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Defiance Masters' Blog

A blog where we share leveling tips, weapon guides, and other useful info for the Defiance video game from Trion Worlds.

Author: DefianceMasters

How to Level Up Your EGO Rating Faster in Defiance

Posted by DefianceMasters Thursday June 27 2013 at 1:20AM
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Leveling up your Ark Hunter in the Defiance game can be somewhat confusing to new players. There are several different things you can do to raise your overall EGO rating but the game doesn’t do a great job of explaining the process. In fact, it hardly even touches on the subject. But, no worries, we've got you covered. Below you’ll find some of our top suggestions for increasing your EGO level, amassing Scrip, earning Ark Salvage, and more.


Pursuits are by far the fastest and most effective way to up your EGO rating in Defiance. Pursuits are collections of goals that need to be completed. Just within the season 1 content of the game there are over 100 different pursuits that players can complete. Some are based on discovering different locations, some ask that you kill different enemy species, and others require that you level up your EGO powers, earn perks, and finish various other objectives.

Another method of earning points for your EGO rating is to level up the different weapons and vehicles that are available in the game. Anytime you gain a level on either a weapon or a vehicle your player will gain 4 points toward his/her EGO rating. Every weapon and vehicle in Defiance is able to be maxed out at level 20. This means you can earn up to 76 EGO rating per weapon or vehicle you level. As the game is, there are 13 available weapon types you can level and 3 different varieties of vehicles. So, overall, you can earn a total of 1216 EGO just from leveling up your weaponry and vehicles.

To level your weapons, simply use them a lot. You earn weapon experience for every kill you get using a specific weapon. Once you’ve maxed out one weapon type, immediately swap to a new one so you can continue earning XP and EGO for it. To level your vehicles, you need to drive them around a lot, use boost as much as possible, earn kills by ramming into enemies that get in your way, and make some long/high jumps over ramps, bridges, hills, whatever. All of these things can help you level your vehicles up to earn more EGO.

Powers & Perks

Another huge chunk of the overall EGO level that you can achieve comes from working on both your EGO powers and their associated perks. You can actually earn a massive 2600 EGO rating just from maxing out these. Now, it does take quite a while to accomplish this, because you have to earn EGO points to upgrade each power or perk but it is well worth the effort.

There are a total of 4 powers that have 5 levels and 80 perks that have 3 levels each. You will earn 50 EGO rating for each power that you max out and 30 EGO rating for every perk you max out. So, any chance you get, be sure to spend your EGO points to upgrade these. Focus on your favorites and most used ones first, but once they are maxed be sure to expand out to every other option. Even if you’ll never use the power/perk in your own EGO build, upgrade them to earn the EGO rating boosts.

Hitting the EGO Cap

Currently, the EGO level cap stands at 5016. In order to hit that level you’ll have to dedicate a serious amount of time and effort. If you want to do it quickly make sure you plan out everything you need to do. Start with Pursuits and be working on leveling your weapons, ranking up your vehicles, earning EGO points, and upgrading your powers/perks as you go. Most of this stuff can be completed as you are going through the main missions in the game if you choose to go through the story. Just always be trying to earn as many kills as possible, swap out weapons to mix up the different types to gain levels on them, change out vehicles when you’ve maxed one out, and branch out in your perks and such after you’ve finished your primary choices.

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Short Review for the Defiance MMO-Shooter

Posted by DefianceMasters Friday June 21 2013 at 1:15PM
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Defiance is seriously among the most fascinating video games that's been launched in the last year or so. It absolutely was already unusual to find a MMORPG to be released on games consoles but game developer Trion and the Syfy TV network did not end there. Not only is this a computer game it is at the same time a TELEVISION show. Seeking to improve the interactivity needed in both the video game and TELEVISION series, Trion Worlds and Syfy produce content material for both that work with each other. This will help advertise both sides of the business.

Defiance as a video game is regarded to be ordinary at best. Most people refer to it as being a very generic shooter with little to do in it. This is partially true. The game does have several different parts including open world adventures ( PvE ), competitive multiplayer,  ( Defiance PvP ), and such, but these things do end up feeling a bit repetitive because they are essentially the same thing over and over again.


The graphics of this game are pretty much the same when it comes to consoles ( Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 ) but if you're playing on the PC they are a bit better. On the PC version if you set the graphics mode to high there is a lot more detail in the environment and players than on the console versions. But , even with the highest setting, this game doesn't look super awesome.

Defiance lacks a lot of visual power. Some locations of the surroundings have almost no details because they are hardly designed. And a whole lot of the weaponry and cars look very generic as well. So if you're searching for a video game that's going to be stunning on your monitor, this just isn't it.

If you're not getting any epic or legendary gear don't worry, learn the Defiance weapon mods system and upgrade your weapons to better stats anyway.

Game play

In spite of having a great deal of repeated activities and bad enemy intelligence, Defiance is nevertheless a relatively enjoyable video game to have fun with. It's primarily deemed a very good video game by gaming console gamers, not really PERSONAL COMPUTER players. Why? Because COMPUTER players are accustomed to Mmorpgs with far better story lines, far better enemy intelligence, and far more variation in activities. Essentially PERSONAL COMPUTER gamers just expect to gain much more from a online game than the Defiance game can give. But if you're a gaming console game player you'll most likely think it is one of a kind and enjoyable because it's uncommon that the Xbox 360 console or PLAYSTATION 3 gets a MMOG.

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What is Defiance Masters? What's it For?

Posted by DefianceMasters Thursday May 16 2013 at 7:54AM
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Hey guys/gals,

We're in the middle of creating a large resource site for Defiance players that will include things like guides on how to level up your EGO rating faster, how to earn a lot of Scrip, how to rack up Reputation to spend at faction vendors, EGO builds for PvE or PvP gameplay, and much more.

The site is called Defiance Masters. It is nowhere near being complete right now but we are steadily increasing the content on it nearly every day. In reality it's mostly just been myself writing all of the information for the site. So I'd also like to ask that if anyone is interested in volunteering as another writer for the site, please feel free to contact me. We are looking for other writers right now.

Best way to get up with me is email - defiancemasters @ aol . com

Anyway, to show what we've done so far here are some links to useful articles we've posted already...

Overview of all 80 Perks -

Overview of Shadow Wars PvP -

Tips for Playing PvE or PvP -

Weapon Modding Guide -

EGO Leveling Guide -

These are just a few examples, there is a lot more on the site than that. Also note that we will be updating these pages as new  content and patches are released. We will also update them if we discover new methods that are useful to players.

If you have any suggestions for what other aspects of Defiance we should cover please drop a comment below and let us know. We'll write up guides for anything in the game. And player input is always appreciated and welcomed.