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My Gender is gamer.

I want an outlet to focus the maelstrom of thoughts i have about past, present and future games and put them up for like - minded people to experience. Some will agree with what i say, A lot more will not. I am excited about doing this already.

Author: DeserttFoxx

The World is not Rated E for Everyone!

Posted by DeserttFoxx Tuesday July 29 2008 at 2:05PM
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                This is a topic I’ve wanted to discuss for some time now. There seems to be a trend going on in North America right now, which I like to call “My opinion should become law.” This of course, is referring to a lot of things, from drugs, alcohol, what age teens should start having sex, and what we as society should and should not be exposed to. Since this is a gaming blog, I of course will be talking about, the ESRB ratings.

Now, don't get me wrong, I agree with ESRB ratings, I think they should be on all games. After all, we as gamers need to know what we are getting into. The ESRB ratings give us a good idea If we are about to skip down the joy filled world of “Candyland Fun Happyzone”, or ripping down “8th street Massacre: Night of 1000 decapitated heads.”

The ESRB ratings serve their purpose, I use them when I shop for games, I make it a point to stay away from an game that isn’t rated at LEAST T for teen, that kid friendly crap makes me gag, but its good the option is there.

Now this is where the problems step in, :

This article was linked a few days back explaining the fact that the state of New York deemed it necessary to force game companies to add parental locks onto all their consoles. Something they were already fucking doing mind you, the state deemed it necessary to remove the choice of including the parental locks on future consoles to making it mandatory.

But that is fine too, I believe parental locks make life easier for parents, especially the ones who aren’t extreme gamers, so did Microsoft and Sony, that is why they did the locks before someone decided to shove it down their throats, the issue I have is when the article chimes this little tidbit:

“Thirdly, it promises to establish "an advisory council to conduct a study on the connection between interactive media and real-life violence in minors exposed to such media."”

This basically means, lets find a way to blame video games for violent kids today. This started to get out of hand back with grand theft auto was released, and now I can’t even watch an episode of CSI without having some reference too some EMO kid gunning down his school and it never fails they find the new hit video game in his book bag mapping out the entire event. I was watching Numbers yesterday, I’m guessing it was a re-run, I don't watch it too often, anyway the premise of the episode was 3 disgruntled suburban kids, who were constantly bullied for playing MMOs, (which makes no sense to me, I go to a school where, if you didn't play MMOs you had something wrong with you, and I’m in college. And besides that, do people still get bullied? Have parent still not deemed it necessary to teach their little narcissistic hell spawn that we are in the 21 first century, and it’s not ok to verbally or physically attack someone because they do something you don't think is cool) And so, of course they decided to solve that problem with several semi-automatic weapons.  The reason the reference to MMO was significant was because apparently they decided to do this as a guild. I don't know what you guys talk about in your guild, but we usually talk about raiding Karazhan, not planning blitzkrieg the hallways of our school, Neo Nazi like.

It’s only in North America, where kids can shoot up their school because they were bullied and the thing that gets blamed is the video games, or the movies, or the music the listen too. Not the fact that the kids had access to weapons courtesy of that great second amendment, not the fact that there was apparent piss poor parenting involved that the guns were accessible, not only that the kid was so damn tortured mentally and yet you still couldn’t pick up on it, and not the fact that we still seem to be raising douche bags who think bulling is still an acceptable pastime, what is this the 1960s?

No, it’s the video games. It’s the video games that teach your kids how to use guns, how to fire them, how to shoot them, and how to desensitize you too taking a life of another person. And I got to agree, it is the video games, I mean, when I beat Grand theft Auto 4, I got my buy 1, get 1 free coupon code after the credits for a Glock 18 and a box of rounds, didn't all of you?

I said this in the thread in offtopic when it was posted, and quite frankly I enjoyed saying every word of it that ill say it again.

“Crusading against video game serves as much purpose as the fight against gay marriage.

Blaming video games for anything in society makes as much sense as blaming movies. If kids want to learn about violence they just need to turn on CNN, unless people have actually forgotten that this world rolls from one war to another. The fact is, it’s not the video games fault your kid is violent, or your kid knows how to use a gun, or your kid is a sociopath who hog ties fellow students who call him "gay" and anally rapes them with the nuzzle of a shotgun before he kills them. God forbid it has something to do with the fact that this kid has psychological issues, and access to a rifle because of your piss poor parenting, no; it was that mission in grand theft auto 4 that gave him the inspiration and the tools to carry out his act of mental depravity. Damn those sick bastards at Rockstar games for damaging today’s youth.

Seriously, if you are a parent reading articles like this and nodding your head in agreement, that video games are too violent and are to blame for the downfall of youths today, not only blamed, but taken to the extent that the government, and not YOU should be taking steps to raise your kid, you need to be euthanized, or at the very least castrated, because people who think like that shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

We have violent movies, violent video games, and violent music. And if your kid isn't smart enough to know, what is just for entertainment, what is just words, what is just something to experience and not act out, then you fucked up and haven't given this kid enough parental input to help him develop a morale compass. Do you know what I would fight for instead of Ratings, Censorships and bans on video games...?

