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My Gender is gamer.

I want an outlet to focus the maelstrom of thoughts i have about past, present and future games and put them up for like - minded people to experience. Some will agree with what i say, A lot more will not. I am excited about doing this already.

Author: DeserttFoxx

My Gender is gamer.

Posted by DeserttFoxx Monday July 28 2008 at 2:40PM
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                After being a member of this community for close to 5 years and watching all the progress it is making, from the layout changes to the introduction of the new blog section, I decided it was time for the Foxx, to join the blog scene.

                Now, this is my first blog attempt ever, and I have no idea how this is supposed to go. No clue on how this should actually begin.  Do I use other blogs as an example, do I just start running my mouth and hope somebody cares about my opinion, how does this work? Therefore, I figured I would start with an introduction; a good start for my first blog would be a blog explaining why I decided to blog.  I cannot go wrong with that right.  Let us find out.

                Now, some of you reading this may or may not have seen my name on these forums or other forums, or know of me somewhere.  I have not used the name DeserttFoxx as much this year as I have in the past (Dropped the desert and adapted the title, Mr. Foxx.) but I am very vocal on most forums I frequent, and I will be the first to admit that I can offend some people.  I tend to say exactly what comes to my mind when I post, now that does not mean I attack people but more so that I firmly believe that people are entitled to their opinions, they should are able to say whatever comes to their mind.  In addition, people reading their thoughts should not hold anything they read against the writer, but just believe that speech is free, and everyone has their own opinion and, while you may not agree with what it is they have to say, you do agree with their right to say it.

                I chose the title “My gender is gamer” because I could not think of anything better to symbolize how much I care about gaming and the community that surrounds it.  Now that phrase “My gender is gamer” is a term I started saying back when I started with my very first MMORPG, which was final fantasy 11. My first character I created was female, and for the most part, 80% thereafter in every other MMORPG were the same.  Now, I do not role-play but I do use serious names for my characters, if I make a male character he will have a guy’s name, if I make a female character she will have a woman’s name.  And it never fails, after playing with people for a while, they will ask, “Are you a real chick?”, and I always answer, “My gender is gamer.” 

                I usually say that because it doesn’t really matter what my gender is, nor does it matter to me what your gender is, my only concern when I group with a person is, are you good at what you do, do you understand your class and can you play it.  If you cannot, then I will keep my distance from you regardless of your gender.  I do not think boys are better gamers than girls, nor do I think girls do things better then guys are.  Therefore, I expect the same performance skill from both genders equally, so the question is rather pointless.

                A little about me personally to end this, I am a guy, 21 years old.  From Toronto, Ontario and currently going to college for game design. I am currently not playing any MMO right now, but beta testing a bunch.  And I recently applied for a mod position with MMORPG, and they invited to the team so I hope that works out.  I used to be Lead Moderator for acclaim’s 2 moons forum, but when I started working full time I did not have the time to lead the moderators and the VGMs while working, hopefully I can help maintain this community, let’s wait and see.  Now I had to make a new name to take the position.  That of course was because, even if I made  a disclaimer before all posts clearly stating that my opinions are my own and not a reflection of the views of MMORPG staff as a whole, some people would be too stupid to believe that and still hold MMORPG Staff accountable for any statement.


And with that, I want to hit the ground running.  I have about four subjects burning in my mind right now and I plan to put them up shortly.  And what I hope to get out of this is not a fan base, nor approval, but simply a place to get some mental stimulation. I am all about the debates, so I hope I manage to spark up some good ones.


Devildog1 writes:

Here here! I totally argee with ya on all apsects of your post! And to me the reason most players ask your gender is they are fishing for person of the opposite sex to cyber with! Notice I said most not all! There are those out there just curious and just would like to get to know the person behind the toon!

Mon Jul 28 2008 3:26PM Report
Farenn writes:

I agree with what you said also.  I never understood why some people have a problem with people playing a character of the opposite sex.  There is nothing wrong with it. 

Some of us from a pen and paper rpg background would do it all the time.  Hell even the father of roleplaying games Gary Gygax had some characters of the opposite sex. 

It only became an issue with the whole online rpg scene.  I think that the problem is that many mmorpg players did not come from a rpg background.  That and the fact that alot of them look at the mmorpg as an online dating service.

