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Behind this mysterious title I'm hiding some hard work that might be published someday ;) The purpose of this blog is to share thoughts with you who love/hate MMO.

Author: Deewe

Time for a better LOOT & RAID system

Posted by Deewe Monday November 10 2008 at 3:28PM
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Aren't you bored of having to kill flying pigs to find out only 1 over 20 have a "decent" pig leg?

Is that fun to spend 3 hours in a RAID and get out hands empty?


Before anything else, could we just stop having non intelligent species from dropping gold, weapons, clothes? It's pointless and kills the immersion.

Not that I'm against a huge mob, having eaten a few npcs, being stuck with some equipment inside...

How about, in MMOs, when you kill a mob/npc the looted gear is more scavenged from it than looted?

If a NPC was bashing you with a sword don't you expect to be able to get it out of his, still hot, body. As you would get teeth, hides, claws, scales from monsters.

Maybe that item would not be in premium condition, so you still could  improve it or at least get subcomponents.

Also when you are hunting for... flying pigs, would you not like getting at least one intact pig leg per mob, if not more? Don't you feel the devs are taking you for an idiot with the quest saying get me 10 legs when they know you'll need to kill 100+ mobs? How that's FUN?



Now about RAID loot distribution, how come people accept to spend 3+ hours in an instance when you know there are very real chances you'll get nothing for your efforts? This contrary to the guy/girl next to you who did nothing more.

I'm for a system that rewards all players for their participation:

  • Let's say at the end of a RAID each player gets randomly one or multiple tokens. (ie: from 1  to 3)
  • Each token as a base roll % (15%)
  • Optionally tokens can be spend to access to higher loot tables (3 token table +1, 7 tokens table +2)
  • A second option could be the token value decrease depending on the loot table. (table = base value, table = 50% base value, table 3 = 25% base value)
  • Tokens can also be stacked (4 tokens = 60% roll)
  • All used tokens are lost even if the roll is a miss.


This system would be rewarding both for the casual and hardcore gamer. High end items would still be rare but not anymore impossible to get in the long term for anyone.

The main difference is everyone gets something and the choice of the roll is now in the hands of the player. Plus it let players choose how much they want to gamble.