Equal charges for parents and kids when their kid walks into their school with berretta and blows away half his class room because dad thought the best place for the gun was under the kitchen sink.”

But violence in video games is only one side of the spectrum. These ESRB ratings have developers afraid to actually push the envelope. Sure we have the rating “M for mature” or “A for Adult” only but there are still morons out there who ignore it. Last time I checked, every grand theft auto game to date was rated “M for mature”, not “E for everyone”.  “M for Mature” to let you know there are no flowers in this game, unless those flowers have a shotgun concealed within them and you are crashing a wedding or something like that. Mature, as in old enough to figure out that this is just a video game, and not the “final solution”...

And who do we blame for kids playing mature video games, clearly labelled mature; the game developers of course. It is only a matter of time before the government tries to dictate what content can make it into games today. There are some countries that outright ban certain video games for their content. Developers are still afraid to include nudity in video games, look at Age of Conan. A prime example, the first game to promise nudity and sex and when it came time to deliver they backed down. Not only that, they started patching what little nudity they did include.

Nudity is still a hot button for people, first it was killing, then that was accepted, then it was course language now that is accepted, now it is nudity, and it will be a while before that is accepted. It is amazing that people will accept rampant death, and wanton murder (that is what most grinding in MMORPGs are, randomly killing animals and people for any minor reason given) but the idea of nudity and sex offends them. This stigma on sex in society is ridiculous, on the hierarchy of bad things, Sex trumps violence.

Whether or not you want to see nudity and sex in a game is not the argument, but the fact that people are so morally against it, just shows what our values are today, procreation bad... Ending life, not good, but acceptable as long as we don't have to witness procreation. You may not agree with that last statement but if you look at how people get riled up at the thought of seeing sex or nudity in a game you will see there is subtle truth in the statement.

            “Well if you want to see digital sex you can watch a porno, there is higher image quality – hur hur hur”

Well if you want to see violence you can watch an action movie, what the fuck does that statement mean, I hear it as an argument so often and the people saying it actually think it is a logical response.(like porn Is actually accepted yet, porn is like one raunchy sexual position from being banned too) Seeing sex in video games is not the point though, and it does add another level of game play, and while I wouldn’t play a game that was just hardcore interactive sex, seeing nudity doesn’t bother me, I am saying the option should be available and accepted by now.

“But my kid could be exposed to sex! I don't want him/her seeing that until I feel they are ready!”

If you think your kid doesn’t know about sex you should probably watch an episode of Maury Povich, any episode... There are so many teens (13+) getting pregnant that dude will be pumping out paternity test until he retires.

“But it takes a village to raise a child, and we need to work together as a team to make certain our youths aren’t...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...”

Listen, that “It takes a village...” nonsense is just a saying, and not all of villagers like being involuntarily deputized to raise YOUR children. What happened to parents telling kids something’s are for children and something’s are not? Is it so much of a stretch that instead of taking over for parents we feel are doing a poor job that we actually take those parents and make it mandatory that they take a class or something along those lines before you superimpose your morals on to society as a whole.

Last time I checked anyone who doesn’t meet the age requirement to see sexual content or violence usually can’t afford to buy it themselves. If you personally feel a game is too violent, then don’t buy it for them.   Making the ESRB ratings law just further allow for parents to distance themselves from their primary duties of being proactive in their kids’ lives by letting the government do all the hard stuff for them.

And if they are downloading the games, make an effort to find out what they are interested in, what they are playing, if you don’t know what your kids are playing, what your kids are doing or what your kids enjoy doing, it is not societies job to find out for you, nor is it societies job to protect them for you. And if your 13 year old is letting his 18 year old friend buy the game for them then... you need to find out what the hell your 13 year old kid has in common with an 18 year old, seriously.

And by the way, when did we all of a sudden gain the right to decide a parent isn't doing their job? Is allowing kids playing violent video games and seeing nudity considered bad parenting, or is it more of a morale objection different for every person based on their belief?

When my kid gets old enough to tell the difference I don't plan on sheltering him from the violence and the nudity found on TV and video games, why because that is life. The world is not rated E for everyone, so trying to keep our kids from seeing it for the first 18 years of their life is just an asinine parade of delusion that will eventually damage the kid more then it helps in the long run. I’d prefer to explain it to him myself, rather than let him experience it on his own for the first time with no actually way of putting it together and understanding what he is seeing.

Besides, there is a housing crisis right now, a war, a homeless problem, people so poor if they miss one pay check their entire life will come crashing down like a set of dominoes, and so much other shit going on. Do we seriously have time to waste censoring video games? Or any form of media for that matter.

Wand To Buy  - My PUBLIC freedom of speech and expression back.

Will trade for my Freedom of choice


TdogSkal writes:

I agree with you for the most part but DONT EVER TAKE MY second amendment right away....Taking away the right for a person to own a legal gun will not stop gun crimes... this has been proven again and again.

