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Always in Search of That Perfect MMORPG

Musings from a long time MMO fan on this wickedly potential genre that just keeps falling flat.

Author: Dhaeman

Do You Enjoy Questing?

Posted by Dhaeman Tuesday June 8 2010 at 8:45PM
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Ding! Level 5! Time to go hit up town #2. Oh hai there Mr. Mayor, I'd love to kill rodents and skallywags for you. I'll be sure to return to you as soon as I do so that you can teach me more about the ways of becoming a great warrior!

Questing in the current crop of MMORPGs is boring, lackluster, and after the initial WoW style questing excitement faded, no better than mob grinding. Everything revolves around delivery quests and killing mass mobs. The story behind the quest Mr. Mayor is telling me could be, "OMG, I totally want those nasty lizards to die. Please helps me. The 8 other people that live in my town call me bad names but I think we can be friends if you kill the lizards. Oh and I know karate so that's why I can give you experience points to becoming a mighty warrior. HI-YAH!" But like 98% of people I don't read it because it doesn't matter and it's not going to affect anything.

Developers, whether your game boasts 100 quests or 10,000 quests I could care less if they are the same static quests that 1 million other players are going to receive. I realize that it's easy to add content to a game and keep the players occupied with this method but it sucks. Whatever development time is added on to an MMO release would be better served by something that changes the face of the world, even if it's in a small manner. So yeah, I'm asking for dynamic questing. I'm asking for you to go back to something D&D did 35+ years ago. I'm asking for a GM to be a GM and not a glorified "help I'm stuck" or "wah I got PKed" guide.

Again, I don't know what the development cost is to create all the quests in a given AAA+ MMORPG. I do know it adds development time and I know you need to hire talent to code the quests and write their generic storylines. But why not create it on the fly? Open up your gameworld and hire professional GMs that can run events. I want to see mobs invade towns, precious treasure up for grabs, limited edition artifacts, and villains I actually WANT to destroy because they are pissing me off. You get to release the game earlier and start earnings your $15/ month that much faster.

Look, I know it's easy to get caught up in the absurd success of WoW, but if you want to be succesful then you need to do something different and do it well. I love PvE and PvP but for a PvE game to hook me I need some dynamic content. A game master who follows the role of his namesake is going to be the biggest selling point for me. I want to enjoy questing. I really do. But what's out there is not my idea of what questing is all about.