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The Perfect MMORPG

Pvp is my forte. My achievements: DaoC: Rank 11 Runemaster and Berserker WoW: Gladiator rogue, Warlord Warrior, Gladiator DK Warhammer: Rank 73 Sorcerer and Rank 69 Witch elf

Author: Darrgen

DaoC 2 is here! Sort of

Posted by Darrgen Wednesday December 7 2011 at 9:52PM
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It's been a long time since I've wanted to say those words. DaoC was my true love of mmorpgs and nothing since has brought the same satisfaction that it brought to me. Now after all these years I can finally look forward to my DaoC 2. 

Except it's not DaoC 2. I give you Dominus! That's right it's not truely DaoC by name but it's DaoC at heart. The developers of this game are huge fans of DaoC and it seems as though they understand what players like you and I have been yerning for all this time. Not only is the development team behind this game heavily influenced by DaoC but they are also VERY much involved with the community that surrounds the game right now. Every Other Friday you can be delighted with a video chat update that they do where they give you inside information on the progress of the game and LISTEN to the playerbase. These guys care about us and that is so very rare in a game of this scope.  The game is still early in development but I for one am 100% behind these guys.  Now for the low down on the game for those of you who are just now fresh on the scene!


Unlike Dark Age of Camelot, the game setting is post apocalyptic scifi warfare. While this could be taken as good and bad depending on whether or not you prefer fantasy or scifi, it still should not deter even the most hardcore fantasy lovers that play if you truely want an exhilarating Pvp experience. Even people that dont think they like Pvp should give Dominus a chance to change their mind. It is truely different than anything you probably have experienced before.


You heard right, this is truely a 3 faction game. There is the Salent, Rodon, and the Humans. Each race sports different classes than the other 2. So there is none of this mirrored classes business that most MMOs have adopted. You can check out the classes HERE.  We have guild wars 2 coming out promoting a WvWvW setting which I will admit seems nice but the problem is the combat is not going to support a 3 side open world game.Dominus on the other hand is being built from the ground up with Open world pvp in mind. It also is virtually taking everything good about Dark Age of Camelot's open world pvp and adopting it over to their game. Everything from game mechanics to capturing bases(keeps in Daoc). That right there should have you extremely excited. After all DaoC is still to this day considered the best pvp game ever created by most. Dominus will have 3 different sides all with completely different worlds to explore outside of the world pvp zone of Dominus. That means when you think you've done all you want to do on one faction, you can literally start a character on a different faction and experience all new scenery and characters. Each side will also have unique dungeons to explore.


In DaoC your objective was to capture Keeps. Your guild could claim and upgrade the keeps to make them stronger against attackers. Well Dominus has one upped DaoC and given their version of keeps(Bases) an RTS element. YOU pick what you want to build around your base.  You have everything from power generators to supply power to your base, to shield generators, medical facilities, mining platforms,  armories, and the actual command center itself. Is that not freaking cool or what? This extra layer is sure to go a long way with people that love customization because now it's spread from not just player customization but now also to base customization! As always to learn more click HERE.


So you're a huge fan of crafting are ya? Well you're in luck because Dominus puts crafters in the drivers seat. You control the economy. Your crafting won't be thrown aside for that shiny new piece of gear that dropped from the latest expansion pack's dragon. Oh no, if you make superior stuff it truely will be better than anything that is dropped from mobs. Nice huh? If you want to learn more about the different crafts and what you can do click HERE.


Whatever you choose to call it, this is what the game centers around. This is after all what most of us here will be playing for.  If you have played DaoC you will be very much at home with most of what Dominus offers. However there are things that are new as there should be. First of all, everyone has a jetpack and a jetpack energy bar. This allows you to take flight for a short period of time or from what I understand can be used for other abilities such as a personal shield or a self heal.  The PvP in this game focuses on a large open world where the players control how they want to play. If you like solo'ing you can do so with any class but a stealth class is recommended for you. If you like to group with just a small squad then you can also play and contribute a lot to the progression of your faction. If you are the type that loves gigantic and massive battles then be prepared because that's just what Dominus is offering.  We're talking about epic battles with not just 2 different sides battling it out, but 3!  Some players like a little incentive for killing each other and Dominus will have plenty of that. One of the known incentives right now is that on death the player drops materials used for crafting. These materials are something you will want so losing them is a big deal. To learn more about the PvP combat go Here.