People need to understand that legal guns are rarely used in ill legal activites. 

Tue Jul 29 2008 2:52PM Report
Boneflower writes:

As a mother of 2 girls, one a teen, and all of us gamers...Bravo. Nice article, and spot on all the way.

Tue Jul 29 2008 2:56PM Report
LiquidWolf writes:

Nicely done. I don't condone the removal of weapons, but all of that rings true.

I too will promote equal charges for parent's and kids when the kid does begin a gundown.

It just makes sense.

Tue Jul 29 2008 3:08PM Report
JB47394 writes:

DeserttFoxx: "When my kid gets old enough to tell the difference I don't plan on sheltering him from the violence and the nudity found on TV and video games, why because that is life."

So were domination by despotic rulers, slavery, cannibalism, genocide and a number of other unpleasant activities.  Yet civilization has somehow put much of that behind itself because the people came to understand that there was something better than following our basest instincts.  Violence and immoral sexual behavior may be easily found, but that doesn't mean that we need to embrace them as something heroic and worthy.

Idealists founded and promulgated essentially every significant step forward for civilization.  What I find amazing is that the citizens of the nation that is the culmination of everything that civilization has produced to date is so intent on returning to savagery.  Quoting "freedom" and "rights" all the way down.

Tue Jul 29 2008 3:17PM Report
greymann writes:

Yeah take away games before guns please I mean get your priorities straight.  Anyway, I love this latest trend of game censoring with these idiots who want diablo 3 to be ungory like wow.  I mean the name of the game is DIABLO!  I can really see parents going "hmmm diablo, I wonder if it'll be clean enough for little Johnny". AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Tue Jul 29 2008 3:21PM Report
TdogSkal writes:

You just cant charge parents for what there children do.  It just will not work... You would have to prove the parent directly caused the crime.

Parents need to take a more active role in their children, both my parents worked full time but they knew what I was doing, They punished me when I broke a rule/law. 

When I have kids, I will spank them as a punishment and the first time they say they are going to call the cops, I am going to let them.

Parents need to stop being afraid of there kids and be Adults.  Punish your kids, make them understand they did something wrong.

Tue Jul 29 2008 3:22PM Report
ThalosVipav writes:

Nicely written.

But yeah, dont blame the guns for the crimes. Wether they are legal or not, if someone wants one bad enough they will get one. Banning guns completely just takes them out of the hands of registered, qualified, and careful people and opens them up to the criminals who would have them anyway. Society looks at guns in a similar way to what you have said about video games. Instead of asking where they got the gun, or how they learned to operate the weapon, or how did they get it out of the locked case that it was in from their dad's closet they instead just blame the gun for the person being able to shoot it. Simliar to how they just blame video games for the violent acts.

Guns safely kept and in the hands of someone trained to use them are much different from the guns in the hands of a 13 year old drug dealer.

On every other point I completely agree with you. Holding parents accountable for their childs actions...what a novel idea. This is something I have said should be standard practice for a long time now. Hopefully we will see it come to life sometime in the near future!

Tue Jul 29 2008 3:29PM Report
TdogSkal writes:

Anytime you get a chance to talk to someone that wants to ban Violent Video games, just ask them this question.

How could it be the video game when millions of people play the same game but only one goes out and kills someone?

Tue Jul 29 2008 3:37PM Report
DeserttFoxx writes:

@TdogSkal , greymann

Don't get me wrong, I don't believe they should take away the right to bear arms. The world is fucking crazy, have to defend yourselves, and lets face it, people just don't have the stomach to use blades like they used too ( just kidding), what I would promote is knowledge of your gun at all times. There are some parents that actually say, “I didn't know he took the gun.”, “I didn't even realize it was missing.” If you want to own a gun, then treat it like a child, you wake up in the morning your checklist should be, check on your spouse, check on your kid, and check on your gun. You should know where it is at all times. I think guns locks and other things they are trying to implement are kind of stupid, after all, a gunlock renders a gun useless for defence.

Not sure about the state of D3 yet, I don't think blizzard will castrate it though, the people playing Diablo should have a good understanding of what the hell it is... but then again, if that were true, my article would be pointless....


Thank you for agreeing. I think most gaming parents understand where I am coming from, it is usually the ones who don't play video games that like to use it as a scapegoat when something goes wrong.


Let’s make certain we understand the difference between making something heroic and accepting things for what they are. Pretending the world isn’t violent doesn’t change the fact that it is, and what exactly makes sex immoral? It is something we all do, for fun, for pleasure and most importantly to prolong our existence. Why is sex even in the same bracket as Violence, when it should be paired along something as beautiful as childbirth?

The only form of sex that should be demonized is rape and pedophile, anything else that happens between 2 consenting adults should not be considered evil. I don't know about bestiality, I think if you fuck animals you got something wrong with you mentally, but is that evil, how I should know, anyway.

The fact that you equate embracing our sexual nature as a return to savagery is something you should really think about.

