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Sociological view of MMORPGS

Sociology is intended to underestand social interactions between people and try to explain them. As a MMORPGs are a clear example of societies I pretend to write sociological explanations around them.

Author: Darwater

MMORPGs Today ¿a sinking ship?

Posted by Darwater Thursday November 27 2008 at 5:37AM
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As a MMORPG player during last 5 years I can see the erratic way MMORPG are leading to.


Market of MMORPG have increased greatly during last 10 years. This fact mase lot of companies to invert lot of money trying to get a portion of the cake. But lot of them have failed. We can see the reason underestanding why World of Warcraft succeded in it. WoW started with little competence and succeded in getting lot of people to start playing MMORPGs, so it has an expansion during his life. MMORPGs today starts their life competing in the market and have no expectations in getting people grom outside the market so they have no prevision to expanse themselves. The common rule we can see when a mmorpg comes to the market is that lot of people form the market try the game and then they return to their last game or move to other, so a MMORPG must be prepared to manage lot of people when it start and then instead of manage expansion, manage decreasion. Nowadays MMORPGs are fighting for a piece of cake, without makeing cake larger, so there is no future for them.


Instead of evolving MMOPRGs are copying formulas. Thos formulas have reached to it limit, and all we can read about next generation of MMORPGs are only the formulas that have been used with some details. At the moment the only game i have played with an innovation have been Atlantica online, and its innovation is only remarkable at the combat system.


Internet is evolving, we heard about web 2.0 and we must start thinking about new type of MMOPRGs. MMORPGs that manage allow user to make content for the game (not only a housing formula). MMORPGs must include some formulas in tenological way to improve comunication beetween players and even allow players pcs to work as host of the game, this will reduce hosting costs. MMORPGs need to evolve to other form of thinking MMORPGs, this is the evolution needed and when this happen we can talk about next generation of MMORPG. Until this happens MMORPGs will continue an erratic way.


PD: Sorry for my english, im not english native so if some gramatical mistake occurs please advice me and will correct this. Anyway, I hope you to read and think about my article here and comment it. Thanks.

The goal in a MMORPG game

Posted by Darwater Thursday June 12 2008 at 5:20PM
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First of all I should advice you I am not english native so I am sorry about gramatical mistakes I could make writting articles, and would appreciate any contributions to solve them.


This blog is far enough from trying something intendeed as cientific, but I would like to make some reflexions taken from sociology that can be usefull to underestand MMORPGS and find a better game mechanics.


First of all I want to discuss about  the goal in a MMORPG. Is there a goal in a MMORPG? A MMORPG is a virtual world, so the goal should be take part in that world. That should be a goal itself. But we can find in most of players, regular players and hardcore players, that the goal of a MMORPG is the end-game. this is a question that must be solved to understand a MMORPG. Why people play a game that gives them lot of opportunities to interact with other people just to complete end game content? They are supposed to play the game to have fun and to relax after a stressfull day, but they prefer to have a goal, organize in simple or complex organisation (any Guild Master knows how difficult is to organize a group of 50 people), follow orders and behave like they were working. Arent we forgetting the meaning of fun? Or we pretend to give some sense of all that organization and time dedicated to the game?


I have been in some guilds that did high-end, and I got some first kills in the server I was playing. It was special, but.... shouldn´t be it special be in a major city and just talk to anyone yo didnt know before?. Are we forgeting social interaction and limiting it to the requirements of high-end? My opinion is that having a goal while playing a MMORPG is just limiting the oportunities the MMORPG gives to you. Yes, you can get some fun, and you can think it is special, but, is that all you can get from the game?


Thank you for reading, and I wait  your opinions and gramatical corrections.


Edited to correct gramatical errors.

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