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An Earthbound Perspective

Practical perspective on MMO play and practice.

Author: Dengar

Item Drop For Housing Planned for ArcheAge!

Posted by Dengar Friday December 2 2011 at 1:04AM
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Since MMORPG has dropped the ball on keeping everyone up to date on this, I figured I'd use my blog to help promote the game (plus I'm an admin at ArcheAge Portal, so it's not like this is a lot of extra work for me).

One of the site goers at ArcheAge Source did a nice, quick translation of part of an article from (see source at the bottom for original links). In a nutshell, while players may not drop armor or weapons, processed material for housing and the land ownership token (the "akium") can be dropped on death or if you log out. This helps make sure that players need to work on protection and sea trading in order to build on the third continent. Here's the translation:


Compared to the 3rd closed beta testing, how much has the housing system been advanced?

Middle sized housing has been added as well as a large housing for guild. It is 2~3 floors and we didn't name it guild housing as an individual can own/build it. It's really expensive, so it perhaps it would last through the 80 days? (laugh)

The largest change is that the materials are carried, instead of being stored in inventory, to build the house. By doing so causes the need for sea trading and riding on the boat. The tree cut by the user goes into the inventory, but when refined in order to build a house it becomes a package. This does not go into the inventory and is carried on the back.

When a package is on the back, they cannot run so must travel in walking speed. When they ride on the horse, they can move a bit faster but the horse too will be walking. Boats and carriages do not have speed limit.

The special property of these packages is that when logged out or killed, it drops to the ground. So as it is not in the inventory there is a threat that its ownership may change anytime.

The existing continents will have housing area near city and thus less danger, but in the large third continent the distance is long so it is dangerous. Especially in order to cleanse the third continent and declare ownership of the land 'Akium' has to be carried on the back so until the very moment before the declaration of ownership is the danger. With the package on the back, it is impossible to teleport.

Meaning that another person can forcefully take it and declare the ownership of land. Since there has YET to be production system in the third continent, until then it must be refined and carried over by the boat. Pirates can steal these and use it.

Among the packages is old antiques and expensive items and may attach itself to the back of the character during hunting. The two original continent NPCs will give a lot of money for these items, but the user next to you may steal them. We think that this may add onto the excitement of the game. It's not just simply dropping an item but situation may differ according to user's choices.

Source: Pathosgray's post on ArcheAge Source.