Like I said, currently society would like to embrace this Parade of delusion we currently march in, the one where Africa is a safe place, and America isn’t one of the top 5 arms dealers in the world. Where we are actually fighting a war against terrorism and not just spreading capitalism to countries we feel aren’t civilized. Where people don't lose everything they have built in their life, because they have had one heart attack and had to visit a hospital without insurance, or being under insured. Where one of the richest country in the world, still has homeless yet talks about helping other countries before fixing their own.

Let’s continue pretending that is the civilized world we don't live in. As that Parade keeps on marching.


While I could argue the civil court accepts that before the age of 18, parents are responsible for anything they do, but in criminal court it is a different story. You are right to some degree, some kids are just... Special. But if your kid gets a hold of your gun, the one you failed to properly secure, then you should share that multiple murder charge.

The same way we don't acknowledge a kid is an adult until the age of 18, that is the same way we can justify blaming the parents right up until the age of 18. Some kids don't know how to express themselves, and if they feel they can’t talk to their parents then they only have a few natural recourse when they feel like the world is crashing down on them, killing others, or themselves are usually at the top of the list.


I never once blamed the guns for the crime, guns are just tools. They don't hate, they don't discriminate and they don't show loyalty.  Banning guns would be as effective as our current war on guns and terror, Just words to get votes, but total bullshit and impossible. Anyone with half a brain knows that.

Most kids in the suburbs, don't have to look to far to find a gun, most of them have a gun somewhere in their house. I don't blame the gun when a kid shoots up his school; I blame the parents for improper storage of their firearm.

I understand people like to pass the buck, the blame lighter for not being childproof why their kids can smoke, guns for being too simple for why their kid can use it.


The person who can answer that question will most likely be the same person who blames all muslins for 9/11 and not just the fundamentalists.

Tue Jul 29 2008 5:18PM Report
Death1942 writes:

the only thing that pisses me off about this whole problem is the fact that it occurs in America and (being in a country that gets American games) we get slapped with those silly "fixes" of the problem.  there was a massive debate when they were threatening to censor the crap out of GTA IV.  why?  because down here we dont give a toss if its having an effect on kids (its not trust me) we dont give a toss if the little ones get their hands on it (parents fault).  when you see an MA15+ rating on a game (highest we currently have) you know it is not suitable for kids, full stop. 


Tue Jul 29 2008 5:30PM Report
Cursedsei writes:

Amen to this article man a great read, and one I agree 100%.

Mature rated games are not meant to be played by little kids, parents really need to step up on this issue.

I'll admit, I have played my share of teen and M-rated games, I've been a gamer for longer than I can remember. Its not always the parents in the issue, but the mental stability of the child in question.

Trust me, there is no difference in giving a little kid and a mentally disturbed or unstable person a violent M rated game. The true difference is if the child is able to easily diffirentiate between reality and game, and is mature to handle content.

I've grown up perfectly fine, despite playing Teen and Mature rated games when i was 10, I mantained great grades, never started a fight. I'm actually rather peaceful.

The only thing it might of affected me with, is a love of swords lol.

Tue Jul 29 2008 6:17PM Report
JB47394 writes:

DeserttFoxx: "Pretending the world isn’t violent doesn’t change the fact that it is"

Certainly.  Is violence as entertainment an accurate reflection of reality?  There's a big difference between Die Hard and Saving Private Ryan.

DeserttFoxx: "and what exactly makes sex immoral?"

Sex is not immoral.  Abuse of sex is immoral.  We disagree on what constitutes abuse because we disagree on what the nature of sex is.  For you, abuse seems to be limited to non-consensual interactions.  For me, it's an issue of respecting a fundamental aspect of sexuality, which is the creation of new life, and never taking it out of the act.  Unless you really want to be raising a family with your spouse, don't have sex.

DeserttFoxx: "anything else that happens between 2 consenting adults should not be considered evil"

Oh stop.  If two people are doing something that leads them to do evil, then that something is itself evil.  Sex that leads to abortion would be an extreme example of that.  But more subtly, there are acts (and thoughts) that cause people to lose their respect for other people, for family and for themselves.

Sex that leads to an unwilling marriage is evil.  Consider the plight of the children who have unwilling parents.  The parents might act atrociously towards the children (including ignoring them).  The parents might get divorced.  All because they value themselves above anything else.  Which was the start of the whole mess in the first place - two adults who consented to do something stupid.

DeserttFoxx: "The fact that you equate embracing our sexual nature as a return to savagery is something you should really think about."

Heh.  I've been thinking about this sort of thing longer than you've been alive.  But as they say, if you're under 30 and you're not a liberal you don't have a heart - and if you're over 30 and you're not a conservative you don't have a brain.

Good luck.

Tue Jul 29 2008 6:29PM Report
DeserttFoxx writes:


I in no way said violence as entertainment is a reflection of reality, but if you mean to say it isn’t then you are wrong. Best selling movies are action movies, and there isn’t one action movie that isn’t violent. So it is an actuate reflection of our reality.

