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The Cold, Hard Truth (whether you like it or not)

Debunking the myths and spin the MMO devs... and even MMORPG foist upon the masses. You will hear me roar... or maybe just whine a little more.

Author: DeadDingo

AoC isn't fit to be Dogfood

Posted by DeadDingo Monday May 12 2008 at 11:12PM
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Age of Conan Crap.

It's not the messiah. 

Blasphemer you say?!? 

Well, let's examine the facts.

AoC has given you 'unique and interesting" gameplay.  If you consider more button mashing to be 'unique' or 'interesting'.  The easily amused may be interested by this feature, but since the entire game is based off of 'shiny' graphics, well, you will be looking for a new game in two months.  Pretty does not equal quality.

AoC has given you a new level of 'immersion'.  But that is only if you consider immersion to be loading screens.  Didn't those go out like 5 years ago?  You may think this is progress.  I humbly disagree.

AoC has given you a disastrous beta.  Fanbois clamor to it like it is gold.  Haters rally against it.  I just present the facts.  You may feel the need to comment, 'it's only beta', but a launch in a few days time means it's pretty damn finished.

Now consider what 'beta' has shown you.  Poor gameplay, lack of post-20 content, a resource hog that is barely playable on under half of 'gamers' systems and a company that believes it's own crap. 

But at least it is pretty.  Well, if you don't count all the hideously grotesque avatars.  So, perhaps even you might be buying this game.  Well, don't say I didn't warn you, because I did and I won't hesitate to remind you after the upcoming disastrous launch of the game software tragedy about to befall man and womankind alike.

Seriously, do you even need more reason to avoid this game other than they are coming out with a console version?

I thought true mmo gamers were smarter than that.  Consoles bring nothing but a dumbing down to the lowest common denominator.  If you don't see yourself in that description, yet you are still buying the game, you are in need of some better drugs... or maybe you need to lay off them for a while.

Now, I do understand that some 'people' do enjoy the game.... much like a cat enjoys playing with a ball of yarn.

I submit that AoC is only a prettier ball of yarn, but since they have spent so much time on graphics, they have lost sight of what they were trying to create which was a fun game.  They threw quality of gameplay to the dogs in favor of shiny things for cats. 

Go ahead and waste your money on this crap.  You'll be moving on in two months. 

PS:  Please stay around to tell all the people who buy this why it doesn't work on their systems, even though the meet/exceed minimum specs.  That should be fun... well fun for me.