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Airing out what feels right!

A blog for me to express the way I FEEL towards the world of gaming and MMOs.

Author: DerekGordon

I am hyped up for Aion!

Posted by DerekGordon Tuesday August 11 2009 at 3:30PM
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I have been waiting for a new MMO for a LONG TIME now.

A few years back, I quit WoW from being burned out. I had tried to make a few comebacks, but it just didn't work out. There is way too much about the game that has changed for me to want to come back. I look at the game now and there is NO possible way I could return to World of Warcraft. It is as bad as the current state of SWG. It has just CHANGED way to much.

I can't blame Blizzard though. The changes they make are from a business stand point. MMOs ARE NOT like your average video games. MMOs are created with the soul purpose to make money on a monthly basis. If you don't change things, the world gets stale and people cancel their accounts out of boredom.

There are times when we think OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY WOULD DO THIS OH NOES1111, but the fact of the matter is these companies have to. I don't agree with all the changes that WoW has made over the years, but without changes people will leave for something else. They make these changes to keep the game looking fresh and new.

Why does SWG still have a decent pop? Because people playing now may not have played when I started at launch? They don't know about the changes and the current state of the game is fun for them.

The same situation is going on with WoW.

Now with that said, I am really looking forward to Aion. I have always been a fan of NcSoft and really enjoyed their games. I loved COX, Lineage, GWs, ect. I even played AA for a short time before it was dropped. Since WoW, there really hasn't been any MMO to hold my attention for long. I have been in and out of PLENTY of games. Most of them haven't lasted longer than a 30 day trial before I was done with it. Some barely lasted two weeks.

Eve held my attention for the longest, but idk. It is such a hard game to get started in. So I have been playing Aion when the chances have arrived and I am really enjoying it so far. This is the first time in a long time that I have felt so good about an MMO coming along.

I am really looking forward to playing this game and I hope it turns out as good as I think it will.

Just a little over a month away with beta weekends still coming up! I am going to be ready for launch! It will be a blast for sure! I just hope it holds my attention longer than the first month!


Morbid_Angel writes:

I really second this!!! I tried EVE too but the Tutorial alone was a paint in the butt

Wed Aug 12 2009 2:01AM Report
DerekGordon writes:

It was a pain in the butt. I was luck enough that I had met someone pretty quickly that was willing to answer EVERY newbie question I had. It made the game very fun during the trial, but I decided not to spend any money on it. =/. Maybe I will if Aion fails on me.

Wed Aug 12 2009 2:21AM Report
djfantasy writes:

 After 2 years of WoWing I decided to quit! 

Tried many MMOs and are playing EVE now. I really love it... But back to the point. I am also waiting for Aion and I really do hope it is the next "big thing". But there is allways the risk that it will fail as most of the people have high expectations...

If Aion fails then I will be playing EVE till Final Fantasy XIV or SW: Old Republic comes out

Wed Aug 12 2009 6:55AM Report
BigDaddyTee writes:

Sounds very much like my experience with WoW.  And with everything else since.  I've tried everything.  I'm a sci-fi junky but WoW seemed to hit a spot for me at the time.  With the glaring lack of Sci-Fi stuff, I fell into trying all the Fantasy MMO's.  I play EQ2 for a couple months and I enjoyed it for a while.  I played Eve for a few months and had a decent time until I started getting pwned everytime I went on a mission or came through a gate. 

Here's a list of games I've tried since WoW (returned means that I had played them before and went back and tried them again): Guild Wars, RF Online, Anarchy Online (returned), EQ2, SWG (returned), Matrix Online, Eve Online, City of Heroes/Villains (returned), Neocron 2, Conan, Age of Armor, Atlantica, Dark Space, Crime Craft (beta), Dark Age of Camelot, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Exteel, S4, Final Fantasy Online, Fusion Fall, Lineage 2, Phantasy Star Online, Chronicles of Spellborn, Ryzom, and a few others...  Nothing has held my interest for more than 2 months since WoW.  And most for not even a single month.

Aion does look interesting and I hope it fulfills the promise it shows.  I guess I'm most excited about Champions Online at this point in time.  There are a few others that are in development or beta that I'm watching... But I'm becoming less and less enthused as time goes by... We'll just have to see...

Thu Aug 13 2009 6:49AM Report writes:
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