From what I understood, sex for anything other than procreation is abuse of sex; correct me if I am wrong. While I believe in monogamy I sure as hell don't believe in not touching my spouse unless I’m trying to get her pregnant.

I don't equate abortion to being evil; i think two stupid people giving birth is evil, I think two people who love each other but can’t afford to take care of a child but still bringing it into the world is evil, I think two people giving birth who work full time and have the babysitter raise their children is evil, I’m clearly pro-choice, and I’d rather see an abortion over another kid getting flushed into the system because some religious nut doesn’t believe in abortion but has no problem dropping their kid off in a dumpster.

 And the only reason sexual acts cause people to lose respect for others is because of the shit society embeds in their heads today. Promiscuous guys are studs while the girls are whores, sex sells everything, we glorify beauty, we put importance on stupid shit like weight, and size, hair, skin tone, makeup

What the hell is an unwilling marriage, if two people hate each other but decide to have a child anyway then that falls under two stupid people giving birth. Some people are just bad fucking parents; they don't know that until after they give birth, so the way they act isn’t a result of their evil sex.

This country has no value on marriage, not with shows like the bachelor, and who wants to marry a millionaire, is it surprising the divorce rate is so high? That has nothing to do with sex, last time I checked, one of the best method of preventing pregnancy was still found at every convenience store. If you don't believe in prophylactics or don't use them, then it falls under stupid people giving birth.

I’m 21, and I live in this world. I don't need some political ideology to govern my train of thought, as I am not a tool. I’m not religious and I believe knowledge is power. I believe with the invention of the internet the phrase “I don't know.” Should be abolished, I believe with each new generation old ideologies die, along with the archaic minds that insist on brooding with them. I believe in monogamy, I believe in family that includes both the mother and the father. I believe marriage is pointless, and I believe religion is a fairy tale, not just Catholicism but all of them, designed to govern weaker minds – sheep if you will, who aren’t strong enough to develop their own way without something to brace them.

I don't know what group I fall under but I assure you I have a brain and I have a heart.

If I know what I know now... imagine what I will know 25 years from now

Tue Jul 29 2008 7:39PM Report
str8ball3r writes:

If you think people should keep their gun look "bullet for columbine"

If after this you still think people must keep their guns then you are probably an american

Tue Jul 29 2008 8:13PM Report
Gishgeron writes:

JB47394 -


Oh stop.  If two people are doing something that leads them to do evil, then that something is itself evil.  Sex that leads to abortion would be an extreme example of that.  But more subtly, there are acts (and thoughts) that cause people to lose their respect for other people, for family and for themselves.

Sex that leads to an unwilling marriage is evil.  Consider the plight of the children who have unwilling parents.  The parents might act atrociously towards the children (including ignoring them).  The parents might get divorced.  All because they value themselves above anything else.  Which was the start of the whole mess in the first place - two adults who consented to do something stupid."

You know, the problem here is that you improperly view the act of sex as something far greater than it really even is.  Understand, morally speaking...most of the "rules" for sex that we have been told by any given medium are simply structures developed to address a symptom rather than a cause.  I'll break this down for you.

Sex is, structurally speaking, nothing more than a savage flesh plowing masked by its occasional benefit of reproduction.  We don't even NEED to have sex to reproduce...we can artificially replicate the whole process.  It has no inherent meaning, nor any actual emotion or attachment built into it.  We are taught this attachment, and taught this meaning, as children as a way to prevent the issues of child bearing in a fundamentally unsound environment.

However, that doesn't mean that sex is inherently bad...or that even partaking of it for pleasure is bad either.  In fact, there are plenty of people who do so and do not fall into any "bad" category you can muster.  There are even some families that started as the result of such a thing that manage to function quite well.  Not all "broken homes" are the tragedy you see on TV.  Some mothers and fathers manage to raise a child separated and do so very well.  They manage to be loving and tender, and avoid having any drama between them.

Sex is not bad.  Sex is good.  Making sure you have a responsible approach to sex is important, and its critical that you have those responsibilities taught to you early on.  I was, and it HELPED me to be exposed to it young.    Abortion is also not, inherently, evil either.  To even hear that come out of someones mouth is pretty sad.  its a clear sign that you are another zealot, among many, whom prefer to think through their pastor rather than for themselves.  I won't bother explaining WHY its not evil....I'll assume you are intelligent enough to be able to think up at least ONE non-evil reason to have an abortion.  If you cannot, then I suggest suicide...because the world needs better men in its gene pool.


  Guns are also not inherently evil.  People SHOULD have guns.  People should also be well rounded, and intelligent.  They should also be, preferably, capable parents.  Much like sex, guns and death should be elements of life that are taught to us in a way as to instill the responsible use and understanding of them.  You cannot pick and choose a single situation and use that to cross-examine everyone else, as a whole.

