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An Earthbound Perspective

Practical perspective on MMO play and practice.

Author: Dengar

Blizz hits the PvP community again in 4.2

Posted by Dengar Saturday July 9 2011 at 9:31PM
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As if nerfing arena gains, forcing pvpers to do both arenas and RBGs (as opposed to either or such as at launch and throughout 4.1), and not updating the supposed world pvp zones, Blizzard once sticks it to their pvp community. 1 week after turning the high-end pvp currency into low end currecny (and turning any low-end currency into gold), as well as shifting the previous high end gear into the low end category so it can be bought more easily, Blizzard then releases new armor in the low end category that makes even the recently downgraded high end armor even lower.

While we all knew that the purples we had were essentially going to be more like blues, we did not hear, or even guess, that our armor would be nerfed by 2 new tiers of armor. The lack of communication for even some of my relatively new-to-WoW guildies (that is, those who just started raiding at the end of Lich King) are confused and a bit hurt by this move. It's hard to explain it to them, even as a vet, since this is something Blizz has never done.

As others have said, it feels like Blizzard is mainly aiming at the casual of casuals who simply wanna grind, and the ladder match crews, when it comes to pvp. World pvpers and BG fans are still stuck in an awkward area where we don't have access to the moderately high end stuff without needing a decent amount of coordination. Remember, we essentially need a full raid (no 9 manning it) for RBGs, and have to defeat real people to win our "epics." Yes, we can pvp, but as previously noted, the change to the high-end PvP currency actually gives you less of the currency than you could previously achieve even after Blizz attempted to raise the limit on weekly acquisition. 

I know myself and a few others were already kinda "meh" about 4.2, but this sort of thing is driving up the "MMO vactioners" in my guild.

neosurfeur writes:

seriously i was playing aion for pvp, and wht i hate most in that game is the RNG system  T_T ... so i headed back to wow and see that 4.2 i was omfg this is pvp on wow that why i dont play that game at all ( seriously PVE  ) i have my fucking asshole full of pve ill be sick if i pve again i prefer to grind without having to run dungeon / raid / whatever the shit then  PVE and when max lvl reach pvp TIME fun into a open pvp world / gear system  with good animation, mini sandbox skill discover by player by spacing key at 45% skill bar(castin) and more Seriously pvp in wow is not even enjoying  even with the effort put in it because eveyone are equal at the end suck( keep running for badge do you pvp dayli <- WTF )

Sun Jul 10 2011 1:48AM Report
Koey writes:

what is english?

Sun Jul 10 2011 9:10PM Report
Gwing writes:

WoW's PvP is unbalanced once again...if you come into a arena fight agains 2 mages you are guarenteed to lose...if u want PvP look else where cuz WoW dosnt deliver in pvp....expecially if ppl have superior keyboards/mice with 10+ buttons they can click to do massive combos with one click...this is annother reason why i dont pvp...

Mon Jul 11 2011 2:41AM Report
Vercinorix writes:

Blizzard's objectives for WoW has been pretty clear for years now that they want effectively a full reset every 6 months or so for both PVE and PVP to force a gear treadmill and allow new players to 'catch up'.

The only differences being that in vanilla there were no real mechanisms in place for catch up and since Wrath Blizz has been willing to do changes faster to make the resets closer to what they want. 

Sat Sep 10 2011 3:40PM Report writes:
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