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I play a million games at a time. Occasionally i'll post photos on my blog but sometimes I just want to bitch about it. Hopefully nothing too ranty or annoying. Probably 18+ language. Then again, you've probably seen far worse elsewhere. Whatever.

Author: Dexamene

This War of Mine - 15% off Steam right now!

Posted by Dexamene Saturday December 20 2014 at 3:52PM
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I recently purchased This War of Mine on steam because of the recommendation on Steam Queue. Probably because I have so many apocalyptic games already. The game style is honestly not something I would have chosen on my own but I'm SO glad that I gave it a go. I don't know how else to describe the game other than it's really, REALLY good. The reviews are "overwhelmingly positive" which was nice to see. I didn't actually look up any videos or let's plays on YouTube. I just went for it. 

I've played TWoM for nearly five hours so far and I've not yet survived. My longest was 35 days... so I think that's decent? I don't actually know how long it goes on for. I'm pretty sure there's an end to it. You're playing to survive. That's it, that's all, nothing more. A player is given a group of three civilians in the middle of a war and you have to keep them fed, sane, healthy, and happy. That's REALLY difficult under the circumstances. I've not yet lost someone to depression or illness, but I think it can happen (I don't know if they commit suicide or just leave your house). You can have a maximum of four people in your house. If you have less than four, someone may come visit every so often and try to live there with you. 

I don't want to give away too much about the game so I won't go into the story or any buildings. It's pretty easy to get the hang of. Just be sure to check characters biography screens. Characters that are smokers could benefit from having cigarettes around. Smoking calms them down. I didn't know that my first run.


Go get it.

Enjoy it. 

You're welcome.

The thing about ArcheAge

Posted by Dexamene Friday December 19 2014 at 5:54PM
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I'm sure there are a thousand other blog posts about ArcheAge and thoughts, reviews, whatever. I've read quite a few of those and I think they're really misleading. You see, most people that post widely read reviews for a game probably didn't play it very long before posting the review. They also tend to play alone and miss out on the social aspect of being in a guild (clan, cabal, kinship, whatever). In ArcheAge specifically, it was a really nice advantage to be in a guild. So here's the story;

If you played on Inoch, you've heard of Spero Empire. Simple as that. Members of Spero were like ants; they were EVERYWHERE. Oh look, a spero over there! Oh look, a spero over here! Oh wow, get away from me you zerglings. We were just really, really big. I loved that. I was an officer in Spero Empire and it was a lot of fun to play a game with so many people. At peak hours, there was about 120 people online. I think at our highest, we had nearly 600 members. That's a fucking lot of people to join in a month (or two). It got really big very quickly and we had a really fun time. That made the game SO much more fun for me. I know a lot of people are solo (or small group) players and that's fun as well, I just really prefer being social with people. I enjoyed the people so much that I was able to look past all the other shit going on in game. Which, lets be real, was SO AWFUL.

I quit playing ArcheAge because I just couldn't even. I was unable to even. Hashtag white girl cant even. Now the connection issues weren't TOO bad. The hacking wasn't TOO bad. Hell, even the gold farmers and bots weren't TOO bad. What really hurt my butt was the marketplace bullshit with Rumbling Archeum Trees. Thunderstruck Trees went from about 1050G to 280G in ONE DAY. Not even a whole day. It was like 8 hours. Not even an hour before they released, an officer in the guild took a loan from the treasurer for a TS tree; nearly 700g. They could have at least given people a warning that those would have been released. THEN (as if crashing the TS market wasn't enough), the APEX dupe. Holy balls, that was a huge fuck up. Realistically, unless they banned innocent players, there's no way to completely reverse the effects of that without rolling back servers.  Apex Hacker makes tons of apex, sells to good player for low cost. Good player sells apex on AH. Good player uses newly aquired gold to buy materials. Good player makes sexy weapon/armor/trinket/whatever. Good player wins. All the while, one hacker has sold to tons of good players. Now, will these players be out items AND gold with no reimbursement?

Don't even get me started on castles and sieges.

I think a lot of people can agree with me that ArcheAge was really a good idea. Maybe in a year it could be a super fucking awesome game. But right now... no. There were just too many bugs and too many hacks. Apparently (APPARENTLY), a lot of these bugs were pointed out in beta and all overlooked. Now, I have no idea if that's true or false or so false it's disgusting. But it's one of those rumors out there.

I think I'll keep out of mmos for a while and play some minecraft with a small group of friends. Or maybe get out into the real world and have a life.


Or not lol.

(PS sorry if this is a bit scattered. I've not written a blog post in ages)