  Without guns, the common man is always at the mercy of those who DO have them.  That leaves only two groups...those in control, and those whom ARE evil.  If I have a gun, and someone attempts to murder my family...I can potentially save them.  If I do not, I am powerless.  Equally, if some evil force managed to gain control of my fellow townsmen could rise up against it.  It is a balance of power...a self serving protection mechanism that does great things on mere premise, and without action.

  You cannot remove the guns from the innocent to attempt and defeat the guilty.  Those men who are willingly to kill are also going to be willing to seek out a way to get a gun.  All removing the innocent mans gun does it place him at the complete mercy of men whom have NONE.

Tue Jul 29 2008 11:39PM Report
TdogSkal writes:

Str8ball3r - You act like being American is a bad thing.  Sorry but America is still the best Country in the World. Period. End of Story.

America is not perfect and You will never hear me say other wise but there is no other country in the world that equals America. 

I dont agree with alot of what are so called goverment does but for the most part I can do whatever I want each and everyday I wake up.  Everyday I choose what I want to do even if it is not the Correct choose, I am allowed to make that choose.   I can say, do, be anything I want in America as long as you are willing to work for it, Anything is possiable in America.

Everyday there are Examples of what America offers the world.  Why do you think every Country in the World wants to trade with America? 

We have enemy's. We have them because our goverment choose to police the world.  I dont agree with it but we as America's decided to put an idiot in office. 

The problem is American's have lost that drive to be come great. We allow our Children to be lazy and not get punished. We allow them to get out of control.  Its all about not careing any more.  America has become to lazy to bother with simple things such as Parenting.

My parents allowed me to play sports and video games and pretty much what every I wanted as long as I did well in school and I worked hard.  I had a job at the age of 14.  Do you know why?  Because I wanted to go hang out with my friends.  Maybe go to the movies or grab something to eat.  I needed money for that and my parents wanted to teach me the value of hardwork and money.    How many kids now a days get weekly paydays from their parents?  What the hell is that?  Free money?  Come on people if you live in the real world you come to understand that nothing is FREE.

America is not perfect but America is great because it allows me to choose my own path each and everyday.  People lost their lives to grant me the freedom to have a chooce.

You may not agree with me but do not forget that even if your not an American.  America has come to your country's rescue more then once I am sure.

Tue Jul 29 2008 11:50PM Report
_Seeker writes:

I'm from Australia and we recently had a problem. We had no 18+ rating and GTA 4 was coming up for release. The problem our censorship board had was that after having sex with a protitute you could bash her and take your money back.

They believed that that sort of behaviour wasn't for anyone under the age of 18 to do "virtually". They banned the game. Because they didn't have a classification in place. How stone age are we? :P

They did eventually release the game in Australia. Minus the offending "content".

Wed Jul 30 2008 5:15AM Report
DeserttFoxx writes:

It takes a real douche bag to ban a video game.

Its all about that online shopping.

Wed Jul 30 2008 5:46AM Report
Drolletje writes:

@DeserttFoxx: Very nice writeup.I agree with most of your points. Violence in games can not be blamed for violence IRL. And the ban on nudity and sex in mature games is just ridiculous.

@ str8ball3r: Thank you for being the only one in this post who doesn't think it's ok that everyone can have a gun. The only thing I can think of that you can do with a gun is shooting someone. I don't think that's a right solution under ANY circumstance.

@TdogSkal: I live in Europe. When I wake up, I can do anything I want, too. But I like my country better. We don't have to pay ridiculous insurances to profit of health care. We don't need rich parents if we want to go to university. We don't have to worry about random people with guns.

Don't tell me that anyone can do anything in America if he works hard enough, because there are enough people who work all their lifes but get nothing. Success in America depends more on luck than anything.

I'm sorry if this offends individual americans, I didn't mean to. But America is not the best country in the world. It's just the most arrogant country in the world.


Wed Jul 30 2008 7:58AM Report
TdogSkal writes:

Drolletje - you are allowed to have your own opinion but since you live in Europe, I am willing to bet America has saved your country more then once.

But for your health care you pay more in taxes each year then an American, You dont need rich parents to go to college.  My parents are not rich but my Sister is in grad school atm.   So please dont talk about things you do not understand.

You do have to worry about random people with guns even in Europe, Who are you trying to fool?  Every country in the world has gun crimes period.

If you work hard enough you can do anything in America, it is that simple. Work Hard, Work smart and you can do anything you want in America.  I know many people who started with nothing and are very successful today.  It had nothing to do with luck, it had to do with Hard work.

American's maybe Arrogant but so what, we have the right to be because of what our Country has down in such a short time.  We are the only SuperPower left in the world.

As for guns, I can dig up tons of data that will show banning guns does not stop or lower gun crimes but in fact increase gun crimes but hey to each his own.

Guns do not kill people, just remember that.

Wed Jul 30 2008 9:11AM Report
DeserttFoxx writes:


This blog has taken a turn that i dont care to get into, im not much for the patriotic nonsense, but i will say... you probably should watch sicko, your arguements on healthcare are false, America is actually far behind the curve when it comes to healthcare and education.


