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Dragona: Developers Blog

Dragona: Expedition of Bartan is a New Fantasy MMORPG developed by Liveplex Corporation. A free to play game that offers a different type of storyline, gameplay, PVP, unique dragon transformation, and high quality graphics.

Author: Dragona_Team

Dragona: Race and Class Spotlight “CATCHA”

Posted by Dragona_Team Friday November 4 2011 at 2:17AM
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Welcome to another edition of our blog post. Moving on to our last series of Races and Class Spotlight we will be presenting you the native colony within the land of Bartan and the most cunning among the races and classes, they are well known for this due to their attunement to nature and instinct for survival. They are said to be savages but little did they know they are well trained and the most advance civilization in the continent.

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Long accustomed to their way of life in the wild a Shaman had discovered and developed their power from nature. A born Shaman from the wild get stronger from continues practice of their arts. They are well known for its impenetrable hand to hand fighting style, its physical attack contains the breath of Spirits that shatters opponent’s soul when hit. They prefer to rely on the power of their weapon rather than relying on physical strength alone. In turn their power focuses on the flow of energy in their body through their fist that with a fearsome glance can unleash devastating blow by blow to its opponents pressure points leaving them crippled. However, his grasp for technical skill is very limited. He also invokes the power of the spirit to descend upon his colleagues to improve their attack power, magic defense and speed, or heal an injured comrade with the help of the forces of nature. He can command the Life Spirits around the area and creates an emanating wave of light energy that can revive a deceased comrade.

Sample Skills

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Class Spotlight:
Partial Transformation:
Full Transformation:



Scout may look small and feeble character but they are more cunning and flexible in battle. Rather than exerting effort in increasing their muscle density to strike directly, they used sharp metal shuriken to assassinate their opponent in a midrange position. With the ancestrally blood runs through their veins that hunting by means of stealth is still their way of eliminating an enemy. They still play with their prey by disrupting the opponent’s ability using various manipulative techniques. Use of shuriken as their based attack damage, added-up with flammable and poisonous traps will reign havoc to an opponent. A clever scout uses the following ability to overcome different obstacles, backstab his enemy while hiding, agility for quick blow, high evasion to avoid incoming attack and precision for accurate damage. With its long experience from the wild she attains to survive in an extreme condition, strong will and developed great patience. Scouts high regeneration rate came from their resilience and assimilation with nature. She has the ability to summon nature’s breeze to descend upon his colleagues to improve their movement speed and evokes the power of animals to increase each member’s abilities and stats.

Sample Skills

Link Videos:
Class Spotlight:
Partial Transformation:
Full Transformation:

Thank you for reading our Race and Class Series, watch for more of our up-coming Blog on Dragona.

- Dragona Team

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