nastal Clan mystics and Drakes developed such a close friendship and got along so well, that the Mystics will even let the Drakes their powers when fighting the Seona spiders. Their ill-fated relationship with the Spider Queen continues to this very day, and they are still at war with Seona spiders taking up the other side of the Valley of Bitter Grief.

Seona Spider Forest

The habitat where the offspring and descendents of Seona the Spider Queen lives. The Araknes who live here originally came from the Nastal Clan. But due to the curse of Seona, they became one with the breed of Seona and turned into Arakne. As their mind was turned to evil, they came to resent the Nastal Clan whom they thought had abandoned them. They believe that someday, when Seona the Spider Queen is resurrected, she will return them to their original form as the reward of their loyalty and turn the Nastal mystics into the monstrous form they are currently in. For this purpose, they created a sacred ground of their own around the dead body of Seona and are guarding the area. While their battle ability overwhelms the Nastal Clan mystics, ever since Drakes started helping the Nastal Clan, they have been fighting neck to neck. While Seona Arakne takes on the appearance of a beautiful female mystic, Seoron Arakne has a hideously distorted form of a mystic. Due to this, the female Araknes who place importance in appearance don’t pay much attention to male Araknes. Instead, they desire the Nastal Clan mystic males as their mate. So both the Nastal Clan mystics and Araknes are destined to fight. In the case of Araknes, if they do not have enough game, the weak ones are eaten by the female. There are a relatively a large number of Araknes and they usually use large scythes.

Seona Mountain

This is the site of Jurtan’s followers currently scattered throughout the continent of Bartan. Their religion began with their devotion to the evil dragon Jurtan who had powers exceeding even the Goddess Huanis. However, it became an organization created by monsters of another dimension who infiltrated deep the human world to bring about chaos into the world. They will tempt anyone, including common people, nobles, magicians, politicians, and clerics with enticing promises of making them immortal. However, the consequence of falling into this temptation is to be drained of all energy and turned into a skeleton to become a puppet for the monsters of the other dimension.

Umenus Mountain

The high-level mystics of the Nastal Clan are constantly harnessing the power of the golden dragon, Umenus Prime to prevent the resurrection of Seona the Spider Queen. At the top of Umenus Mountain, they have set up an altar to prevent the evil energy of Seona from spreading. The mystics also deliver the power of the dragon to the clan members. Because the existence of the clan rests on their hands, they are very hostile and closed. Rumor has it that Umenus Prime is not dead, but only asleep underneath the altar. However, the truth is yet unknown.

Valley of Bitter Grief

The place where the first expeditionary forces were annihilated during the early days of Bartan exploration. Three (3) years ago, the first expeditionary forces fighting the Araknes in the Seona Spider Forest were defeated here. While they were retreating, the Nastal Clan thought the human army was sent to attack them, and so they too attacked the retreating expeditionary forces. So, all the expeditionary forces were wiped out. The expedition was heading to Seona’s Cliff on orders to capture the Sanctum of Goddess Huanis. But the ones giving out this order were actually the Followers of Jurtan disguised as Huanis clerics. The souls of the dead are now wandering around the Valley of Bitter Grief unable to return to the bosom of the Mana because of the powers coming from the Gates of Death.

Have a quick tour in our map video: DRAGONA MAP SERIES: Dragon Valley

Few of the monsters can be found in Dragon Valley:
Seona’s Son
Mystic Guardian
Seona’s Daughter
Hallucinatory Arakne
Traditions Scribe
Nazaq the Sly
Spearhead Turtle Dragon
Dark Kasia
Techie Linda
Mystic Neophyte of Fire
Nastal Raptor
Lovely Nis

Thank you for reading, watch for more of our up-coming Tour around the Continent of Bartan Blog Series on Dragona.

- Dragona Team

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