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Hello is it me your looking for?

Demotivating at the same time Motivating Online Gamers since time immemorial...

Author: Dhar-ling

I will survive!

Posted by Dhar-ling Sunday September 28 2008 at 10:04PM
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Here are some not so funny or motivating poster created by yours truly :D










Wake me up when september ends....

Posted by Dhar-ling Wednesday September 24 2008 at 9:20PM
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Boredome... Gossips and Blog Musing XD

Ever since the WYDIANS JOURNAL week 4 started. A certain blogger catches my sleeping time span and amusement and who she is? well she never know who she is because its a secret that she will never tell. But we all know her with her Alias Gossip WYD!



Fresh idea.. Relation to the current pop culture transformedwarped in a world of blood and gore...
She probably targeting the weekly topic called "WYDIANS GOSSIP" and as far as i observed she possibly targeting the Who's Who in-game? Talk about a residence paparazzi lurking in a character we never know?

Well speaking of her reputation as of now! All of her gossip seems to be true and if i may say. She is one of the prominent player in-game because of her connection.
All in all i enjoyed all of her article and it officialy made my day! I think im an avid reader of her blog already :D

Looking forward to your next entry Gossip WYD and i hope someday i might get SPOTTED! not in a negative way though :P

Click here to visit the Gossip WYD blog.

Lets proceed to the next what  did i do due to boredom!

Since im getting so bored because of this Guild War ( and then again SHIELD do not even have a challenger! ) let us play the ABC of WYD Global shall we?


I know this will sound to be so boring but at the same time it will be fun for those people whose passion is into gaming particularly on WYD Global!


A - for CM Aruman who i rarely see

B - B forthe Beastmaster my favorite character class!

C - for the Community Managers. without them WYD Global will have a Dawn of the Dead like community XD! CM's make your in-game experience wonderful.

D - CM DharThe coolest, most handsome and the most talked about CM in the whole game and the blogosphere! CM evur! lurve you man!

E - Erion the first ever town that S.H.I.E.L.D the guild that i belonged conquerd..

F- Farche The lover of Reimers and also Reiners! now this is a love triangle!

G- Galford the most popular bald in the continent of KHERSUP

H- Hekalotia thekingdom that is bluer than blue.. the kingdom that i belong

I- Ideal Stone! if youre a god and you right clicked it. you will be transformed into a celestial!

J- Justic Ankh - another waste accesory....

K- Kafma IV and Kephra! The most popular Best Friends Forever (B.F.F) in WYD!

L- Lich Grunt

M- Moloch .. Cm Dhar eats moloch for breakfast!

N- Nell the most sexiest elve in the whole game!

O- For Orc Warrior probably the first boss that you can encounter in-game!

P- For "Please Be Informed" This is legendary... i know youve read it somewhere during youre WYD Global stay...

Q- Q and A to get the legendary "Please Be Informed" or the only way to contact the GM's they will give you the "P" in return.

R- Rujuoper Broken hunting them means gaining 150million golds by chance! goodluck then XD

S- S.H.I.E.LD the guild that i belonged and headed by the uber white homo specie called dumptires XD peace!

T- Tonbarry who lurves belly dancing to bad she developed some flabs because of the excessive eating of pancakes!.

U- For Unicorn or Unisus the most coveted mount in-game!

V- Valkyrie Rosen and Tina the most sexiest specie in WYD Global ! sexier than GM Sexy.

W- Water Dungeon the only place where you can level fast as a running water....

X- Xeny Cropper a monster in WYD that i didnt even see.. im not sure though

Y- Yeti... there are yeti like creatures in niffleheim!

Z- Zakum comes in a different flavour...


And at least boredom can make your creative juices flow...


Ice Ice baby....

Posted by Dhar-ling Monday September 15 2008 at 9:04PM
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Ever watched the first installment of Narnia? The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe? Anyway for awhile lets stop the bloody tax saga of Alia so gore and violence fans i apologize for that.

Anyway character turned into an Ice Queen last month.

See that picture? pure white! ala Tilda Swinton wannabee. for those who do not know the name mentioned was the actress who played the Ice Queen in Narnia. Quite sinister looking.

So what made me decide to copy that look in-game.