I like your term my gender is gamer.  Very true :)  Get the good blogs coming.

Mon Jul 28 2008 4:32PM Report
Farenn writes:

Keep the good blogs coming I mean lol :)

Mon Jul 28 2008 4:33PM Report
DeserttFoxx writes:

I will, this is actually more work then i thought it would be haha. GOing to have to put some time i between each blog. I have so many topics i want to talk about.

Mon Jul 28 2008 4:58PM Report
Death1942 writes:

i only have a problem with male players rolling up female characters because 90% of the ones i have met are jerks and like to stare at their characters arse for hours on end.

Mon Jul 28 2008 5:11PM Report
DeserttFoxx writes:


How would that affect you though. Thats like being against gay marriage, how would it affect you personally if someone decided to roll a character just to be stimulated by it?

This is the character you plan on putting 400-500 hours into, wouldnt you want to play something that is visually pleasing if that is something that guides your choice.

Mon Jul 28 2008 5:26PM Report
Demonsblade writes:

I'm curious to know how do most people respond to your answer "My gender is gamer."?

Mon Jul 28 2008 8:51PM Report
_Seeker writes:

I dont understand the arguement that you want to look at something visually pleasing while gaming. It would just confuse me. If you want to look at women, view any one of the many model or porn sites. Much higher poly count and resolution there :P.

As to the main point of your article, no it shouldn't matter what your gender is. So why do you need to pretend? Some people might take advantage of "weaker" minded indiviuals. Because people will act differently to members of the opposite sex, as they do in real life.

Mon Jul 28 2008 9:02PM Report
DeserttFoxx writes:


Most people laugh, the some of the stupid ones ask what does that mean, i tell them it means it doesnt matter.  Usually the people who find out the answer are the people i guild with, they dont ask but eventually ventrillo comes into play and the question answers itself when i speak.



Why does visually pleasing turn into porn? Some people prefer to look at the curves of a woman then that of a man. If that werent true, female characters in games wouldnt look so attractive. Thats not just mmo, name one game that had ugly women in the forefront. Helll sex sells every game, thats why EVERY mmo has a random female on the cover.

And Pretend? You mean role play ina  roleplay game? The way you pretend your  a sword weilding elf, or a magic using dwarf? That couldnt of been a serious question.

"Weaker" minded individual is a polite way of saying idiots, some people take advantage of idiots. I say fuck idiots, i dont care to protect them. If you dont know the phrase "Mostly Males online role playing girls" by now then you deserve someone taking advantage of you.


People playing girls dont want to look at hardcore porn while they play, the same reason full nudity doesnt mean people are going to be too busy jerking off too play the game.

I dont pretend to be female when i play my characters like some people do, but it leads to a better question. Why do you feel the need to support another person character because you think they are female?

I only supported one person when i played and that was my girlfirend, and i did that because if i didnt she would take too damn long to keep up with me.

Tue Jul 29 2008 1:00AM Report
VirgoThree writes:

I agree with your blog here. I typically create female toons, and I do not go around pretending to be a chick either. I just find them visual superior to most male avatars the games come with. To me they just typically look cooler or just flat out better. That is all really.

Wed Jul 30 2008 3:36AM Report
_Seeker writes:

You say "why does visually pleasing turn into porn?". Then you say "Helll sex sells every game, thats why EVERY mmo has a random female on the cover." If sex is so easily seperated from looking "at the curves of a woman" why say that? Not that I'd be "too busy jerking off too play the game".

"I  only supported one person when i played and that was my girlfirend," Is she comfortable with you staring at a virtual womans body? Isn't your girlfriend enough? Or do you need perfection?

Wed Jul 30 2008 4:42AM Report
DeserttFoxx writes:


Your first question makes no sense, and needs to be rephrased.

As for your second question, my girlfriend isnt a self conscience twat who gets jealous of an avatar on screen, especially when i spend mmore then half my day with her.

I had 5 characters at level 70 before i stopped playing WoW, 4 of them female. She played along side me with everyone of them. When the last one was male she was more shocked then anything,.

I am not perfect, so why would i spend time seeking perfection?

Wed Jul 30 2008 5:43AM Report writes:
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