And your statement of working hard enough you can do anything in America, is... classic, but also false. If you work hard , you will just die a person, who worked hard. Most people work hard and only achieve middle class.

And middle class roughly translates into, i have a house, i have a car, but if i get into an accedent all of that will come tumbling down because i am 2 missed morgage payments from shitting ina  box and moving back in with my parents.

Americans are arrogant because they are ignorant, do you know how far advance countries like Japan are compared to the USA? Because Americans are assholes doesnt make them superior.

As for the rest, i have to agree, no country is safe, hell even canada is getting more and more dangerous with the murder by guns.

Wed Jul 30 2008 9:22AM Report
TdogSkal writes:

Do you know why Japan is so far advanced?  because after America bombed them back to the stone age, we payed them to rebuild with American technology.  Japan started with 1950's technology and buildings after the War.  America payed and help rebuild that country after the war.

Second, were do you get your information about Middle class? It is so far wrong its not even funny.  Again dont talk about things you do know or understand.  Middle class may not be as great as it used to be but Middle class still does just fine.

My Family is middle class, both my parents work full time jobs and they have a house, a cottage, 2 cars, 2 dogs and 2 kids, one of which is in grad school and me, I am working and living on my own.

My Mother a year ago got cancer, she was out of work for 6 months and lost her job, my dad was the only one working, yes they had to cut back on somethings but we lost nothing.  We still today have a house, 2 cars, a cottage, 2 dogs and 2 kids one of which is still in grad school... Please dont tell me that hard work cannot get you anything you want.   My Parents are living a successful life, they are not rich, they are middle class.  They both work hard and they both took care of my sister and myself.   They were great parents. My mother is fine now and found a new job.

All you have to do is work hard and you will live a successful life in America... As the millions of people that come to America ill legally why they came here?  As business people around the world, why the choose to do business in America?

We might be assholes but we still are the best country in the world because of our freedoms and our williness to help all other countries with anything and everything.  Do you understand how much money America gives away to the International community each year?  It is far more then any other country in the world.

Sicko and any other movie made by Mr. Moore are just stupid crap, no true at all.... He makes some points but he never ever tells the full story.  He is just as stupid as Mr. Bush imo.

Wed Jul 30 2008 9:36AM Report
Razure writes:

HAHAHAHAHA!!! IdogSkal, I don;t know who you think you are, but that's RICH! RICH nationalistic bullshit! SIcko is lies (OKAY, let's go with that, even though its true that families are torn down because of one hopital visit), Bowling for Columbine is, IN FACT, complete lies. (Even though K-Mart does not exist anymore in Canada, and they most likely don't sell bullets anymore. Hmm, wonder who thought of that...?)

God, your patriotism makes me sick and laugh at the same time. You say you fund the 'international community', yet your having a war in a middle-eastern country you once had relations with. I can't even begin to have the patience to deal with you.

Also, countries in Europe and around the world have free healthcare-not to be specific and contradictory in this purpose but Canada has fine healthcare services, as well as the UK and France. Also, France has free post-secondary education, which would be nice here in Canada.

Working hard and you will be rewarded with success....hmm. Too bad most of the people who lose homes, jobs, families don't have the luxury of success like most others. Seriously, who are you? If you're a pampered 17-year old who thinks he owns the world because his daddy is CEO of big-business places, don't think for a SECOND your 'better' than other people. The tax system is so fucked in the States AND in Canada that the poor lose more money to taxes than anything.

I don't have the patience to continue my argument; if you counter this, I won't hesitate to return.

PS- Your spelling and grammar amaze me; I may just revise my previous statement of your age; are you six? 'ill legally'? Come on, I learned how to write intelligently when I was five and continously improve.

PPS- Don't try anything regarded finances on me; you'll be in for an ass-kicking on that part.

PPPS- Yes, I've noticed that our home and native land IS getting very dangerous. Wonder where the guns are coming from....*points to southern border, where guns are plenty*

Thu Jul 31 2008 2:35AM Report
DeserttFoxx writes:


There was a reason i didnt reply to that guy, i read his post and iknew this kid was too far up his own ass to reason with. Dude came back and told me he had a house, a cottage, 2 cars, 2 dogs, 2 kids everything but the white pickett fence.

Then has the nerve to tell me he is middle class, your not middle class, your just lower class rich, what you derscribed was the american dream, and the american dream is be rich or scare the rich in to not becomming poor.

The Taxe system is set up so that the rich pay less tax then the poor, and if that isnt enough, the current president is looking for a way so the rich pay even less.



Still the best country in the world? How the fuck would you know, you arent a person who has been outside your country, not thinking like that you havent. Do you know how many countries are truly free, and have much more freedom then the states? Are much more technologically advanced then the States?

The most important thing for the US to devolop is guns and oil, that is why they have the most technologically advance miltary in the world, and that is why they are the worlds number one arms dealer.

There is a reason presidents of other countries go on their local tv stations and call the president the devil, even countries you arent at war with.

