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Behind this mysterious title I'm hiding some hard work that might be published someday ;) The purpose of this blog is to share thoughts with you who love/hate MMO.

Author: Deewe

Time to let it go... R.I.P. MMO

Posted by Deewe Wednesday November 26 2008 at 3:04PM
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TR is dead.

How strange... I was about to buy the CE edition just the exact day it was announced.

Immediately my memories brought me back to SWG. The precious moments, great people... the community that made it special.

Projecting it into TR, I thought about all the players who are still there till shutdown and I was sad for them. How about all the people who worked for years to bring this to life? 

We all know these are virtual world, so why is it so hard to let it go?


Maybe we enjoy dreaming awake, venturing into these neatly designed worlds.

Or maybe because behind these tiny pixels there are also others human beings.






Pabswikk writes:

TR was one of the few MMORPGs I ever truly felt alive playing. Sure it had a bad start, and had a few problems, but...I respected it.

I wish people could look past a games....failings and connect to the story of the game itself. Hell, immersion is what I'm looking for now.

R.I.P. Tabula Rasa, your name always made my Philosophy lectures more fun.

Wed Nov 26 2008 6:14PM Report
Kordesh writes:

 Except you couldn't connect to the story in TR at all, that was the problem. All the things that were supposed to do so in the game were completely unfinished or were implemented way way too far down the road. TR had a great background they could have done tons with, but breaking the game up into what felt like single player "levels" and turning the logos system into nothing more than a bunch of shallow fetch quests for skill requirements completely hosed any chance at depth or interesting story it had. 

Wed Nov 26 2008 7:10PM Report
dcostello writes:

  Maybe mmos are so appealing because of their similarity to the "cave" of real life (Plato's Cave).  How do we get out of the cave, are we still in the cave, doesn't speaking about the cave keep us in the cave?  Well...?

  Yeah, I know what you're talking about.  There's something about mmos that keeps me coming back after each setback.

Wed Nov 26 2008 8:30PM Report
madmaty writes:

I agree that it is hard letting go. I really think its knowing that behind every pixelated char there is a human. If it was not for mmorpgs I would probally have some sort of a real life :) I played TR and it is where I met my current clan and they are the voice inside my head all day long. We laugh we cry we share joys and pains and it is all thanks to TR. TR and I will alwasy have great memories and I will miss her very much. So long TR I hope to one day enjoy many long hours and sleepless nights again with you.

Wed Nov 26 2008 9:34PM Report
Loke666 writes:

Dcostello, wow I thought I was the only one thinking like that...

Anyways, sorry for the players but the devs could really have done a better job with this game, in that case it would still be around. They had good ideas but never really hit the spot. I know Garriot can make good stuff.

Wed Nov 26 2008 9:59PM Report
daltanious writes:

I can only add that TR was only game I have played that I have stopped to play much much before free period was over.

Thu Nov 27 2008 2:45AM Report
Kyleran writes:

All games must come to an end, some sooner than others.  Tis pointless to play the same game for too long, few are entertaining enough to play more than a year.


Thu Nov 27 2008 7:42AM Report
lliberty writes:

TR died because of lack of immersion from the storyline point of view AND lack of community, but those go hand in hand.

It was rare to see any kind of social interaction. If game companies haven't figured it out, 60% of what is done in MMO's is social interaction between players. Fail to capture that, and your game will fail. Most games do that with a good strong story line that immerses the players.

Thu Nov 27 2008 9:00AM Report
alakram writes:

You are right.

Thu Nov 27 2008 2:07PM Report
Deewe writes:

Thanks for the feedback, comments below.

@Pabswikk: I agree I'm very fond of immersion.

@Kordesh: Levels and single player mode, not my kind of "MMO"

@Dcostello: you are so right!

@madmaty: People is the key. Sharing great moments something you can't forget easily.

@Loke666:I have some issue with the term "devs" having worked in the video gaming industry a bit I know there are much more than devs and also management decisions.

@Loke666: so no difficulty to let it go I guess.

@Kyleran: may I disagree. I played SWG for way over a year and it was really great. Not something you consume then throw away.

@lliberty: we are both on the same boat. Socialization is the biggest failure of most (if not all) late MMO.

@alakram: we all are, only... not always on all subjects ;)

Thu Nov 27 2008 6:44PM Report
Krogan writes:

How in all the world could TR remind you of SWG? Especially the SWG that was out at launch. Except for the combat system and the sci fi setting there is nothing else that even remotly resembless each other. TR was horrible mmo,.

Thu Nov 27 2008 7:41PM Report
Deewe writes:

@Krogan: look further the gameplay and storyline...

Fri Nov 28 2008 7:43AM Report
Tails1 writes:

i feel sorry for the TR players,maybe another dev company will revive it

Wed Dec 03 2008 6:20PM Report writes:
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