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My Gender is gamer.

I want an outlet to focus the maelstrom of thoughts i have about past, present and future games and put them up for like - minded people to experience. Some will agree with what i say, A lot more will not. I am excited about doing this already.

Author: DeserttFoxx

The Art of Console War.

Posted by DeserttFoxx Wednesday July 30 2008 at 8:44AM
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                It is no secret that the MMO Genre is a big deal now, let’s face it, it is a massive cash cow and it would be silly for companies not to capitalize on its current popularity. The MMORPG market has been PC dominant since the very beginning but companies have been trying to branch out to console for some time now. The first attempt was by level 5, a game by the name of True Fantasy live online, the game sounded promising and I am not quite certain why it went belly up, maybe they decided it just wouldn’t work, or the console world wasn’t ready to embrace an MMORPG just yet. The first successful one however was Final Fantasy 11, for the ps2.

                The purpose of this blog is not to discuss the rise and fall of console MMORPG’s, with the announcement of Champions online, and Age of Conan being developed for Xbox 360, and DC Online being announced for PS3, it never fails the topic of which Next – gen Console is better arises. This is ridiculous in my opinion. Now, it is not the fact that these topics come up that bother me; it is the fact that these people who choose sides defend their console of choice.... vehemently, as if they have stock options.

I don't get this, and perhaps a fellow gamer can explain it to me. But why is it some people feel the need to take up a banner and wave it shouting “Xbox 360 is better!”, “Playstation 3 is better!”, “PC is better!”, “The Nintendo Wii is better!”?  And not only defend it, but insult people who play and enjoy other consoles. Now, I am a PC fanatic, I put a lot of money into my PC, and at the moment there is nothing that can push it to its limits, in my opinion PC is the strongest gaming rig out there, if you know how to work it, it has the best graphics, the best performance and the best potential. But this is not me pushing pc, the most important portion of that statement is, “In my opinion “which translates into, this is what I believe so don't come verbally berate me with your nonsense trying to explain to me why you feel console X, Y or Z is better than pc, because I don't give a shit.

Now, I have owned all the consoles up until the last launch, I simply can’t justify buying a ps3 at the price it is at, and if you read my E for everyone blog, that kid friendly crap on Wii isn’t my cup of tea. So I have PC and Xbox 360.

Now I know why all this exclusive console crap started, its main purpose is perpetuating sales for a certain console, what I don't understand is why gamers embrace it, and actually fight to keep this nonsense going. How many great games have you missed out on because you have been involuntarily drafted into this console war? Do you know how much money Microsoft and Sony shells out to convince certain developers to make their game console exclusive? A hell of a lot, I will tell you that, because it is a poor marketing decision to intentionally limit your customer base without a good enough incentive.

So why do people think it is important to to argue which console is better, instead of arguing enough is enough I want to enjoy all games on any system I choose is better for me.

For those of you who don't know, there is no significant spec difference between Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, besides the fact that ps3 is harder to create games on, anything made on the ps3 can and will play exactly the same on the Xbox 360. Wii is weaker then the two, but it also has motion sensor, which leads too a different market of games, and certain pc configurations far surpass all 3 of them combined, now that isn’t just speculation that is fact.  Consoles are just PC designed to do 1 or 2 specific things really well, and they are easier to maintain then pc, and come with the added safety net that anything you buy for your said console will work with no additional drivers, patches, or hardware upgrades.

So how much longer are we going to be a part of this war, I think it is time we stop focusing on the consoles and start focusing on the games.

Where already know all the consoles are great in their own way, now its time to release games to take advantage of that, it’s time for us to start demanding more multi-platform games and telling publishers we don't give a shit about console exclusives.

It’s 2008, and the only thing this console war has done is divide gamers, divide the player base. Why don't we have cross platform multi player yet?  We should’ve master that shit years ago, I can play an fps game just as well with a mouse and keyboard as I can with a controller, and I’m quite certain soul Calibur 4, ps3 vs xbox 360 would be some epic battles.

So, too all you guys who deem it necessary to choose a console and trash anyone who doesn’t agree that your console is the best out there I ask, what is the fucking point? Do you win a prize if you convert the most non believers to your console of choice?

Alchem1st writes:

first successful one was everquest TBA than FFXI many switched from PC to console to play EQ from what I heard. And lots of new blood came to the game.

Wed Jul 30 2008 10:32AM Report
DeserttFoxx writes:

The EQ console game was not an MMO, they changed the game significantly, reason i didnt list it.

Wed Jul 30 2008 10:43AM Report
Gishgeron writes:

Everquest Online Adventures WAS an MMO....

I have no ideal why you would say otherwise.  It had a persistent world, thousands upon thousands of players online and in the same place at the same time.  IT had quests, grinding, classes, levels, dungeons, and raids.

It was also quite successful, given its market and the time it came out.   FF11 made FAR more money...but then it also appealed largely to the asian market, something most MMO's can never do.