You dont even have to watch sicko to believe it, watch the uproar, watch the cnn interviews with micheal moore and larry king, where they use live news feed and current events and comparisions demonstrating the same problems found in sicko, or are we going to start saying larry king is stupid crap as well.

Micheal moore isjust another person trying to expose the falsehood found in the USA, what president push is, is a representation of how stupid america is as a whole. President bush is the average american, He puts value on value and not values, he demonstrates how poor the american education system is, this guy is such an idiot, he makes up words and yet the american people put him in office twice?

Got rid of bill clinton because he was getting his cock sucked in office, but bush is send the young people off to die, and is about the leave the American country in the largest debt in the history of your country and people still have yet to call him on his shit to his face. So it is clear that as long as a president isnt gettign a blow job, he can fuck the country right up anyway he sees fit. Which isnt surprising, people in your country still demonize sex,  Which isnt surprising, i had to debate how evil sex wasnt to some other clown earlier up this blog.

Willingness to help other countries, have you ever sat down for a minute and wondered why your country hasnt takent he time to help itself? There are some neibourhoods in the inner city so terifying and run down, you middle class assholes wont even drive on the road parallel too them. the reason is simple, there is no Value in helping your own, you cant get oil from south side bronx, there is no need to spread franchises like wal mart, and mcdonalds in jamaca queens, but fuck, iran and iraq are untapped fruit.

So you invade them, kill them, save them, then.. put up a fucking wall mart. That is the order of things at the moment. And if you think i am lying, find a soilder who has come back from the war recently and ask him if he has eaten at the mcdonalds or the arbys when he was in iraq.

It took 2 weeks to raze iraq when the war started, it took 4 years to take over germany in ww2, see the difference. Yet, its taken 8 years to leave iraq, While in germany the soliders couldnt fucking leave that place faster.


"All you have to do is work hard and you will live a successful life in America... As the millions of people that come to America ill legally why they came here?"

They came to take advantage of the great education system that has done you so well it seems.


I know how much money america gives away, but i know how much death and destruction they give away as well, or did you think those kids in Sierra Leone were making their own guns. there arent any diamond mines in the US, yet it is one of the most important stones to the americans too this day.


Fuck micheal moore, he is just another person with an opinion, its time for you to get your head out of your ass and research, you dont even have to goto the library anymore, you have the internet, use it.

Thu Jul 31 2008 3:47AM Report
TdogSkal writes:

Well first I am 26, I have been outside of the US and seen what other countries have to offer.

Michael Moore might have some valid points but he does not show the full story.  To have free health care we would have to pay more in taxes first of all and second of all I really do not want my goverment to control health care.  Cause they did a great job with our Social Secruity fund.

My family is not in the upper class at all, We live in MICHIGAN, you know the worst economic state in the USA currently.  We are a typical Middle class.  My dad is not a CEO, my mother is not a CEO.  They both have normal everyday jobs.  Dad = manager  and mother = programmer.

I love how you all bash and flame me but have no idea what life is really like in America.  Maybe you need to take your own advice and see the world.

I am glad you all get your opinions handed to you by your local news and CNN... Organized news is a joke and does not paint the full picture ever.

Sorry but America is great, I can do anything I wish at anytime.  Our school system is a joke until you hit college.  We have the best Higher education system in the world, hense why we have more international students then any country.

More Technology then the US? Are you high? All technology comes out of the US.  Think about it, what runs most of the computers in the world?  MS Windows.  Hmm An American company.

I do have been spelling and grammer, just how it is, sorry we cannot all be great like you.

Sorry but unless you live in the US then you cannot understand why its so great. 

Thu Jul 31 2008 3:38PM Report
TdogSkal writes:

Oh BTW, you know the thing called the internet? It was created by the US military but yea America is so far behind in Technology.

Get a clue

Thu Jul 31 2008 3:46PM Report
Irohuro writes:

@ Tdogskal: Y'know, I'm an american, and i agree that the US is right on the track to lose the title of "The worlds only superpower". We're too stuck up our asses in thinking "We're so much better and we have the best way of life and we can do whatever the crap we want to". Meanwhile, europe is becoming unified, progressing their technologies, and bettering the environment.

Oh, by the way.... America is NOT producing all the goods that the world is using. Japan is the leader in automobiles and electronics (Sony ring a bell? how about Toyota, or honda?).

The US imports the majority of its oil, and in fact, the government is denying plans to look into drilling our own oil or putting more money into alternative fuels.

Also, I am a middle class citizen, with divorced parents, we have 1 Apartment, 2 cars, and just barely scrap by since my father is nonsupportive. The best insurance we can afford is shit, and a trip to and kind of madical care facility would screw us over. So, you must be a damn lucky middle class family, or not middle class at all. oh, i also forgot, Programming isn't a common everyday job, it's a well-to-do high paying job.

I believe it would do you well to take a long, hard look at the world, and think about what you say. Reading is a great thing, too.

That's my say, and I believe that I've wasted enough time. KthnxBye.

Sat Aug 30 2008 7:58PM Report writes:
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