1.) i love the color white! even in my previous online game my character wears an elegant white costume. White is the color of purity, innocence .. hey wait the connoation may lead to virginity for those who have "Gifted" mind! XD

2.) Its the S.H.I.E.L.D's official costume color. Pure Silver Enamel from head to toe's just like Albedo or whiteness from Carl Jung's The Alchemy. even wickedness, Norf and our guild master dumptires wear the same colors.

I just wished that the Silver Enamel will color your armros more Silver than Black.

That's all for today! stay tuned for more updates tommorow :)


And some random Copy Paste job from the official website!

WYD Global Team is glad to announce that we will be giving out TONS of FREE STUFF to all those who continuously supports our Premium Item Mall.

This promo will give bonus FREE items to all those who purchased for the month of September 2008.


All those who purchased for the month of September 2008 will be counted.
Winners will be chosen randomly
Greater amount of WYD Coin you purchase, the higher chance you can get
A single account may win more than once
MOL and RPGSHOP users are still included in this promo

We will be giving out the following FREE items on September 30, 2008 after our weekly server maintenance:

60 winners of one [1] Newbie Pack each
30 winners of one [1] God Pack each
30 winners of one [1] God Armor Piece +0 [w/ perfect stat] each
30 winners of one [1] Ancient God Weapons +0 [no stat] each
50 Winners of ten [10] Laktorerium Powders each
30 Winners of one [1] Unisus Egg each
30 Winners of one [1] Pegasus Egg each

New E-Mail Support for WYD Global Teams:

Here is the list of contacts, where you can send your comments, suggestions and other concerns:

♦ For any comments, questions and suggestions or anything in-game related kindly send an e-mail to to be taken care of
GM Aesir and GM Helius.

♦ For any complaints about unanswered Q&A posts, impolite GM answers or replies, unanswered e-mails from, please
send an e-mail to.

♦ For any potential business partnership with WYD Global, E-Pin / Prepaid
Card Distribution, please send an e-mail to

♦ For any concern about Community please send an e-mail to to be taken care of CM Dhar.

WYD Global Team

LOL Hurray to WYD Coins buyer.. oh well -,- its a nice promo in my opinion but it will make my credit card cry XD thank god it worth it..



Killing me softly II

Posted by Dhar-ling Thursday August 28 2008 at 9:15PM
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And then the Tax keeper killing spree continues in the snow field at the same time Alia becomes a Jigoku Shoujo slash Tilda Swilton wannabee...


And newbcaKe spoofed my SAGA! with his funny representation of this bloody situation XD.

He also made a spoof in regards to Episode 3!

Killing me softly...

Posted by Dhar-ling Wednesday August 27 2008 at 3:18AM
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Ok now its time to create my own comics.

Ok Since our guild S.H.I.E.L.D  ( in WYD GLOBAL )got all the guild castles in server 4 it only means that all of the taxes from all of the main towns will be ours.   So  there will be a lots of money and golds will overflow on our guild XD..

Ok lets start the adventure shall we...
Alia's Bloody Tax Saga:
And the Saga Continues....


The Extortioning never stops!

Feel the beat of the tambourine....

Posted by Dhar-ling Friday August 22 2008 at 9:54PM
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And this article wont feature any tambourines or any other musical instruments.

While browsing some WYD Related blog. I saw a comic that catches my sleeping interest and it was made by  a player named newbcaKe. The comic is about the adventures of his Noob character and one time newbcaKe saw the Queen of Armia. So let me share the comics with you guys.


newbcake meets the Queen… =D

Queen of Armia!



And due to bore dome i decided to create a poster from that comics.

Credits :newbCake

Its a start of something new...

Posted by Dhar-ling Friday August 22 2008 at 2:34AM
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Well hello looks who's here..  Im Vergo ( My In-Game Monicker ) 20 years old from South Korea. but im currently livingin the United states because of my studies.

Anyway this is my first time to enter the blogging scene. And i am kinda new to this just what my title say "Its a start of something new" oh and im not a high school musical fan ok? i just found the title to be catch and thats all.

Currently i am playing With Your Destiny Global and Granado Espada Korea.

Any who i am not quite capable of creating writing and i am fond of creating Motivational at the same time de -motivational posters from an Online Game.

So for a sample may i present to you ....



Anyway i will be using this style for my writing and i hope you guys will enjoy my future blog post...

Thank you and Happy Reading :)