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Veteran MMO Player's Beta and Release Journal

My blog will follow my experiences in Beta Testing new MMOs as well as newly released MMOs. I will provide my opinions, likes and dislikes, and bug reports as often as possible. With over 10 years of MMO experience, I know what to look for and report!

Author: DracheSC

Mortal Online: SV's deformed, retarded bastard child.

Posted by DracheSC Wednesday March 17 2010 at 4:22PM
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Mortal Online is a joke.

It's plagued with more bugs than I can possibly list in this blog.

Most of the game mechanics have not even been implemented yet.

The game is mostly unplayable, save for the very lucky few who have managed to avoid most of the crippling bugs. -I am not one of those people, I'm afraid!

I understand that this game is still technically in beta, but the developers have stated that they will be releasing in Q1 2010. Well, there isn't but a few weeks left in Q1 2010, and it seems they are fully intent on releasing this "game" within the next two weeks.

I predict disaster on a scale akin to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Developers just don't seem to want to FINISH A GAME BEFORE THEY RELEASE IT these days.

They also seem wholly unable to learn from the mistakes of other developers in the past.

With Mortal Online's launch coming up soon, SV's harsh statements regarding the impending doom of sandbox MMOs if we don't all support MO hints more than a little at desperation and fear mongering. But the response from the majority of the MMO community shows that it's definitely not working.

Reactions to SV's statements regarding the aforementioned "doom" of the sandbox style of MMO have been quite negative. Most MMO players, including this one, seem to think that sandbox MMOs have been around a lot longer than SV, and will survive long after SV is gone from this world. And with their current 'release now, maybe patch later' attitude, they might not have long to go at all.

Cliff notes:

So... many... BUGS! MO is currently unplayable for most of the MO community.

StarVault's CEO seems to think we're all stupid, and that he can scare us into buying their crappy game. Sorry guy, but we weren't born yesterday, and neither was the sandbox MMO style.

Mortal Online had a lot of promise. It had a huge scope. It represented what many of us MMO players wanted to see in a game. But it has failed to deliver on roughly 75% of promised content.

Mortal Online, in it's current incarnation, is a joke.

Mortal Online, at this point, looks to be another Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. One of the top 10 worst MMORPG disasters in history.


That's my 2-cents. Take it or leave it.

A brief introduction.

Posted by DracheSC Thursday March 4 2010 at 3:20PM
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 I'm Mike, and I've been playing MMORPGs for well over ten years now.

I started playing MMORPGs back in the stone age of MMOs. I started with Meridian 59, and haven't stopped since then. My most memorable titles would have to be Ultima Online and Asheron's Call, with EverQuest coming in at a close second.

I'm also an IT expert. I've been working in IT for most of my life, and hold more than a few industry certifications.

With my mix of MMORPG experience, and IT expertise, I can offer a veteran gamer's insight coupled with an IT expert's analysis.

In this blog, I plan to provide my overall views of new MMOs, both in beta and retail (so long as there is no NDA on the beta), my likes and dislikes, and a view of the technical side of things, in regards to realistic system requirements, killer bugs and crippling server/client issues, if any are present.

First up will be my views and opinions on the Mortal Online Open Beta. Check back soon for my full write-up!