Wed Jul 30 2008 10:59AM Report
t0nyd writes:

I agree with most of your arguments. There is one glaring problem with what you have written...

Consoles work well with other consoles. PC to console or console to PC rarely if ever works. A console targeted multi-platform game is viable. A console + PC multi-platform game is a much different animal.

If you havnt noticed, with DC online they are dumbing the game down so that it can be PC and Console compatible. You will have a severly limited selection of abilities and the game will be focused on the controller and not the keyboard.

In my opinion, the one glaring error in your theory is this " I can play an fps with a mouse and keyboard as I can with a controller ". Yes, of course you can play with either, yet the keyboard and mouse is a huge advantage. The only way an fps can co-exist with a keyboard and a mouse is if you dumb the game down like they did with shadow run. You personally may play equally well with a keyboard and a controller. The majority of players that use a controller, will get hammered by players using a keyboard and mouse.


Wed Jul 30 2008 11:25AM Report
DeserttFoxx writes:

DC Online looks like trash, but if you follow champions they arent cutting down the selection of abilities just because it is on console.

Last time i checked xbox can read usb keyboards and mouse, while pc can read xbox/ps3 controllers.

Wed Jul 30 2008 11:59AM Report
Psymyn writes:

Ya i dont really see the point in pushing multi-platform online games, especially for MMO's though. Are you kidding todays' MMO's require anywhere from 15-30gb minimum, minus downloadable content, patches, etc. I think that is where the branch meets the stump. Consoles are meant to be compact user friendly systems designed to cut out the middle man and just head into action packed fun. With MMO's potential for consistant advancements like more intense AI, top notch graphics, better combat AI, etc. not to mention all the, patching, upgrades, content, beta testing, etc. etc. it would continually need take before even considering release it on the console ( hence AoC, DCU, etc.). The accessability is just to formal for a console to sustain these sort of things for a very casual gamer ( aka cutting out the middle man), only a formal and decent HDD upgrade would solve the issue. Between all consoles as it stands now, none come standard with more than what? 80gbs of HDD space... and your average crowd doesnt care to upgrade/mod to a larger HDD. I dont currently own any of the consoles so i dont know what any of their marketing-scams- i mean planes would be atm so all i can say is, im sure most ppl wouldnt want to upgrade their HDD on their console just to play any of the games, even if it would benefit them entirely, silly sheeple dont know jack about jack!

 So thats what i think! :P

Wed Jul 30 2008 3:09PM Report
DeserttFoxx writes:


That wasnt what i was trying to say at all, but you can just look at final fantasy on console to see that they can be done just fine. And no MMO todate has exceeded 15gigs, and every console to date can use a harddrive up to 160gigs so it doesnt even matter even if they did.

The next step for all console games is installation, which is what sony and microsoft shouldve focused on instead of nonsense harddrives like blue ray and HD, why would you need a cd that can hold 25gigs when you have a harddrive that can hold 250gigs, just a waste of production effort.

They already close beta test xbox games, they have been since xbox live has been introduced, and just because you are a console gamer doesnt make you casual, and like Jack Emmirit said, if people arent willing or dont already have a decent sized hard drive they most likely arent the type that would be interested in an MMO anyway.

My 360 harddrive has 20gigs, and i have used a grand total of 5mb, Im quite certain there are a lot more in my position, even with the smallest harddrive there would be no trouble maintaining a mmo.

The rest of yor thoughts were convoluted and incoherant, So if i misread something you can try reexplaining.

Wed Jul 30 2008 5:14PM Report
Nightbringe1 writes:

Console hardware is just not capable of handling large, dynamic zones. The games designed to be played on a console reflect this limitatin in smaller zones and heavy instancing.

The primary input device is another difference, a gamepad tends to be more limited than a keyboard / mouse combo, meaning console games tend to be designed with simpler, less flexible UI's

The third major factor is the difference in audience. Console games tend to focus on an audience that is much more twitch orientated., PC games tend to be more incliced towards tatics / strategy, they will use global cooldowns and limted resources ( mana ) to regulate the speed of gameplay. This fundeamental difference in gameplay implementaion means that MMO's designed for a PC audience will tend to fail on the console and vice versa.

Wed Jul 30 2008 5:37PM Report
DeserttFoxx writes:


Have you even played bad company? or Final fantasy 11 on console.

And lets not lump everyone together, every person i know who owns a console also owns a computer, they are gamers. I started off on console, i play everything not just twitch based games.

We use global cooldowns now, and limited resources, and name one mmo that doesnt have a Mana system, Your arguements make no sense.

You make it seem like the things found in console games arent foudn in pc games which they clearly are.

Wed Jul 30 2008 5:44PM Report
Death1942 writes:

i'm looking forward to games being released on both PC and Console.  i grind quite a bit and its far more comfortable to do it in the comfort of my lounge with a controller in my hand rather than haunched over a keyboard and mouse.

now for everything else (crafting, dungeons, raiding, socializing) i would much rather use my PC and Keyboard.

Wed Jul 30 2008 5:48PM Report writes:
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