Bounty System

Something new to MMOs as far as I can tell. This is a way to actually collect a little something extra for those pesky players that are doing just a little too good at slaying you and your comrads. Now there will be rewards for returning the favor.  

Are you excited yet? You should be. Given the right amount of time I have complete faith in this company to deliver something that us old school DaoC players, or players that really want an open world pvp experience have been waiting for. Support the game by signing up and letting them know how excited you are. Until next time feel free to leave comments.

Jostle writes:

Nice write-up, Darrgen! Dominus is really shaping up to be an exciting game, especially considering they're shooting for a certain niche and aren't trying to have everything in their game (PvE raiding other than world bosses, end-game gear grinds, etc.) and can focus on having much better PvP and crafting than the other giant MMOs that are upcoming.

Anyone who enjoyed DAoC or open, meaningful PvP in general should be excited about this game unless they have some revulsion for sci-fi settings.

Wed Dec 07 2011 10:03PM Report
Kilrain writes:

Bounty system available in Eve Online, just sayin. Still, Dominus is lookiing pretty sweet.

Wed Dec 07 2011 11:49PM Report
Shadanwolf writes:

Nice write up. The game has great potential.

Thu Dec 08 2011 8:30AM Report
Akrux writes:

Nice but you forgot to mention that the best crafting materials are found in the PvP areas so there is a real reason to battle the other races. The race that can control the bases and the resources in the frontier will end up with the best gear. The devs have committed to ensuring that the very best gear is crafted gear.

Fri Dec 09 2011 1:47PM Report
d3l3373d writes:

No Mirrored Classes?

Uh ya, after looking at the classes they all seem to be the same roles on each of the three sides.

The game does look interesting though...

Wed Dec 14 2011 2:27AM Report
DexterMMO writes: Nice post... surely hope its not "Old School" feel as the DAoC vets most likely wouldn't like an "Old" feeling game. I am looking forward to see what a legitmate 3 way battle goes. Wed Dec 14 2011 7:33AM Report
Halfmad writes:

I've signed up for beta, certainly looks promising and it's the first game in a while I've felt the real urge to get involved in.

Fri Dec 30 2011 6:04PM Report
Bionicpt writes:

Lets see, DaoC was one of a kind and our sight was short back in 2001.

Fri Jan 20 2012 7:36PM Report
bigpink writes:

Looks & sounds fantastic. Nice write up Darrgen, by chance were you the dorf from lance?

~Pyroclazm/Bigpink r3z

Wed Feb 01 2012 6:26PM Report
Darrgen writes:

I was and I remember you and r3z. Good times

Fri Feb 03 2012 11:47AM Report
5thelement writes:

Darrgen you made me, miv, and Stuk LOL when we saw that it was you who wrote this. lol

Fri Feb 24 2012 3:07PM Report
5thelement writes:

This game better not pander to noobs. That was the big mistake that Mythic made. By listening to noobs they released ToA for more PvE, and then revamped the RvR system, which was perfect, two times for those who complained that it took too long to reach RR12. 

Fri Feb 24 2012 3:15PM Report
Sideras writes:

Not sure I like the design and style but as a DAoC player, I've waited 10 years and all of a sudden we have GW2 and Dominus, if those two games can co-exist then we are looking at the fracking MMO-renaissance.

Mon Mar 05 2012 4:13PM Report
Comaf writes:

Shame it canceled, imo the folks here should ask Mark Furir of Elder Scrolls Online to hire them (they are all after all, DAoC developers).

Fri Jul 06 2012 10:50AM Report
Bkillinsback writes: [Nice post... surely hope its not "Old School" feel as the DAoC vets most likely wouldn't like an "Old" feeling game. I am looking forward to see what a legitmate 3 way battle goes.] "Oldschool" not meant to describe technology but more an essence that DAoC gave to its players. Please let my world come back ;) I can hardly wait. Also any way to still sign up for beta. I would so be up for that. Wed Sep 12 2012 8:30PM Report writes:
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