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Pirates of the Burning Sea

So, we'll see if this blogging thing actually pans out. Here's where I'll post my thoughts about one of the coolest upcoming MMO's and its company, FLS.

Author: Daveman424

My Involvement with Flying Lab Software

Posted by Daveman424 Monday September 24 2007 at 9:27AM
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Hi there! I'm not sure how much exposure this is going to get, but I just feel like this would be a good place to put my thoughts down on paper.

My name is Clackling. I'm currently the site manager of, a fansite for The Kingdom of Loathing. Also on Coldfront is our PotBS fansite, which works very closely with Flying Lab. So that's how I got into Pirates of the Burning Sea. Also, I remembered a former staff member of Coldfront, Rhaegar, had gotten hired by FLS, and so I knew it had to be good.

Between a combination of IRC and PotBS's forums, I've become very involved in the community. I've made friends with many people in FLS, since they're so good at communicating with their fans, and I love being involved. I've always had this part of me that refuses to pay monthly fees for MMO's. I completely understand the necessity to charge a monthly fee, but I just can't commit to spending that sort of money. However, PotBS may be the first game that will convince me otherwise. Not because of the gameplay, which DOES look really original and fun, but because of the community that has risen around it. I like the people here, and I think that's what I've been looking for in a game. WoW is HUGE, and I feel completely lost any time I try out a free trial. EVE is awesome, but again, I feel completely lost.

Maybe it's the fact that I joined FLS's community before they launched the game, I don't know. The point is, I've found a niche that I like, and I hope to stick to it for a long time.


Next time, I'll post about the pros and cons about FLS as a company. As in, what I think they do right, and what I think they could improve upon.

BriggsyUK writes:

I have been turned away by flying lab games due to teh fact i registered for the beta test within the first hour of the beta signup form being made live, yet i have nevver been accepted into the Beta even with a top end PC and a vast experiance in MMO's and Beta tests as a whole. obvausly thats just my personal experiance but thats me. i wont be buying this game. even though it looks realy good in theory.

Mon Sep 24 2007 10:20AM Report
Daveman424 writes:

I completely understand your frustration at the beta process. A lot of people are upset by it (me included). But you do realize that they can't just be picking people based off their place in line, right? I mean, clearly there has to be some other criteria they select by, or else you'd have gotten in by that point. Was your application good? Did you actually fill out everything in great detail? Did you tell them all about yourself, and spell everything right? I mean, clearly they're not telling us everything, so maybe there's just some hidden detail they wanted that you couldn't give to them. Perhaps try updating your beta application, and see what happens?

Either way, I wouldn't think that's a reason to not play the game when it launches. At least try out whatever free trial they end up offering newcomers...


Mon Sep 24 2007 9:48PM Report writes:
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