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Dragona: Developers Blog

Dragona: Expedition of Bartan is a New Fantasy MMORPG developed by Liveplex Corporation. A free to play game that offers a different type of storyline, gameplay, PVP, unique dragon transformation, and high quality graphics.

Author: Dragona_Team

Dragona: Tour around the Continent of Bartan “Nazallan”

Posted by Dragona_Team Friday November 11 2011 at 1:11AM
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Welcome to another edition of our blog post. As we all know the story of Dragona had all began when the Evil Dragon Jurtan was exiled and locked away by the Five Dragon Lords in the tarnished and degraded land called “Bartan” known as “The Land of Death”. This had enraged the Dragon Lord Jurtan and oath the destruction of the five great dragon lords that lead to the first Dragon War. They had stopped him from tormenting the Magical Earth and sealed him in the continent of Bartan for eternity, but this had not stop him from cursing the land and declaring his prophecy:

“Although my body decays, my wrath and hatred toward you shall continue through the blood I shed and poison the land for a thousand years. On the day my blood overflows and soaks my heart again, I shall rise again.”

To prevent Jurtan’s self-predicted resurrection they had declared a Holy War against the followers of Jurtan in Bartan. They were joined by Dragona warriors who were capable of becoming “possessed” by the dragon spirits of the stars. They gathered around Bartan, as if drawn together by fate. Their Mission: To defeat the evil Jurtan and bring glory and honor to the name Dragona. Thus the adventure of Dragona had just begun.

This is what we all know about the story but little do we know about the continent itself. We will do a series of touring around the Bartan Continent for us to be familiar with the area.

So let’s take a quick tour around the areas by understanding its localities and inhabitants. Let us take you where your character will wake up after surviving the Great Storm in “Nazallan”.

Nazallan is divided into four areas; the Tomb of Ships, Northern Plateau, Barsha Grasslands and Dragon Blood Shores.

Tomb of Ships
When the port city of Suer was being explored, it was discovered that the ships caught up in the Seal of the Great Storm were being swept away through a steady tidal current to a shoreline called “The Tomb of Ships.” Over the horizon, you can see the Seal of the Great Storms reaching the skies, and between the sharp and rough rocks of the shore, many wrecked ships are grotesquely stranded.

Northern Plateau
A relatively safe and logistical supply route during the early period of Bartan exploration. During the full-scale inland exploration, roads were renovated for the purpose of supplying food, wood, and stone to Suer. However, because there were many powerful monsters in the East Ocean, many casualties were incurred. As a result, the exploration work was stopped. It is rumored that there is a hideout of soldiers who ran away because they couldn’t endure the extreme conditions of Bartan.

Barsha Grasslands
The grasslands is where the expeditions gather food. It is a supply center of food and wood. There is a road leading to the Nazallan outpost and also to the city of Suer. The Popoya Fruit growing here contain a strong magical power and is sold to magicians at expensive prices. Because it was originally the hunting grounds of Urkas, the Red Hands Clan, there have been frequent clashes with them ever since humans traversed this area.

Dragon Blood Shores
One of the intense battlefields during the Dragon Wars. This is the place where the ancient blue dragon Erakas defeated the evil dragon Jactus. There are bodies of dead dragons and monsters scattered throughout the shore from battles, and there are many sea monsters such as turtle dragons and sea dragons born from this blood. Even now, it is instilled with the energy of the ancient dragon, Erakas, and many monsters who seek his energy swarm to this area.

Have a quick tour in our map video: DRAGONA MAP SERIES: NAZALLAN


NPC Located in Nazallan:

Jim – Human Weapon Merchant
Siris – Human Armor Merchant
Luciel – Eldin Weapons Merchant
Narsien – Eldin Armor Merchant
Demos – Kali Weapons Merchant
Coolla – Kali Armor Merchant
Elien – General Dealer
Lumilla – Commander of Nazallan Defenders
Serapy – Fortune Teller


Few of the Monsters can be found in Nazallan:

One-eyed Captain

 Urka Chieftain

Horned Giant Turtle Dragon



Zombie Contaminator

Deserter Boss

Deserter Under Boss


Thank you for reading, watch for more of our up-coming Tour around the Continent of Bartan Blog Series on Dragona.

- Dragona Team


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