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Dragona: Developers Blog

Dragona: Expedition of Bartan is a New Fantasy MMORPG developed by Liveplex Corporation. A free to play game that offers a different type of storyline, gameplay, PVP, unique dragon transformation, and high quality graphics.

Author: Dragona_Team

Dragona: Tour around the Continent of Bartan “Suer”

Posted by Dragona_Team Saturday November 19 2011 at 2:15AM
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Welcome to another edition of our blog post. Moving on to our series of map introduction and making a quick tour around the areas so we can understand its localities and inhabitants. Let’s take you to the great and ancient city in the continent of Bartan called “Suer”.

Suer is a historical site of the ancient Purians. It contains many ruins and relics. However, researchers are unable to determine which relics were connected to which magical powers. Therefore, it is not possible to use the magical function of the relics, and instead, it is used as a dwelling, warehouse or shops were wood or cloth is placed on top of the relic site.

Suer is divided to two historical sites; the Magicians Tower and the Temple of Huanis.

Magicians Tower

This tower serves as an immense magic integration device used by the Purians during their ancient magical civilization. This tower is the only means of contacting the homeland beyond the Seal of the Storm. It bridges communication between the continent of Bartan and the homeland. Dragonas can contact their clerics back in the mainland with their Dragon Bijou by relaying it through this magician’s tower.

In the past, Purians used this device for space interference magic and long-term communication magic. Because it utilized a very difficult magic capable of affecting time and space, an enormous magic integration device was needed. The Magicians Tower was made for this purpose. Currently, that technology has been restored to some extent, and a maximum of 20 AI(1 AI = 1 kg) of mass can be teleported from or to the homeland through the use of teleportation magic. Within the continent of Bartan a maximum of around 300 AI can be teleported at once. But this requires an enormous amount of energy. The Magicians Tower is a magic device operating under a very complex principle. Stella, the guild master of the magician’s guild, is the only one who can control this device.

Temple of Huanis

A sacred temple for enshrining the Goddess Huanis. The Order of Huanis lays significant meaning on the discovery of the Statue of the Goddess Huanis at this location, for it is the evidence that ancient races also worshipped the Goddess Huanis. But some have remarked that the statue bears a resemblance to the magician guild master Stella…”

Have a quick tour in our map video: DRAGONA MAP SERIES: SUER


NPC Located in Suer:

Bartus – Weapon and Armor Exchange Merchant
Loyd – Human Weapons Merchant
Famella – Human Armor Merchant
Eldanas – Eldin Weapons Merchant
Esillien – Eldin Armor Merchant
Nepitus – Kali Weapons Merchant
Ruler of the Red Flame – Human Armor Merchant
Esdel – General Merchant
Jessica – Portal Manager
Catcy – Item Conversion Manager
Gallactus – Archbishop of Order of Huanis, Guild Manager
Stella – Item Reinforcement and Extraction Manager
Cynthia – Fortune-teller
Drakal – Beggar
Harok – Captain NPC
Odessa – Eldin Storage Manager
Kariling – Commission Merchant

Thank you for reading, watch for more of our up-coming Tour around the Continent of Bartan Blog Series on Dragona.

- Dragona Team

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