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Black Sun - getting the "Krewe" back together again

This blog is being created to document the recreation of the Black Sun guild and our experiences leading up to the lauch of GuildWars 2.

Author: Draelith19

GW2 video and BSK blog update

Posted by Draelith19 Tuesday August 14 2012 at 11:37AM
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The Black Sun Krewe has officially joined the Jade Legion Alliance and will be rolling on Jade Quarry. This alliance will allow us to better coordinate our WvWvW efforts for the betterment of our server. Stop by our site and see what we are about.

On a different subject, another guildmate named Grek put this video together from the last beta weekend.  It's a great way to view WvWvW combat in GW2 and learn about the fighting mechanics and strategy in the game.

The game launch is only a fortnight away (3 days sooner if you have early access), so we hope to see you all in-game!



GW2 Olympics - Diving Competition

Posted by Draelith19 Thursday August 2 2012 at 12:23PM
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The last beta weekend was a lot of fun, although I was only able to particpate on Friday night.  The guys in the guild decided to have a little fun while I was not around in honor of the Olympics.  This is their lame attempt at pulling off the Triple Lindy....

As you can see, we have a pretty unique set of guys in the guild, and we were able to coordinate our activity throughout the beta weekend in order to get used to working together again since our days in Warhammer & SWTOR.


Black Sun / GW2 Clip

Posted by Draelith19 Tuesday July 17 2012 at 12:10PM
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So, we've got some pretty creative guys in the guild, and I'd like to call attention to both Gobbie and Bojax.  Gobbie crafted the guild site design (more than once), and it now closely follows the look and feel of the Black Sun from games in the past.  Check it out at .

Bojax was nice enough to put together this clip for us all - it's very cool - take a look.

Swing bye the site, take a look, give us some feedback, and consider joining us for GW2.




Black Sun - back together again

Posted by Draelith19 Monday July 16 2012 at 2:03PM
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So, in mid-June, an old friend and guildmate from Warhammer Online contacted me about his plans for GuildWars2.  Our original guild was called the Black Sun Boyz, which was primarily a Greenskin-themed guild in WAR, and he was looking to get the old "Krewe" back together again.  We played WAR together from Beta all the way up to 2011, touched base for a short time in SWTOR, and kept in touch via Vent and email ever since.  Needless to say, it's a good group of guys that are looking forward to the launch of GW2.  Taburz, the GM, even made me the master of recruiting (Thank you sir may I have another!!!), but I'm not sure he thought that one aspect completely through!!!  The gang is reforming and is called the Black Sun Krewe, so check us out if you'd like at, and learn all about our history and the backstory for GW2. 

With a website created (although it's gone through a couple facelifts in a very short time), and with Gobbie's new poster in hand ( - all original artwork here, prepare to be amazed -), I've decided to create this blog to document our trip along memory lane and provide a snapshot of the guild's activities throughout the GW2 experience. 

Currently, we are recruiting new members, although we already have a very solid base from which to build from.  It would be nice, however, to get some new blood into the guild, so I went ahead and posted the guild recruitment post on the MMORPG GW2 forums.

The majority of the Krewe is eagerly awating the next Beta weekend, and many guildmates are brushing up on their skills in a variety of online games.  So, feel free to drop on bye, send along your comments, or contact us in-game!!!